Ask Photos: Everything About Gemini Integration in Google Photos

At the Google I/O event in 2024, Google announced a ton of AI features for its products, like Search, Photos, Workspace, and more. The AI may not be working very well on its search platform (giving incorrect result), but the AI for Google Photos looks promising. The AI feature in Google Photos is called Ask Photos. Here you will know how it functions and how it can help you in Google Photos.

Nowadays, people start using phones much earlier, and over the years, photos accumulate to a great number, even for users who don’t take pictures daily. As our photo library grows, it becomes quite hectic to manage and find specific photos. Hopefully, Ask Photos, the Google Photos AI can solve all these problems.

What It Does?

Ask Photos is based on Google’s own Gemini model. The new Ask Photo solves the problem of searching for photos from a large library. Google suggests that users can find photos they want by searching with relevant prompts. For example, you can search “Show me the best photo from each national park I’ve visited.” And Google Photos will give you the relevant results.

Google Photos AI: Ask Photos

Ask Photos supports Gemini Multimodel capabilities that can understand the context and subject of photos. This unlocks another advanced feature that we can use to find photos with similar backgrounds, featuring pets, theme-specific, and more. For example, you can search for “What themes have we had for Lena’s birthday parties? and it will show you images of previous birthdays along with brief descriptions of the themes for those birthdays.

Google Photos AI: Ask Photos

How to Use?

To use this feature, tap the Ask button at the bottom bar which will take you to the homepage of Ask Photos. Then tap on the Search bar and enter your query. It can take a few seconds depending on the load and you will see the results with the photos you were looking for.

Google Photos AI: Ask Photos

Since the feature is not yet available, we cannot say if this will be accurate. The AI can misunderstand sometimes as we have seen in the Google Search Engine. It can give wrong results and you may have to try different prompts. But we will only know for sure once the feature is available.

Google also mentioned that Ask Photos has better privacy than Chat with Gemini. Unlike the conversation with the Gemini app or the web, people will not review your conversation in Ask Photos. The conversation along with photos are kept private.


As for availability, there is no specific timeline for when it will be available. As usual, Google says the experimental feature will be start rolling out soon. Also, it’s unclear whether the feature is going to be new device exclusive, pixel exclusive, or for all Google Photos users. I hope we don’t have to wait long to know the missing information.

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