How To Type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word [Easy Guide]

It’s now about ten years since the rupee symbol announced. The change in the symbol from Rs. to ₹ was done in the year 2010. It takes time to adjust to any change, and this also applies in the case of the Rupees symbol. We know that the symbol is ₹, but it is challenging to insert Rupees symbol in word as there is no direct option. And since now it is a part of the official Unicode Standard and used everywhere, so it is a must to know how to type Rupees Symbol in Word.

We have found many methods to insert Rupees symbol in Word, and we are going to share it with you. So that you can find the best method which you find easy for yourself. These methods will work independently in MS Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013, and word 2016. So if you are using any of the mention MS Word then this guide will help you type Rupees Symbol in Word.

Fact About Rupee (₹) Symbol

The ₹ symbol is designed by Udaya Kumar, Head Of Department of Design at IIT Guwahati. Here is what he said regarding the ₹ Rupee Symbol. And It was released on 15/07/2010 for the public by the Government of India.

“My design is based on the Tricolour with two lines at the top and white space in between. I wanted the symbol for the Rupee to represent the Indian flag. It is a perfect blend of Indian and Roman letters: a capital ‘R’, and Devnagari ‘Ra’, which represent rupiya, to appeal to international and Indian audiences. After working on the design for a few months, I shortlisted eight to 10 designs and then refined them further till I got this one”

How to Type Rupees Symbol in Word

Nowadays many Keyboards come with ₹ symbol assigned to a specific button. But what if there is no Rupee (₹) dedicated button. In this case, follow this guide, and you will leave from here by knowing various ways to enter ₹ symbol in Word. Let’s jump right into the first method for this guide.

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcut

This method is the easiest way to insert a Rupees symbol in Word or Excel. There is one significant advantage of this method which is you can use it on any editor like MS Word, Excel, Notepad and more. It is a simple keyboard shortcut that you can easily remember.Rupees Symbol in Word

Keyboard shortcut to type Rupee (₹) symbol is:

Ctrl + Alt + 4 OR Ctrl + Alt + ₹

Note: Make sure that your default keyboard language is set to the English (India). Yes, you need to set English (India) if you want to use this method. You can change the settings from Control Panel.

Many keyboards now come with ₹ symbol on one of the number keys (Specifically on Number 4). You have to follow one of the above keyboard shortcuts to insert ₹ symbol on your editor. It doesn’t matter which application you are using, and it means using this method you can type Rupees symbol on any application.

Method 2: Right Alt Key

If your keyboard has Right Alt key, then you can easily type Rupee symbol on MS Word or MS Excel. This method is easier than the previous method, but this is valid only if your keyboard has Right Alt key. Follow the below shortcut keys to insert Rupees symbol on Excel or Word:Rupees Symbol in Word

Keyboard shortcut to type Rupee (₹) symbol is:

Alt(Right) + 4 OR Alt(Right) + ₹

Just like the previous method, you can use the above shortcut key on any Application or Editor like MS Word, MS Excel, NotePad, WordPad and more.

Method 3: Unicode (20B9)

The Unicode registered for India Rupee ₹ symbol us U+20B9. And using 20B9 you can type or insert ₹ on your editor. It is a bit lengthy shortcut than the previous shortcuts, but if previous methods did not work, then you can give this a try. It worked for others, and i am sure it will also work for you.Rupees Symbol in Word

>> First type 20B9 and then press Left Alt + X together. When you press Alt + X, then 20B9 will change to ₹ Rupee symbol. This shortcut will not work in browser & Notepad, but it will work on MS Word, MS Excel, WordPad.

Keyboard shortcut to type Rupee (₹) symbol is:

Type 20B9 then press Alt(Left) + X

It will work with English (India) Keyboard so select English (India) keyboard as default and then use the above shortcut.

Method 4: Type 8377

Here’s another way to type Rupees Symbol in Word which is only valid for MS Word. It will not work if you are trying in Excel, Notepad, Wordpad or Browser.Rupees Symbol in Word

Press (Left) Alt and while pressing type 8377 on your MS Word. The ₹ symbol will appear as soon as you release the Alt key. It will work if you use the number pad on the right side.

Keyboard shortcut to type Rupee (₹) symbol is:

Press Alt(Left) + 8377

Method 5: Replace any key with ₹

If you want to type or add a Rupee symbol in word with just one keypress, then this is the best option for you. I will tell you how you can replace any existing symbol with ₹ Rupee symbol.Rupees Symbol in Word

  1. Open Microsoft Word on your computer and switch to the Insert tab.
  2. Now at extreme right-click on Symbols > More Symbols.
  3. Find Rupee ₹ symbol and select it, you can enter 20B9 in Unicode to find it easily.
  4. Then click on AutoCorrect and enter any symbol that you don’t use under Replace.
  5. At last click OK and now whenever you press the key that you were not using earlier will type ₹ symbol.

You can reverse the steps to remove ₹ symbol whenever you want.

Method 6: Use Character Map

Character Map or Charmap is a preinstalled windows application where all the symbols are available. It has all the collection of symbols from different fonts. It will help you to insert the rupee symbol in word.Rupees Symbol in Word

  1. Search for Character Map and open it.
  2. Change the font to Ariel, if by default it is Ariel then don’t change.
  3. Then check the Advance box and enter 20B9 in Unicode.
  4. Now click on Select > Copy. It will be copied to the clipboard.
  5. Paste the Rupee ₹ symbol where you want to add the Rupee symbol.

Method 7: Copy & Paste

Well, this method is also similar to copy and paste, but this one is easier. It is the only option you are left with if none of the methods work for you.

Search for Indian Rupee (INR) Symbol on Google. It will display the ₹ symbol, copy the symbol and paste where you want to type ₹ symbol.Rupees Symbol in Word

It will work if the tab supports paste option otherwise, you have to follow another method.

So there you have it, seven methods to type Rupee symbol in Word. Let me know which one is your favorite to insert the Rupee ₹ symbol on Notepad, WordPad, Word, Excel, and browsers.

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