15 Useful Microsoft Edge Extensions for Daily Use (2022)

Microsoft Edge is now becoming better with each upgrade. It has an advantage as it runs on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome. And it means both Chrome and Microsoft Edge support the same extensions. If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser then this guide is useful for you. Here you will know about the Best Microsoft Edge Extensions that you can use on a daily basis in 2022.

As you know Google Chrome web store is full of extensions and you can use all these extensions on Microsoft Edge. It means you will have a lot of options to choose from. And to help you save time, we managed to gather some best extensions for Microsoft Edge. You can check these Microsoft Edge Extensions in the list below.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

1. Picture-in-Picture Extension

Do you watch or stream videos on your Microsoft Edge Browser? But what if you want to watch and browse at the same time. Generally, when you switch to the new tab from the current tab where Video is playing. It doesn’t stop the video but also you can’t see the video. Fortunately, there is some useful Picture in Picture Microsoft Edge extensions that let you watch videos and do other tasks at the same time.

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Picture-in-Picture is a good Microsoft Edge extension that minimizes the video window and sticks to the browser. And when you switch to other tabs the PiP window will be there until you close it. The PiP extension works with almost all streaming services.

Download Picture in Picture Extension for Edge

2. Ad Blocker – best Ad Blocker

If you browse different sites or social media contents daily on your browser. Then at some point, you may have encountered a bunch of Ads. Ads are the source of income for bloggers but some platform uses too many ads when it becomes irritating to navigate. In this case, you can use the AdBlocker extension.

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Ad Blocker is a great extension that will let you block ads for any specific website including Facebook and YouTube. It works great on both Microsoft Edge and Chrome. You can also use other Ad Blockers extensions.

Download Ad Blocker Extension for Google Chrome

3. Zoom

Since unwanted pandemic, most IT companies allow their employees to work from home. Zoom is the popular communication app used by most companies. And if you also use Zoom as your main communication software then this extension will let you easily handle Zoom and its features.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Zoom is one of the best Microsoft Edge extensions that will make your daily work easier. It lets you handle meetings on Zoom. Users can also schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar.

Download Zoom Extension for Microsoft Edge

4. Microsoft Editor

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser for writing content, assignments, essays, emails, etc. Then Microsoft Editor will be a great combination with Microsoft Edge. In this best Microsoft Edge extensions list, we have also mentioned Grammarly. And Microsoft Editor is also an extension for the same purpose. But both have some plus points and minus points.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Microsoft Editor supports multiple languages. It can be pretty useful if you are sending any email for business purposes as it helps you write with confidence, perfect words, and appealing sentences. The extension will assist you in all websites that you are accessing in the browser.

Download Microsoft Editor Extension for Microsoft Edge

5. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

If we are writing about the best extensions for Microsoft Edge and not including the popular IDM then it will be an injustice. It is the best downloader for Windows computers. And its extension is also available for the Microsoft Edge browser. It is popularly known as Internet Download Manager.

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

IDM is the best download manager which comes with a lot of advanced features. It increases the download speed by connecting it through many connections. And through the IDM extension, you can directly download Videos running in the browser. IDM extension capture downloads from the browser and directly download the file from IDM.

Download IDM Extension for Microsoft Edge

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular app that is also available as an Extension on Microsoft Edge and other browsers. If you are a blogger or a content writer then Grammarly is going to be a perfect extension. It is one of the best extensions on Microsoft Edge.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Grammarly is used for better writing as it points to grammar, spelling mistakes along with correct words and sentences. If you want quality writing then Grammarly will help you with its amazing features. It is available for free but for some advanced features, you need to have Premium access.

Download Grammarly Extension for Microsoft Edge

7. Momentum

Do you like to customize your browser homepage? If yes, then you can do that using the Momentum extension. It is one of the best extensions for Microsoft Edge. Although you can use different themes on Microsoft Edge, it provides a refreshing look on the homepage. It is a popular extension in Google Chrome as well.

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Momentum extension lets you change the homepage appearance as you want. The personalized dashboard will show new wallpapers with live time, weather, and inspirational quotes. Users can customize fonts, colors, photos, quotes, etc to personalize the homepage. It is the best Microsoft Edge extension if you are bored with the same browser’s homepage.

Download Momentum Extension for Microsoft Edge

8. Honey

Do you like shopping from different e-commerce websites? If yes then here we have an amazing extension in the list of best extensions for Microsoft Edge. It is called Honey and available on both Chrome and Edge browsers. As you know each e-commerce website hosts many sales in a year. And the Honey extension helps users to benefit from these offers.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

No one likes to spend time exploring active offers as there are many shopping websites. And here the role of Honey extension kicks in. It applies available coupons automatically and shows the best prize after applying offers. This way you can compare the price of products from different websites so that you can purchase and save money at the same time. It also offers exclusive coupons for selected merchants.

Download Honey Extension for Microsoft Edge

9. TunnelBear VPN

VPN is also an important service if you want to protect your identity when browsing on the web. There are a bunch of VPN services available. And many VPNs have their own extension available on the Extension store. TunnelBear VPN is one of the best Microsoft Edge extensions that will help you to maintain privacy.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

The TunnelBear VPN lets you open blocked websites by changing the IP address according to the desired region. When VPN is enabled you can browse privately by hiding your IP address. This is more useful if you are using public Wi-Fi or want to access content that is blocked in your region. It has 20 different countries to choose the location to change IP.

Download TunnelBear Extension for Microsoft Edge

10. Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder

If you like to create tutorials for education purposes or making a guide or capture gameplay then you need software to record the screen. If you are using Microsoft Edge or Chrome browser then you can install a screen recording extension on the browser. And Screencastify is the best screen recording extension for Microsoft Edge browser.

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

If you have the Screencastify extension then you also don’t need to install software on your computer as it can record the screen of the browser and also outside of the browser. Yes, it can capture the desktop screen. After the screen recording, the file will be saved to the local disk. The only drawback is users can record for 5 minutes in the free subscription.

Download Screencastify Extension for Microsoft Edge

11. Return YouTube Dislike

YouTube is a popular platform used by everyone to watch their favorite content and creators. YouTube is also your source of help when you might want to look at troubleshooting methods, reviews, or even walk-throughs for a game level that you can’t complete. YouTube has however removed the Dislike counter from the web as well as its apps.

best edge extensions

If you browse YouTube on Microsoft Edge on your PC, then the Return YouTube Dislike extension will bring back the dislike counter to you right away. All you need to do is to install the extension.

Download Return YouTube Dislike Extension

12. Enhancer for YouTube

This is a very useful extension if you are someone that browses YouTube on the web browser. This extension lets you customize your YouTube experiences such as by enabling dark mode, changing accent colors, and much more. You can even get an additional volume booster as well as set up additional keyboard shortcuts.

best edge extensions

It’s free and easy to configure the extension. A popular and recommended extension for Mozilla Firefox, now available for use on Microsoft Edge.

Download Enhancer for YouTube

13. Speedtest by Ookla

IF you are someone that has a weak or a spotty connection, it is always best to know what the internet speeds are at the moment in case you plan to stream or download something off the internet. Ookla, one of ht most popular internet speed test websites has its own extension for the Microsoft Edge.

best edge extensions

By installing this extension, you no longer have to visit the Ookla website. Simply click on the extension to begin the speedtest. You will your upload, and download speeds along with your ping. Apart from that, you will also be able to measure the speeds of how fast a particular web page is opening.

Download Speedtest by Ookla

14. Save to Pocket

Now, if you are someone that browses the internet and spots an interesting article that you would love to read later, then the Save to Pocket extension is super useful. This is a simple extension that works like your browser’s bookmark manager.

best edge extensions

The good part about Pocket is that you can install it on your mobile device and then sync them right away to have all the saved links available on whichever device you use. To add any web page to Pocket, all you need to do is right-click on the page and select the Save to Pocket option.

Download Save to Pocket extension

15. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit is the front page of the internet, hands down. You can get all sorts of news and information related to anything and everything on Reddit. If you are a regular user of Reddit, then here is an extension that you need to use.

best edge extensions

The extension however works best with the old UI of Reddit that can be accessed by visiting old.reddit.com This enhancement suite brings in the dark mode, changes in the UI, live comment previews, comment navigator as well as the ability to hide all child comments.

Download Reddit Enhancement Suite Extension for Edge

To download various extensions from Chrome links, first, click on the link and then click on Add to Chrome. Wait for some time and it will add to the list.

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So, these are the 10 best extensions for the Microsoft Edge browser. I hope you like these extensions and use them on a daily basis. And if you find any good extensions that we haven’t mentioned in the list, then you are welcome for the suggestion in the comment box.

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