How to Fix No Internet Connection on Facebook App

Facebook is one of the various social media platforms that is used by people to connect with their friends and stay updated on the latest happenings and trends. Facebook can be used on PC, Mac, and even on mobile devices. The social media platform can be accessed by using either your web browser or a dedicated Facebook app that is available.

Using the app brings a lot of many features but it is not useful when you get into errors like no internet connection. So if the Facebook app says no internet connection in your case, then this guide is for you.

This is a common issue and many users have come to this situation at least once, so don’t feel sad as there are some ways to fix it. Today, we will be taking a look at the various troubleshooting methods that you can follow to solve FB no internet connection issue.

Fix Facebook No Internet Connection message

If you are someone that uses Facebook a lot, you will surely be annoyed when the Facebook app says no internet connection. Here are a few ways you can follow to solve this issue. Let’s start with the first method.

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

One of the common possibilities is your internet connection might be down or slow. Whether you are on mobile data or wifi, it doesn’t matter, because, in both ways, you could have trouble with poor connectivity speeds or exhausted bandwidth. So try to use any other service or app that requires an internet connection and see. If the other app or service is also not working, it can be that your internet service might be an issue. In this case, you can either switch to wifi or mobile data and then try again. However, if other apps and services are running fine, it can be that your Facebook app could be the culprit here.

Method 2: Check for Facebook Outage

As it is with various services out there, there could be an outage either due to server issues or probably maintenance. Now, you need to understand that some regions might be facing an outage and some might not. So the best way to find out if Facebook is down is by heading over to On this website, you will be able to see what services are up and running and what services are currently down. If you see Facebook down, then, you have no option other than waiting until it comes back online.

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The other way to find out if Facebook is down is by simply heading over to Twitter. All you need to do is simply log in to Twitter and type in Facebook in the search bar. You will then be able to see the latest tweets that contain the keyword Facebook. If you see a large number of people tweeting about Facebook going down, then you can know that it’s Facebook that is having the issue and not your internet connection.

Method 3: Force Close and Relaunch the app

Looking at how buggy the Facebook app already is, it could be possible that some sort of bug has temporarily caused the facebook no internet connection issue. In this case, simply force close the app and then relaunch the app. This method works most of the time, so, do give it a try. Do not simply minimize the app, rather, close it by removing the app from your device’s RAM. If you still are facing any issues, the next steps might help you solve the issue.

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Method 4: Check for App Updates

As stated above, there could be bugs that might be plaguing the app. And as you would expect, there will be fixes for such problems via an update. So, always check your device’s app store to see if there is any update available. If there is an update, it is recommended that you download and install the update. This newly updated app could help fix the FB no internet connection issue.

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Method 5: Clear Facebook Cache and App Data

Sometimes, the files that are saved by Facebook onto your device could either be missing or probably just corrupted. In this case, you can try to clear the cache and delete the files. This method will remove your account from the app on your device. This means you will have to log into Facebook again. If you have an Android device, you can easily clear the cache by following these steps.

  • Launch the Settings app on your device.
  • Now scroll and select Apps from the Settings app. It will show all the apps installed on your phone.
  • Scroll and tap on Facebook.
  • You should now see two options. You can tap on clear cache and clear data.
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  • This action will remove all the cache and files that have been created and stored by Facebook on your device.
  • All you need to do now is launch the Facebook app and log in.
  • The issue should now be resolved

In the case of an iOS device, you will simply have to uninstall the app from the device and then reinstall the app.

Method 6: Uninstall and Reinstall the app

Now, if there is no app update for Facebook on the app store of your device, it is recommended that you uninstall the app and then reinstall the app to your device. This can clear off any temporary bugs that were previously present. And since this will be a fresh installation of the app, you should not be facing any connectivity issues.

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And this is how you can solve the issue when Facebook says no internet connection error. However, if you still face the issue, it would be advisable to download the lite version of the Facebook app that is available on Android. If you are an iOS user or someone who doesn’t want to use the lite version of the Facebook app, the best you can do is log in to Facebook using the web browser on your mobile device.

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