Google Photos to roll out AI Editing Tools to all users

The recent announcement from Google is related to some popular AI Editing features available on Google Photos. Google announced that it is going to expand Google Photos AI editing features to all users without any subscription fee. These features will roll out to Google Photos users starting May 15.

The announcement from Google includes the list of features that users get to enjoy in Google Photos for free. The list includes Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Portrait Light, and more. Google introduced Magic Eraser last year with the Pixel 8 series. This is a pretty interesting feature that allows various editing actions like repositioning subjects, enhancing sky color, and many other similar actions.

Google Photos AI Editing tools for everyone

Photo Unblur and Portrait Light are also good editing features, and their names already reveal what they are used for. And from May 15, all Google Photos users will be able to enjoy these features for free considering you have an eligible device. A day before that, on May 14, Google is set to hold its Annual Developer Conference.

Google Photos AI Editing tools for everyone

There are some limitations on using the Magic Eraser. Android and iOS users will be able to save only 10 Magic Edits per month. To get unlimited saves, users need to either own a Pixel phone or need to subscribe to Google One Plan that includes 2TB or more storage.

In terms of eligibility, your device must be running on Android 8 and newer, or iOS 15 or newer. Along with the OS requirements, your device also needs to have at least 3GB of RAM. If you have a Chromebook, it must be Chromebook Plus running ChromeOS 118 or newer.

Now since these are not top requirements most users will be able to enjoy AI editing features on the Google Photos app on their devices. Which of these features is going to be your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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