12 Alternative Games like Diner Dash to Play on PC and Mobile

When it comes to games, there are a number of them spanning across various genres. Every game genre has its fan base and community. The same can be said about time management games. One of the popular games during the early 2000s was Diner Dash.

A popular game where you manage a restaurant, deliver people’s orders and even go ahead to build up more restaurants. The game was quite fun and a great time killer. Since then, there have been several games similar to Diner Dash that have been released.

Let’s take a look at the best 12 games like Diner Dash for PC and Mobile.

Now, Diner Dash does come under the category of cooking games, but it covers important stuff such as time and resource management. You play the character Flo, who quits her job to look for a better job elsewhere. While she comes across an old diner and tries to make it the best diner in town and also profitable. If you have enjoyed the Diner Dash game from the early years, here is a list of games similar to Diner Dash that you can play and enjoy on your PC and Mobile.

Games like Diner Dash for PC

1. Star Chef 2: Cooking Game

games similar to Diner Dash

We begin this list with a newly released free game. You start the game by building up your restaurant and serve great and tasty dishes to your customers. The game has features such as live music, celebrity guests, and everything you could imagine when you become a celebrity chef. Star Chef 2 has a ton of recipes that you can prepare as well as have international-rated chefs in your restaurant.

The game has a vast storyline with up to 80+ story quests for you to play around with. The game has a vibrant world and even has PvP tournaments that you can play in real-time with other chefs from around the world online.

  • Developer: 99Games Online Private Limited
  • Release Date: 10 August 2021
  • Platform: Steam (free)

2. Cook, Serve, Delicious!

games similar to Diner Dash

Here is a fun cooking game that you will be able to play locally with your friends. You begin with a poorly rated restaurant that has zero stars. Since you want your business to survive, you will have to take a few steps to ensure that your restaurant can do business as well as serve the best food available to your customers.

The game is fun when you can play with friends especially with the different modes that you can choose from. You have Strike Challenges, Endurance Modes, and even Co-op campaign modes. The game even has 25 guest cameos and even more challenges such as Battle Kitchen for you to enjoy. You can try this game if you like Diner Dash.

  • Developer: Vertigo Gaming Inc
  • Release Date: 8 October 2013
  • Platform: Steam ($9.99), Android, iOS ($4.99)

3. Lemon Cake

games like Diner Dash

Lemon Cake is another game like Diner Dash. Just like how Diner Dash and most of the games on this list revolve around restoring a dead or dying restaurant, Lemon Cake brings the same start. While you begin to repair the old broken bakery with a ghost, you also have to grow some plants and even raise your animals since you will be using products such as fruits, milk, eggs, and other items sourced right away from your bakery.

Also, you will have to take care of what you have grown in the greenhouse. You will also have to manage between serving your customers, preparing meals, and even prepare a fresh menu every day. You will also have to prepare and follow a schedule from the time you start shop till you close the doors.

  • Developer: Eloise Laroche
  • Release Date: 18 February 2021
  • Platform: Steam ($14.99)

4. Restaurant Empire 2

games similar to Diner Dash

Here is a popular game that was released 10 years back. You have to start a restaurant with a limited amount of cash and a strong dream to build a restaurant empire. You do perform all the usual tasks you would see in a restaurant/cooking game. From hiring cooks to servicing the best on-the-block food, you will have to do your best to bring your restaurant to the top. Apart from the restaurant, you will also have to manage your Coffee Shop and Dessert House.

There are various themes that you will use to customize your restaurant. Apart from just preparing the food, you will also have to customize the look of your restaurant with a wide variety of interior objects that can be used to decorate the eatery. To make your restaurant more lively, you can bring in live performance shows as well, and oh, there are side mini-games as well.

  • Developer: Enlight Software Limited
  • Release Date: 27 May 2009
  • Platform: Steam ($19.99)

5. Burger Shop 2

games similar to Diner Dash

Burger Shop 2 is the sequel of the previous Burger Shop game and a good alternative to the Diner Dash game. While you were enjoying the success of your popular Burger Shop chain of restaurants, you suddenly find yourself with nothing in the second part. No house and no burger shop. You will have to build yourself the old reputation that you had as well as make the new burger shop an even better place. You get to add new items to the menu.

With that being said, you will also have to uncover the mystery behind what happened to your earlier burger shop. The game has now 120 levels with 120 expert-level stories and a lot of other fun things to enjoy the gameplay.

  • Developer: GoBit Games
  • Release Date: 28 July 2009
  • Platform: Steam ($6.99)

6. Overcooked 2

games like Diner Dash

Overcooked 2 is another game like Diner Dash. If you wanted a cooking game that brings in a lot of chaos as well as entertainment, Overcooked 2 is the game for you. The game lets you take a journey through the map via air, water, and land. There are various cooking themes available for you to choose from and on that basis prepare different kinds of food items.

While you have your dishes being prepared, you will even find the ingredients being tossed all over the kitchen, including the chefs being sent off to new locations right away. You can also play this game with 4 friends on the couch or even go ahead to play online with other people or your friends. 

  • Developer: Ghost Town Games Limited, Team 17
  • Release Date: 7 August 2018
  • Platform: Steam ($24.99)

Games like Diner Dash for Mobile

7. Hungry Hearts Diner

games like Diner Dash

Here comes the list of mobile games like Diner Dash. The first game here is Hungry Hearts Diner. This game has got everything you need. A perfect storyline, good enough graphics as well as a variety of dishes in the menu that you can prepare.

You are preparing food and serving your customers in a little Japanese town, which means you are preparing Japanese dishes as well. Like all restaurant and cooking-based games, you will have to take the restaurant up and bring name and fame to it.

  • Developer: GAGEX Co. LTD
  • Release Date: 16 November 2017
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

8. Diner Dash Adventures

games like Diner Dash

If you are those that love cooking shows and have Gordon Ramsey as an idol, this is the game you should be playing. You get to play around by obviously preparing meals, decorating your restaurant, and even the exterior as well.

The game has a ton of levels where you can customize and modify the menu and dishes as well as play around in various kinds of competitions by even teaming up with the big names in the cooking industry. Apart from this game, you can even go ahead and play other Diner Dash games that have been developed by the same developer.

  • Developer: Glu
  • Release Date: June 2019
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

9. Happy Chef 2

games like Diner Dash

Want to prepare diseases from all over the world? Happy Chef 2 fulfills your needs. Happy Chef 2 is a game like Diner Dash that you can try. You can prepare ice creams, burgers, pasta, pizzas, and almost a whole bunch of Italian and French dishes. The game has around 70+ levels and a ton of upgradeable kitchen equipment.

You have to be a star chef, which means that you will be sent to various parts of the world to show off your cooking skills that will make you the best and keep you at the top of your cooking game. The game is long enough for a mobile game, with around 25 hours of gameplay for you to enjoy. Visually the game has a lot going for it,

  • Developer: Nord Current
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

10. Cooking Madness Kitchen Frenzy

games like Diner Dash

Next on the list of games like Diner Dash, we have Cooking Madness. Cooking Madness is all about hunting around for a chef. Yes, they are looking for you to be able to serve and prepare outstanding dishes for its customers. Got what it takes to be the best master chef out there? The game’s map has a ton of restaurants, where you can go and prepare your dishes.

You can even unlock various restaurants as you progress through the game, which also helps in upgrading your essential kitchen appliances especially when you earn those combis and tips given by people after you serve them. Of course, you do have management skills that come into play. What fun would be there if you would just be having an unlimited supply of materials and ingredients?

  • Developer: ZenLife Games
  • Release Date: 30 September 2017
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

11. Cafeland- World Kitchen

games similar to Diner Dash

Here is a game that is focused a lot on the customization aspect of the restaurant. Yes, you can prepare dishes and serve various customers too. You can prepare home-cooked meals as well as serve coffee to the people who visit your kitchen.

You aim to make the cafe a 5-star one, which means you have to do your best and be able to manage the restaurant at the same time. There are various festive-themed events as well as a huge number of game levels for you to play around with.

  • Developer: GAMEGOS
  • Release Date: 10 August 2016
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

12. Cooking Dash

games similar to Diner Dash

The last game on the list of games like Diner Dash is Cooking Dash. If you enjoyed playing the original Cooking Dash game from the early 2000s, this is what you could call an upgraded version of Diner Dash. Yes, you still have Flo from the original game. But now instead of just managing a restaurant, you have to start and manage your cooking show. You are now a celebrity chef who has a lot of events to compete against other chefs.

Why is this game different? Well, for starters you can play around and choose from different outfits, plus have pets. Yes, you can add pets to the game who will help you with various work in the kitchen.

  • Developer: Glu
  • Release Date: 16 June 2015
  • Platform: Android, iOS (free)

These are the best alternative game to Diner Dash which you can play on mobile and PC. Yes, of course, the original Diner Dash is still one of the best cooking and time management games that have ever been created. Well, now most of the games do have ads or some sort of in-app purchases which, a lot of people do not like as the original game didn’t have it.

Since the times have changed, one has to accept such things and even live with them. After all, it’s a choice to either pay up real money or not. With that being said, many people do wish for a newer Diner Dash game that has around the gameplay and style of the original one.

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