How to get Play Store on Windows 11 [Working] (Easy Method)

Windows 11 is a new Windows Update that comes with many new features. And there is no doubt that the best feature is the support of Android apps. Ever since Microsoft released Windows Subsystem for Android, many users have been looking for a method to get the Play store working. Luckily, we found an easy way to make Play Store work with other GApps. Here you will learn how to install Play Store on Windows 11.

Microsoft announced Android apps support on Windows 11 long ago during Windows 11 announcement. But this feature was not available in the first stable Windows 11 as it was not ready. Luckily Microsoft has now started testing Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 beta. But there are already many tricks to get Windows Subsystem for Android on any Windows 11 channel including Stable Windows 11. Windows Subsystem for Android brings environments to PC that run Android Apps.

How to Get Play Store on Windows 11

As you know that Amazon App Store is the official Android App Store for Windows, but we all know that Play Store is what everyone wants. Once you have installed the Windows Subsystem you can access the Amazon App Store. But Play Store will not work directly even if you sideload its apk. Luckily there is now a way to run Play Store on Windows 11. You can get past the Play Store sign-in page with this guide.

How to Install Play Store on Windows 11

Yes, you can get the play store working on a Windows 11 PC. Thanks to popular developer @ADeltaXForce who manage to get Google Play Service working. It means you can use other Google apps like Play Store, Games, etc. He also shared a detailed guide on Github. But the guide is not friendly for beginners. Luckily one of his followers and a developer Rageman666 has prepared a package that cuts all the complex parts. And so here you will learn an easy way to get Play Store working on Windows 11.

The package includes GApps so you don’t need to install it manually. Let’s now jump into the steps.

Step 1: Uninstall Windows Subsystem for Android

If you have installed the Windows Subsystem for Android on your Windows 11 PC, then uninstall it. You can uninstall it from Settings > Apps > Apps & Features. Uninstalling Windows Subsystem for Android will also remove all the Android apps that you install by sideloading or any Android App Store.

Step 2: Enable Virtualization and Features

Running Android Apps on Windows 11 required Virtualization to be enabled. You can enable it from the BIOS settings, Guide Here. Generally, it is enabled on most devices.

Search for Turn Windows features on or off in the windows search bar and open it. Now check the Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform and click on OK. If it asks for a restart, then restart your PC.

How to Get Play Store on Windows 11

Step 3: Download Custom WSA Package

Rageman666 has prepared a package that you can download to get Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Services. You can download the WSA package using the download link.

Step 4: Install Windows Subsystem for Android Package

Now you need to install WSA from the downloaded package. Follow the given steps.

  1. Open Settings and search for Developer Settings. Open it and then enable Developer Mode.
    How to Get Play Store on Windows 11
  2. Extract the downloaded WSA package on your Windows 11 PC.
  3. Click on the Windows icon or Start menu and search for PowerShell.
  4. Open the PowerShell as an administrator.
  5. Now using the cd command navigate to the extracted folder. In my case the file is located in C:\Users\ashub\Downloads\Compressed\WsaPackage\WsaPackage, so i will use command cd C:\Users\ashub\Downloads\Compressed\WsaPackage\WsaPackage.
  6. Now run another command to install WSA.
    • Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml
      How to Get Play Store on Windows 11
  7. After entering the command, wait for its installation. Once done you will see the Windows Subsystem for Android on Start Menu.
  8. Open the Subsystem and enable Developer Mode. Click on Manager developer settings and wait until it’s open. Don’t close the Subsystem.
    How to Get Play Store on Windows 11

Steps 5: Sign in to Play Store on Windows 11

Now if you open the Play Store and try to sign in, it will throw an error. So avoid opening it before following these few steps.

  1. Download SDK Platform Tool on your Windows 11 PC.
  2. Extract the folder on your PC and open the extracted folder.
  3. Now run CMD from that location. For this you can enter CMD in the address bar and hot enter or you can also press Shift + Right click on an empty area and open the command window.
    How to Get Play Store on Windows 11
  4. Now enter the given command. The address after adb connect will be available under Developer Mode in Subsystem (if now then click on Refresh next to IP Address). If address on your PC is different then enter that address.
    • adb connect
      How to Get Play Store on Windows 11
  5. If it fails, then enter the same command again and it will show it is already connected.
    How to Get Play Store on Windows 11
  6. Now enter in shell mode using this command:
    • adb shell
  7. Enter two more commands in shell mode one by one
    • su
    • setenforce 0
      How to Get Play Store on Windows 11
  8. That’s it, now you can sign in to Play Store without any problem.
    How to Get Play Store on Windows 11

You can use your Gmail id to access Play Store. And once you have access to Play Store on your Windows 11 PC, you can install any Android Apps. We have tested and it runs smoothly without any lag or issue. Let us know which Android apps you will try first on your PC once you get the Play Store.

So that’s all on how to get Play Store on Windows 11 PC. In case of any issues let us know in the comment section.

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8 thoughts on “How to get Play Store on Windows 11 [Working] (Easy Method)”

  1. still cannot connect to the play store ‘There was a problem communicating with Google servers’
    All commands entered correctly with the correct response.
    Any ideas?

    • Make sure you have enabled Virtualization and other required Settings. Also, try changing the region to the US to see if that works. adb shell command mentioned in last is important to bypass the error.

  2. I managed to install Google playstore using a tutorial. in a very simple manner. my Bitdefender warned me about a suspect behavior so I turned it off for a while. afterwards everything works flawlessly. the only major issue I encountered is with keyboard. I cannot type inside android apps so I have to copy/paste from an notepad. serios bug but I hope it will be overcomes in future releases. hope that helps.

  3. Is this supposed to work on unsupported PCs too because mine doesn’t meet the minimum requirements? I’ve done everything and it seems to work ok except for the store not showing up. All virtual settings are good in the windows features and bios. The last step with turning on developer mode shows up the box to uncheck share diagnostic data and then I hit continue. The playstore should show up then shouldn’t it? I’ve never been able to get the connecting through adb to work either. It doesn’t make the connection.


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