15 Best Games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile for Android, iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch

American football games have been around for quite some time with the first Madden game titled John Madden Football was released in 1988 for the MS-DOS and Apple II systems. American football is different from that of European football in terms of playstyle and rules. EA’s Madden NFL games have been quite popular and have been enjoyed around by a large number of people. Anyways, here is a list of best games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile for Android, iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

While Madden NFL 21 Mobile was released in 2020, the new 2022 Madden NFL game is expected to be released on the 21st of August this year. On PC and also on the new as well as old generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Like how Madden NFL got terrible reviews from people all over the world, there could be a slim chance that you are not interested in EA’s Madden games anymore but still enjoy American Football. Look no further as here is a list of games similar to Madden 21 for PC and Mobile that you could enjoy.

Games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile for PC

Here is a list of the best PC games like madden NFL 21 that you can play right now.

1. Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3 isn’t any regular American Football game. It’s more of a wild merciless game of American Football where you take down and attack your, opponents to score. You also have the option to recruit, create and customize your team. The game can also suddenly turn around if one of your team members decides to simply just eat up one of the opponent’s players.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

You can manage and guide your team and do whatever it takes to be the top team. The game is to be released in September of this year for PC, old and new-gen consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch. Blood Bowl 3 is being developed by Cyanide Studios and is easily a better alternative to Madden NFL 21.

2. Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League is similar to the Blood Bowl game series. It’s a clash between monsters and mutants on the football field. You get to choose from various arenas that have different traps on the field. The objective of the game is simple. You get to attack or kill your opponents and play to win the match. The game gets even more interesting with its online multiplayer game mode.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

You can choose from 18 teams or 18 arenas as well as being able to explode your opponents. Exhibitions, Practice, Playoffs, Full Season, and the Mayhem Bowl. Mutant Football League was released in 2017 and developed by Digital Dreams Entertainment. The game is available to play on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. If you are on PC, you can even play the demo with a free DLC before purchasing the game.

3. Frozen Cortex

This one’s a different kind of football game. It’s a turn by turn based game. Instead, of human beings or various monsters like the previous games, you get to play American Football with robots. It’s a fun game if you have got a friend to play it with. There are four modes to choose from – Knockout, Global Cortex League Mode, Manager Mode, and a Randomly Generated Season Mode. You can choose from the 7 teams that are available to play with and the ability to customize your robots and even the pitch as well.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

The multiplayer mode is where the fun begins as you can choose from the two modes, plus be able to create your custom modes. There’s also an online ranking board and the game boasts of super quick matchmaking. The game has been developed by Mode 7 and was released in 2015. When you purchase the game, the devs will also give you an extra game key which you can give your friend to download and play the game. This is available only on Steam.

4. Bowl Bound College Football

If you’ve dreamt of ever being an American football manager, then this is the game for you. You will get to manage tons of football teams Your job is to invite teams, schedule various games, and even coach around various teams. Being a manager, you can also set your game plan every week for various teams from 100 colleges.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

Plus, you can also transfer players from one team to another, decide their positions on the ground, or even call out if any player is injured. While this is a simulator game, you do have the option of playing online. As in, you will also be given to manage various kinds of Online Leagues. Bowl Bound College Football was developed by Grey Dog Software and was released in 2015. It is one of the best games similar to Madden NFL 21 Mobile.

5. Front Page Sports Football

Here is another manager simulator developed by Cyanide Studio. Like the previous football managerial game, you get to perform all the tasks as a manager from hiring, training, and coaching your players. Be able to choose from over 2300 game plans and check out 20+ statistics for players that will help influence them and their team.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

If and when you wish to train and improve your team, you will be to watch replays in 2D and as well as 3D for analysis and team preparation. The game will run well easily on a low spec system. Front Page Football Sports is available on Steam and was released in 2014.

6. Crazy Games – Browser based football games

Have a system but it won’t be able to play any games quite well? Here are a set of American Football games that you can easily play on a web browser. From 2D to top-down view games, you’ll find all of them here. Simple and fun to play when you want to just spend a few minutes playing a game or two. Axis Football League, Filed Goal FRVR, Return Man 2: Zombies, and Touchdown Blasta few games that you can play around with.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

These games are all free to play. However, there can be times when a particular game might not be available to play at a particular time probably due to some issues or errors. But rest assured, there are games that you can always play.

Games like Madden NFL 21 for Android & iOS

7. Fanatical Football

Here come the American football mobile games. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, this is one of the best football games aka best alternates of Madden NFL 21 out there for mobile, but, is only available on Android. Paired with good graphics and easy on-screen controls, the game is fun to play. There are two modes to choose from – Quick Mode and Championship mode.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

There is also the ability to upgrade your team and equip them with various kinds of power-ups. It’s a fun game to play if you don’t care about ads showing up in the game. The game has been developed by Mouse games and was released in 2013. It is free to play on the Play Store.

8. American Football Champs

A full football game with simple graphics and easy controls. Sitting at the Play Store at 3.9 ratings, the game lets you play various matches and also lets you control each player on your team. You can also build your team in the championship mode and customize your characters as well. There are various Bowl tournaments for you to play and progress through.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

Each time you win a match you will be awarded game cash. With the help of this game cash, you will be able to upgrade your players’ skills. The game has been developed by refined games and was released in 2017. You can download the game for free from the App Store as well as the Play Store.

9. Boom Boom Football

Here is a fun little game that isn’t very demanding. It will run easily on low spec Android devices that have 1GB of RAM. This game has nice 3D-designed characters that look like they came out of the Bubble Keyboard. Of course, you can control the player, but it’s all based on game cards. You have to use cards to be able to upgrade your players. There are various battles that you can take part in and win.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

If you have got extra cards, you can always sell them for cash. And you can also play the online multiplayer mode with various people in the battles- all in real-time. The game has been developed by Hothead Games and was released in 2015. The game is free to play and is available on the App Store and the Play Store.

10. Ball Mayhem!

Voodoo Games is a popular games publisher that has released a ton of games from various genres. And now, they’ve got an American football game as well. This is a simple yet fun game to play while you are waiting for the bus or maybe just on a break from whatever you are doing. The game is simple and easy to play. Simply guide your player and dodge your opponents and score a touchdown.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

Now, if you like this particular game a lot and wouldn’t mind purchasing a subscription to the MVP Membership either weekly or monthly, you will be able to get rid of the ads and unlock new pitches, balls, skins, and even earn various diamonds. The game has been released in 2019 and is available on the App Store and Play Store.

11. All-Star Quarterback 20 – American Football Sim

A football manager simulator for mobile? Here it is! Ever thought about what it would like to feel and enjoy life as a football player? This game answers all your questions. You play around matches win them and push your rank all the way to the top. While you rank up and keep earning up money, you get to spend all that money around on various things like a house, vehicles, or anything you wish for. Plus, you also get to lead and live a social life while being in a relationship.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

Apart from all that, you can also work out in the gym and also interact with your fans on various social media platforms. There are also various meetings and press conferences that you can attend before and after the game. Overall a great game if you enjoy American football in a different manner altogether. The simulator has been developed by Full Fat and was released in 2016. It’s free to play on the App Store as well as the Play Store.

12. Flick Quarterback 20

Flick Quarterback 20 is one of the best games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile. You get to create your one player and win various matches by flicking, swiping, and dodging your way across the field and opponents. You get points based on how you pass and defend the ball. Apart from that, there are various kinds of fun challenges for you to enjoy. While you are on the field performing your best, you also get to unlock various kinds of upgrades such as boosts, player upgrades, stadium fireworks, and more game modes to play.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

Not only you have to perform the best on the field, even outside matters. Like you can upgrade the whole stadium which is in various tiers. Each tier has a bigger seating capacity. The game has been developed by Full fat and was released in 2016. It’s free to play on iOS and Android.

13. Marshawn Lynch Pro Football 19

Yet another game similar to Madden NFL 21 from the devs Full Fat is here! Now this one is more a challenge and tasks-based game. You have various obstacles to run through and score a touchdown. You get to play across all kinds of climatic seasons. You have to train to be the best and unstoppable on the field.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

Also, you get to choose a pitch and customize it with various kinds of hurdles and obstacles according to your choice. This is fun to play for those who enjoy various kinds of challenges. While the game was released in 2018, it is free to play on Android and iOS.

Games like Madden NFL 21 for Nintendo Switch

14. ACA NeoGeo Football Frenzy

Here is an old game that has been ported to the Nintendo Switch. It plays like a regular American football game with the ability to change the difficulty of the game. The game was originally launched in 1992 by SNK for the Arcade machines.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

If you wish to enjoy the Arcade machine screen on your switch, you have the ability to do that as well. The ported version has been published by Hamster and was released in 2018. You can play with another player as well; the game is available on the Store for $7.99.

15. Football Heroes Turbo

This one is a fast and fun action sports game. You get to tackle, dodge, punch, and turbo your way across the field with the ability to make use of various special moves. The game has a roster of around 250 heroes for you to collect. When it comes to customization for the game, there is a lot of it. From being able to choose your own logo, city, and name, you also have the option of customizing trash talk before the game begins, which is a fun thing to do while in-game.

games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile

The game also features online as well as local multiplayer modes. There is even a season mode where you will be playing various games against the bots. Published by Run Games and released in 2019, the game is available for the Switch for $24.99.

So, these are some best games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile for Android, iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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If we’ve missed your favorite Madden NFL 21 Mobile alternative, then let us know in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends.

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