7 Best Google Podcast Alternatives for Android and iOS

Google offers its users a ton of services, and at the same time has also been known to kill a lot of its services. One of the services that has recently been taken down is Google Podcasts. Google Podcasts was the go-to app for millions of podcast listeners.

Google has been doing its best to ensure people switch over to YouTube not only for video content and music but also for podcasts. However, people are not ready to make and use YouTube Music as their choice for podcast listening.

With YouTube Music ruled out of the question for listening to podcasts, what other options are available for listeners? Let’s find out.

Best Alternatives to Google Podcasts in 2024

With Google Podcasts already in the dark, there are a good number of alternatives that users can try out. But with so many alternatives available. Which one should you install to replace Google Podcasts? Here are the best ones that you need to try in 2024.

Pocket Casts

If you prefer an app that is just dedicated to podcast streaming and offers good tools, look no further than the Pocket Casts app. Apart from the platform of all of your favorite podcasts, the user interface makes this app one of the more desirable options out there. You can easily organize your favorite podcasts with the built-in folder feature, and also add your favorite podcast episodes to enjoy a fun binge listening experience.

Best Google Podcast Alternatives

Pocket Casts also lets you filter various podcast episodes based on your mood. The app comes with several customization features such as themes and the ability to speed up or trim the podcast episode of your choice. Pocket Casts also has a free plan as well as the Plus and Patron plans. Apart from being an open-source platform, Pocket Casts also lets you watch video podcast episodes in landscape mode.

Pocket Casts will cost $3.99 for a monthly subscription and $29.99 for a yearly subscription.

Install Pocket Casts: Android, iOS


When it comes to streaming music, Spotify is a great option. However, apart from just streaming your favorite tracks, Spotify also has a large collection of podcasts that you can browse through and stream. Spotify is a good alternative for those who already have a premium subscription plan. If you do plan to use the free tier of Spotify, note that you will get bombarded with a ton of ads, and you will not be able to download the podcasts for offline streaming.  

Best Google Podcast Alternatives

Spotify used to be the go-to choice for podcasts, since it always had podcasts exclusive to its platform. This exclusivity has now ended, and you can check out your favorite podcasts on almost any other podcast app out there. If you still prefer Spotify, I would suggest picking out either a Duo or a family plan with some friends to ease down the monthly price of Spotify.

Spotify has different types of monthly plans. The individual plan starts at $10.99 per month. The Duo plan starts at $14.99 per month and the family plan will cost you $16.99 per month. If you’re a student, you can get access to the student discount plan for $6.99 per month.

Install Spotify: Android, iOS


No, this is not the name of some insect, but a great ad-free Podcast app. AntennaPod lets you subscribe to all of your favorite podcasts. It is a free podcast app that lets you easily arrange your favorite podcasts with ease. In terms of customization, you can pick between dark and light themes. Just like Pocket Casts, AntennaPod also lets you pick your choice of playback speeds for podcast episodes.

Best Google Podcast Alternatives

AntennaPod has a smart download feature that will download episodes from your favorite podcasts as and when a new one is available. If you want to look for a new podcast, AntennaPod’s discovery section helps you to look for the ideal podcast. The best feature about AntennaPod is that you get all of this for free and with zero ads. The only ads that you might get on AntennaPod are the ads that have been added by the podcasters themselves.

The only downside about AntennaPod is that it is available only for Android devices, and it also misses out on the web-player version of the platform.

Install AntennaPod: Android

Podcast Addict

As the name says, this is the best app for those who love podcasts and listen to new episodes regularly. This is the holy grail of podcast apps if you are an Android user. Why would I say that? Well first off, you get access to tons of podcasts, audiobooks, and even YouTube channel podcasts as well as RSS feeds for absolutely free. You can sign in with your Google account and save all of your data to your Google Drive storage.

Best Google Podcast Alternatives

The media player for Podcast Addict is super rich. Apart from adjusting the playback speed, you can also trim the silence, boost the audio as well as switch to stereo or mono audio playback. The app also has smart download options as well as the option to customize the interface. If you want to get everything automated, the Podcast Addicts app lets you do just that.

Podcast Addicts costs you no money, but you can always contribute to support the development of the app. However, this app is available only on Android.

Install Podcast Addict: Android

Apple Podcasts

If you’re someone who uses an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to listen to podcasts, it would be ideal to stick with Apple’s built-in podcast player. The Apple Podcasts Player is a free app that lets you stream your favorite podcasts. You can easily subscribe to any channel and play new episodes right away. Given that this is an Apple app, there are no ads for you to be bothered with.

Best Google Podcast Alternatives

You can ask Siri, your personal voice assistant, to play a specific podcast, and it will do it just fine. Additionally, if you have a car that has support for Apple CarPlay, you can also listen to your favorite podcasts while on the road. The Apple Podcasts app can be used on many Apple devices such as the Apple HomePod, Apple Watch, macOS, and even on your Apple TV devices.

Install Apple Podcasts: iOS


Here is another Apple-only podcast app that you can install on your iOS devices. This is another free alternative to the Google Podcasts app as well as the Apple Podcasts app. The Overcast app lets you organize your podcasts the way you like. You can choose different categories based on the tasks you are doing. Overcast lets you adjust settings for different podcasts. Such settings include speed playback, volume boost, and also the option to stream via Apple CarPlay.

Best Google Podcast Alternatives

Overcast also boasts that the app has been designed keeping listeners in mind and not some investor who wants to decide how the app should function. The app also has a sleep timer, standalone Apple Watch playback, and also play an episode from a podcast without having to subscribe to the podcast channel.

Overcast is free to use. The free plan contains ads. But, if you do not want the ads, you have the option to purchase the Overcast Premium to get rid of the ads.

Install Overcast:: iOS


Do you have multiple devices and were hoping for a podcast app to be available on all platforms and also synced just as fine? Well, Podurama has got your back. Podurama is one of the first podcast apps that use AI to create payslips based on your past listening experience. Whether it’s about creating playlists or saving your favorite episodes, Pdourama does it all. This is a great free podcast app that does everything without charging you a penny.

Best Google Podcast Alternatives

Now, there are ads within the app, which is reasonable since this app offers you a lot of features for free. Want to listen to a podcast offline? Download them right away. The best feature of the app is the top charts of the week. You get to see the top podcast channels as well as the top episodes for the week. If you have files that you would like to listen to, Podurama lets you upload and listen to those files as well.

Podurama is available for access on Android, iOS, Windows as well as macOS.

Install Podurama: Android, iOS

Closing Thoughts

These are the best Google Podcast alternatives that you need to try out on your Android or iOS devices. While Google Podcasts has moved everything over to YouTube Music, not everyone is happy with it. Of course, those who have YouTube Premium wouldn’t mind continuing with YouTube Music for podcasts.

But, for those who care about podcasts, the above-mentioned apps are a great way to continue listening and enjoying your favorite podcasts anywhere and everywhere.

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