How to Add IDM extension Manually in Google Chrome or other Browser

IDM is a well-known Software for downloading files in computers. IDM works more efficiently if the Extension added in the browser. Extension helps to detect files to download directly through IDM. It’s automatically added to the browser after installation of IDM. But in some cases, it does not or sometimes it didn’t work properly. To solve this issue you can manually add the Extension to your Browser. You are reading about How to Add IDM extension Manually in chrome.

How to Add IDM extension Manually in Chrome

Step #1. Open your browser Google Chrome for example.

Step #2. Now Go to More tools and open extensions from the list.

Step #3. When you open Extension, you will see which extensions are added and enabled or disabled.

Step #4. Now check for IDM in the list if you didn’t find you have to Add Extension manually.

Step #5. Go to Installed Location for IDM. Generally, it is C:/Program Files(x86)/Internet Download Manager.

Step #6. In the location find a file named IDMGCExt.crx you can find it above the IDMGrHlp File. It’s an extension file which works in every browser.

Step #7. Now you have to just do is Drag IDMGCExt File from location and Drop in Google Chrome Extension page. It will ask for your permission hit YES.

Step #8. Now you can enjoy the IDM functions easily.

If you don’t want to Add extension in your Browser just copy the link of a downloadable file and paste it in IDM. It let you download the file. I hope this meets with the information you were looking for.

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