Best Android Apps to install on a Windows 11 PC

It’s already been a week since Microsoft released the ability to install Android Apps on Windows 11 PC. Yes, it is still in its beta phase, but people have already gotten to sideloading their favorite apps and for that matter, they have even managed to get Google Play Store and its Services up and running. So, it is fair enough to list out the best Android Apps you need to install on your Windows 11 PC.

Now, you cannot go ahead and simply install all of the available Android apps on your Windows 11 PC. Let’s say for example there could be times where a few mobile app services are simply way better than their web versions or for that matter works and performs better than the Windows UWP apps. You might also want apps from services that are available exclusive only to mobile devices. Hence, it is best to know what could be the most useful apps to install on your Windows 11 PC.

Best Android Apps for Windows 11

There are several ways that you can use to install Android Apps on your Windows 11 PC. You could either sideload apps and install apps right away, sideload an Android App Store and then download apps through it or you could simply install the Google Play Store and then install apps right away.

1. Nova Launcher

One of the most popular download apps on Android has got to be an Android launcher. Many people prefer to have particular look for their home screen and this is where it all begins. Nova Launcher is one of the best free launchers available on Android. It is free and has a ton of customization options.

But you may ask, why would I need a launcher on my Windows 11 PC when I can simply get the apps on my Start Menu? Sure, you can open apps from the Start Menu, but then the whole true Android experience would be missing. And also the launcher would have all your apps displayed right away for quick and easy access. You can sideload the Nova Launcher or install it using the Google Play Store. There are other Android launchers that you can try. You can check them out over here.

2. Apple Music

If we have to talk about apps being better than their web services, Apple Music is what we are talking about. Sure you could use the web browser, but it feels less polished. And since the Microsoft Store doesn’t have a dedicated Apple Music app, it would be great to have the Android app of Apple Music installed on your Windows 11 PC.

If you enjoy listening to music in the highest audio quality, podcasts, and even live radio shows, then Apple Music is your go-to place. Sure, it doesn’t have a free plan and all that but if you are a new user of Apple Music, you can make use of the free three months trial period. If you love the service, you can eventually purchase the monthly or yearly plan, whatever rocks your boat. You can download the app from the PlayStore or sideload it using APK.

3. Snapchat

Ah yes, the popular stories or naps sharing app. Of course, this is one of the popular and fun social media platforms used by people of all ages around the world. Since Snapchat does not have a web version that you could use on a PC, the Android app can be installed and you go back to creating streaks or sending snaps to your friends.

The only thing about installing Snapchat on Windows is that the service lets you run it only on one device at a time. This means that you’ll have to sign out from Snapchat on your phone to continue logging in on your Windows 11 PC. You can sideload the app or simply get it for free from the Google Play Store.

4. Google Podcasts

If you are someone who loves listening to Podcasts and is a regular user of the google podcast app, Windows 11 could be the best thing that’s ever come into existence. While there are apps for Google Podcasts on Android and iOS, there doesn’t seem any web version for the service. Sure, there are other Podcast apps available, but ultimately the Google Podcasts app is great.

Simply sign in with your Google Account and it will get you all your subscribed podcasts right away. Plus, you’ll be able to make use of the dark mode feature too. Will work best if you already have the Google Play Store installed on your Windows 11 PC.

5. Microsoft Office Apps

Don’t have the Office suite of apps on your Windows 11 PC? No problem! The Microsoft suite of apps for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and OneDrive is free to use for Android and iOS. All you will need is to have a Microsoft Account and you are good to go. All your documents will be synced right away to any device that you might log in to.

You can install these if you have the Google Play Store or simply sideload the apk files and you are good to go. Sure, it won’t have all the fancy stuff that is available on the PC version, but it still does the job. You can download the apps individually or simply install the Microsoft Office Android app and you will have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one app itself.

6. Clubhouse

Voice Chats and Voice Rooms became a popular feature trend that was seen in 2020 and still continues to be a feature for many more social media platforms. Clubhouse is the app that started it first and is the most popular audio room app. You can join various clubs based on various kinds of topics that are being spoken about. All of the audio discussions that take place are live.

Now, Clubhouse doesn’t have any web version nor does it have an app for PC. Yes, there are clients available and all that, but thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Android, you can now install and use the official Clubhouse Android app right away. Download it from the Google Play Store or sideload its apk.

7. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

For all the artists out there that have got touch screen systems from Microsoft or other OEMs, this is a great Adobe app that is free to use. You can go full blast with your drawing and creative skills right away. Considering you have a Surface pen or stylus, you will be good to go. You will need to have an Adobe Account to use the app.

Sure you can use other alternative programs designed to be run on Windows itself, but Adobe Photoshop Sketch is where things will be much better for you. The app can be sideloaded. The app lets you create various kinds of layers and works similar to Photoshop.

8. Shazam

Shazam is one of the best apps out there to find out what audio track is currently playing. Yes, there is a dedicated Windows Store app available, but it’s not that snappy and not everyone would like to use the app. Shazam works well at concerts, theaters, and almost anywhere. It is a free-to-use app and has no ads at all.

The only drawback with using the Android Shazam app on Windows 11 is that it won’t be able to recognize audio that is played from your system (it works but takes a few tries). However, it will be able to find the audio played from some external source. Apart from that, you can save your collection of shazam songs to a Spotify playlist. You can sideload or install the app from the Play Store.

9. Ring Camera App

Smart doorbells have been around for quite a while. One of the popular ones out there is from Ring. They have smart doorbells that record whatever is happening in your doorbell’s camera field of view. You even get a live view from your Ring doorbell cameras when you use the app.

With that being said, installing or sideloading the Ring doorbell camera app will now let you view and get live data from your doorbells right on your Windows 11 PC. You no longer need the app on your mobile device. The app also lets you access the previous recordings right away. This is useful when you do not have your phone nearby and want to check what’s going on outside your house.

10. Reddit

We end the list with a popular platform used by a lot of people. Yes, you can browse Reddit using the web browser itself. But then, when it comes to apps for Windows, there are none. Yes, there are various third-party Reddit clients available from various developers on the Microsoft Store. However, they somehow don’t seem to be the best way to use Reddit.

With the ability to install Android Apps on a Windows 11 PC, users can simply sideload or install the official Reddit Android app. Or, they could also install other Reddit clients available on Android and enjoy it all together. If you find the official one having issues, simply sideload the clients and have a great time browsing through Reddit.

These are the best useful apps that you can install and use on your Windows 11 PC. Sure, there are plentiful apps all around which can be tried even be used daily. You can also install apps from other different Android App Stores that can be used on your Windows 11 PC. And if we miss any useful app, let us know in the comment section.

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