8 Best Apps like GasBuddy to Check Fuel Prices and Availability

Gas Stations across the US are running dry. Looking at how this has caused people to begin panic buying from Gas Stations that currently have gas, it’s a headache to look around for gas that is miles away from where you live or maybe even further away from your nearby gas station. The gas shortage has got people panicking and has even caused people to fight over gas. The only way to check around if a gas station has gas is either by ringing them up or using apps like GasBuddy.

Since there’s already a shortage, ringing up the station is not a good idea at all because of the overwhelming number of calls from customers they might even temporarily close their phone lines till the issue has been resolved. Looking at the current situation, the GasBuddy app saw an increase in downloads and has become the number one app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for the first time, taking over a few crypto apps that were on the top spot. This itself shows how serious the gas shortage is.

Anyway, because of a sudden rise in the number of users, there could be a time where the app might stop functioning and the panic train begins again. So, to avoid this train we’ll be taking a look at the best alternatives of GasBuddy (aka apps like GasBuddy) that are available on the App Store and the Play Store.

Best Alternatives to GasBuddy

1. Waze

Now everyone knows about Waze and uses it as an alternative to Google Maps. But apart from directions and other details that the community updates, you can also look for Gas Stations and their current prices and whether it’s available or out of gas. Since the information is crowdsourced and is updated as and when there’s any sort of change. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It’s one of the best GasBuddy alternatives.

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2. AAA Mobile

This is a very useful app that deals in automobile insurance. Apart from insurance it also has services like breakdown assistance and servicing plus on-road gas delivery with membership discounts as well. Why would you pick this app? Well, alert from all the good stuff it also shows you have prices and availability from gas stations all across the US. It even shows you what shops have gas with them and is even good for the electric vehicles as it shows you where and how far the next charging point is from your current location. You can get the free app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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3. Gas Guru

Gas Guru is another great app like GasBuddy. It doesn’t rely on the public to input prices of gas from their current location. The gas prices are pulled directly from the Oil Price Information Service. Why this is a plus point is because you always get the latest prices and these are always accurate as well. Not only that it also shows you directions to the nearest and cheapest gas station. Plus, if you feel the need to tell your friends about the cheapest gas prices then you can make use of the in-built share option to post to social media. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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4. Drivvo

Drivvo is your all-in-one car management app and the next pick in our list of best apps like GasBuddy. It lets you store details such as expenses, maintenance costs, and everything related to your car. It also shows you the cheapest and nearby gas stations for you to fuel up. And it will also give you a rough estimate as to where and when you might need to refuel based on your car and its mileage. The app does contain some ads, which can be removed with the help of in-app purchases. Available for free to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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5. Fuelio

Here’s an app the performs just like Drivvo but is a bit better than it. Well for starters it’s got no ads, no in all purchases, and above all is completely free to download right off the Google Play Store.  Of course, it has all the good stuff like vehicle management, expenses management, and fuel prices, and all. You can also add multiple vehicles to your account and even track them via GPS. You can also export this data as a CSV that you can view in spreadsheet software.

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6. GEICO Mobile – Car Insurance

Here’s another car insurance app that not only lets your purchase insurance but also provides you with various details about your car, tracking your expenses, and even lets you store your identification cards digitally on the app. Well, it also shows you everything about the nearest and cheapest gas stations in and around your area. It’s a free download and is available on the Apple App Store. and as well as the Google Play Store.

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7. Gas Prices by MapQuest

Well, here’s a great app by MapQuest and the next application in the list of best apps like GasBuddy. This one do what it says in the title. It lets you plan all your road trips, reservations, and everything else while on long drives. The app also shows you details about your current traffic jam, alternative routes, and above all gas prices in and around your neighborhood. It’s a good and free app to download and get an idea of where you’ll be able to get gas and for how much. It’s a free download on Android and iOS.

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8. aCar

Here’s another car management app that does its job perfectly. Like all other apps similar to Gasbuddy, this app helps you to note down your expenses, gas mileage, and other services that you might need as and when your vehicle might have some sort of mechanical trouble. Oh, and it does show you fuel prices and where you can get the cheapest fuel for your vehicle. The app is free to download on the Google Play Store and has in-app purchases that you can use to remove ads, use widgets, and even export and import data to the app.

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These are the best apps like GasBuddy for your mobile device to know about the gas prices and availability of gas. Unfortunately, a gas shortage has risen during the pandemic. The best you can do to help reduce fuel shortage is by not hoarding and stockpiling fuel like it’s the end of the world. It’s not like you are going to running away from a zombie attack. Be generous, pump fuel in the quantity you need and save some for the rest who might be needing it maybe because of some emergency or something like that. We will update this list if there are new apps that release out during this gas shortage crisis.

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