Backwards 3: How to Type Ɛ on PC and Mobile

Every once in a while, there will always be someone who types their text uniquely. Unique in the sense that the text will either be flipped vertically or horizontally. And this is where they wow around a few people and they might even want to know how to type the same. One of the popular characters that are typed backward or in reverse is the number 3. Why you may ask? Well, there are many reasons for that. Let’s take a look at how to type ‘Ɛ‘ or backwards 3.

Now, if you see, there are many reasons why someone would want to type in a backward 3. For some, it could mean just to get more social media attention, for others it might be just to swap the letter E and replace it with the backwards 3 or it could be used just to have a better username for their social media accounts. Or just for fun. There could be many other reasons that one wouldn’t even imagine or think of. Read on to know the answer to your question.

How to Type Backwards 3 (Ɛ)

Now, let’s take a look at the few ways that you can type Ɛ which is also known as the reverse of 3.

Backwards 3 On PC

Keyboards on PC don’t support all the special characters including reverse 3. But thanks to various shortcuts and tricks that let us know functionality that is not available by default. Yes, you can write Ɛ on your PC.

To be able to type a backward 3 on your Windows PC is quite a simple process. All you would need to do is open your Microsoft Word document. Once you have opened the document. Now type in 0190. With the numbers typed, you can simply press the Alt and X keys on your keyboard. As soon as you use the key combination the string of numbers will change into a reverse 3. And it will look like this ‘Ɛ’.

Backwards 3 On Android and iOS

Unfortunately, mobile phones also do not have the backward 3 symbol on their default keyboards. But you can still use it on your phone. You can simply copy and paste the backward 3 texts from someplace like this article or Word and use it where you want to. The same goes for iOS users too.

Since Android and iOS have tons of third party apps on their particular app store, you can browse for some keyboards with special characters. Special character Keyboard apps let you copy code from thousands of special characters such as the backward 3. One of the popular keyboards with special characters is Character Pad – Unicode.

Or you can copy backwards 3 symbol directly from here:


Apart from typing Ɛ, you can also type in alphabets and other numbers in reverse. However, there are no specific key combinations for all special characters. And in all fairness that is okay. Many online services can be used to type in reverse as well as flipped text altogether. If you don’t want to copy flipped alphabets and numbers, you can simply copy them from here.

Mirrored Text

  • Z
  • Y
  • X
  • W
  • V
  • U
  • T
  • Ƨ
  • Я
  • Ϙ
  • O
  • И
  • M
  • I
  • H
  • Ǝ
  • Ɔ
  • A

Flipped Text

  • q
  • Ɔ
  • p
  • Ǝ
  • פ
  • H
  •  I
  • ſ
  • ˥
  • W
  • N
  • O
  • Ԁ
  • Q
  • ɹ
  • S
  • Λ
  • M
  • X
  • Z

Flipped Numbers

  • Ɩ
  • Ɛ
  • Ϛ
  • 9
  • 8
  • 6
  • 0

And this is how you can type in flipped or backward letters and numbers easily on your device. In case you wish to type in long texts in such a manner, you can always make use of a few services such as Spell Backwards, Upside DownText, or even the Backwards Text Generator. You can use these flipped and mirrored texts in your social media posts or for that matter even as a character for your social media profiles or gamer tag for any game that lets you do so.

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