5 Best Methods to Download Torrent Files with IDM

IDM is the most used downloader for windows which is known for the high-speed download. On the other hand, torrent is the most used platform for movies, games, TV shows and more. Torrent has their own downloader like Utorrent, Bit Torrent which provides a platform to download torrent files. Most of us usually use torrent to download big size files because torrent has resumable links which can be resume over many days. So if you are looking for the direct torrent download, Here is how to download Torrent file with IDM.

Downloading Torrent file with IDM gives an advantage which is fast downloading. We can easily download any torrent file through IDM using services like online torrent downloader. It converts a torrent file to another file format which can be download by IDM. And IDM accelerate the downloading speed about 5 times than a normal rate.

Why use IDM to download Torrent Files

IDM can download a file to a faster rate than other downloaders. And the torrent downloader does not give the maximum download speed like IDM. So to avoid time consumption IDM is the best way to download torrent files. Another reason to prefer IDM over Torrent is Torrent uses seeders and leechers which is very less on old torrent files. Fewer seeds and leech means a file is going to download at a minimum speed which we don’t want. So, in this case, using IDM is the best choice.

We have found 5 Best methods to download torrent files with IDM that you may like. So we thought to share these methods with you.

How to Download Torrent File with IDM

All the five methods are easy to implement. You have to download a torrent file of the file that you want to download whose size is in KBs. You can download the torrent file from Torrentz and its proxies or alternatives. Before moving to the steps make sure that the Internet Download Manager is installed on your computer. And the ZIP file format is in the IDM file type list. You can access from IDM > options > File Types. If ZIP file is not on the list then you can manually add it to the list.

1. Download Torrent File with IDM Using ZBigz

Zbigz is a well-known gateway which provides service to download Torrent files with IDM. Or we can say an Online Torrent Downloader which helps to Download Torrent File with IDM. Follow the following steps for torrent file Download:

  • Download Torrent file from Torrentz or its Alternatives.
  • Then open Zbigz official site.
  • In the Zbigz Homepage, you will find an upload option.
  • Click on the Upload option and then select a torrent file to upload and then click on GO.
  • If you don’t have a torrent File, you can directly paste the magnetic Link and Click on GO.
  • When you click on GO the caching will start. You have to wait till caching process is done. Time will take according to the size of the torrent file, it can take seconds or minutes.
  • After Caching Process click on the Transfer Button to start the download. Now the IDM will automatically catch the download and it will start downloading the torrent file.

Zbigz also provides premium subscription where you will get additional features. So if it is under your budget you can take it for the various advantages.

2. Download Torrent File with IDM Using PutDrive

PutDrive is also a gateway which converts links to other links which can be download by browser and downloader like IDM. It is an online torrent downloader which is similar to Zbigz. PutDrive also supports links from many platforms like 4shared, youtube, Zippyshare, Filefactory and more. Follow the following steps for torrent file Download:

  • Open putdrive Site.
  • Then register or Sign in on the PutDrive.
  • After signing in process upload a torrent file.
  • The caching will start, wait till its complete.
  • After caching the direct link will appear.
  • Click on the direct link and download from IDM.

3. Download Torrent File with IDM Using BoxoPus

BoxoPus also provide to download torrent files to the cloud like Google Drive and box. Boxopus is also available for Android and iOS Smartphones. You can register on the BoxoPus or you can also sign in using Facebook. Follow the following steps for torrent file Download:

  • Open BoxoPus Site.
  • Register with an email or Sign in with Facebook.
  • After Signing in click on Add new Torrent.
  • Now upload a torrent file to the BoxoPus.
  • It will take time for caching. Wait for sometime.
  • Then click on the direct link and Download torrent with IDM.

4. Download Torrent File with IDM Using BitPort

BitPort is very easy to use like other gateways. You have to register or sign to access it. Follow the following steps for torrent file Download:

  • Open BitPort Site.
  • Now Register to BitPort or sign in to Bitport.
  • After signing in you have to copy a magnetic link and paste it into BitPort site.
  • Now Bitport will upload the torrent file to their server within seconds.
  • Then the caching will begin and wait till it completes.
  • When caching will complete you will get a direct download link.
  • Click on the Direct download link and the Download will start with IDM.

5. Download Torrent File with IDM Using FileStream

FileStream also supports links from other websites along with torrent. It needs to be in the list of how to download Torrent file with IDM. Follow the following steps for torrent file Download:

  • Open FileStream Site.
  • Register to the FileStream or Sign in to the FileStream.
  • After sign in Click on Download Torrent option which you will find to the side of Add links.
  • Now you can paste the magnetic link or upload a torrent file to the FileStream.
  • Then Click on Download Button.
  • Copy the link and paste to the IDM (IDM > Add URL > OK).
  • Then Download will start in IDM.

That’s all about how to download Torrent file with IDM. I hope you have found that you were looking. You can opt any of the methods that you have read in how to download Torrent file with IDM.


These are the tools used to download Torrent file with IDM:

  1. ZBigz
  2. PutDrive
  3. BoxoPus
  4. Bitport
  5. FileStream

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