How to install APK Installer on Windows 11 for faster sideloading

It has only been a few days since the ability to install Android apps on a Windows 11 PC was released. In such a short time, people were able to get the feature working on almost any Windows 11 PC, sideload Android apps and even manage to get the Google Play Store and Google Play Services running. Until now, the only way to install most of the apps is by sideloading and running a command using Windows PowerShell. All of this ends as there is now a one-click APK installer available to install Android Apps right away on Windows 11.

Everyone is excited about installing Android Apps on their Windows 11 PCs. Why? Well, there rea a few services that work better via the app version as compared to the web ones. Also, the Amazon App Store looks to be useless as of now. Granted it’s in a testing phase, but users want to explore and make the best use out of what is available. Hence you find so many ways to simply install Android Apps on a Windows 11 PC. Here is a guide on how to use an Android App installer to install Android Apps on your Windows 11 PC.

Install Android Apps with App Installer

With an Android App installer, you no longer need to open the Windows Terminal to type the script to install a particular Android app. Follow these steps to download and install the Android App installer for Windows 11.

  1. First things first, you will want to download the Android App installer package from GitHub.
  2. Head here to visit the page and download the package.
  3. The download files will be at the bottom of the page. So, scroll to the end.
  4. The package size will weigh around 258 MB and will be named APKInstaller.Package._0.0.1.0_Test.rar
  5. Make sure to have Developer Mode enabled on your Windows PC.
  6. You can enable that by typing Developer Settings in the Start menu
  7. Simply open the app and toggle the switch that says Developer Mode.
  8. Extract the folder that you just downloaded.
  9. Now, open up the extracted folder and navigate over to the Dependencies folder.
  10. You need to install all the three bundles (which includes ProjectReunion, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 UWP Runtime Package, and Desktop Runtime) that are in the folder.
  11. Simply double-click the file and hit the install button.
    how to install android apps with apk installer on windows 11
  12. Navigate back to the main folder and select the security certificate file.
    how to install android apps with apk installer on windows 11
  13. Install it by double-clicking it and then clicking on the Install Certificate button.
    how to install android apps with apk installer on windows 11
  14. Choose Local Machine when it asks for the install location.
  15. It will now ask for the installation path.
  16. Click on browse and then select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
  17. Once you click on the Finish button, the certificates will have been installed on your PC.
  18. It is time to now install the bundle file. It will be named as APKInstaller (Package)_0.0.1.0_x86_x64_arm64.msixbundle.
  19. Simply double-click on it and click on the install button.
    how to install android apps with apk installer on windows 11
  20. Before you go ahead to install the Android Apps, make sure to have the Windows Subsystem for Android running.
  21. Now, simply double-click on an APK file to install it on your system.
    how to install android apps with apk installer on windows 11
  22. Once the app has been installed, you can launch it right away.


So there you have it. You can now install Android Apps by simply double-clicking on the apk file. Yes, the steps might look like too much hard work, but it’s worth the time and effort to simply install Android Apps as fast as you can without having to fire up the Command Prompt at all.

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We hope this guide has helped you and, if you have any kind of issues or problems, you can drop them in the comments below.

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