10 Best Screen Recording Apps for Windows 11

Screen recording is a great way to make a tutorial to help someone or even capture your favorite and fun moments in a video game that you might later want to upload to YouTube or Twitch. Now, Windows doesn’t have any built-in screen recording program so, it’s up to the users to look for one. Even though Windows 11 is a feature-rich operating system, it misses out on such tools. So, here are the best screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC.

Best Screen Recording Software for Windows 11

In this list, we will be mentioning free as well as paid screen recording programs for your Windows 11 PC. It’s always good to have options between free and paid ones so that you can decide on what screen recording tool you wish to settle with. So, let’s get started.

Do note that Xbox Game Bar also has a screen recording option, but it only works when you might want to record gameplay footage. It doesn’t work when you want to record any other applications on your desktop.

1. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is hands down one of the best free and open source software tools to screen record and broadcast your gameplay or anything else on your Windows 11 screen. It’s got all the features you could ever ask for and get all of it for free. There’s no limit on the length of the recording as well as the quality of the video, it lets you adjust various aspects such as your video, audio, and even transitions that you can use on the go.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

OBS is used by a number of people from different professions and the best part is you can download it for your Windows, Linux, and Mac systems for free.

Download OBS (free)

2. Screencast-O Matic

Screen O Matic is another popular screen recording tool that is gaining a lot of popularity. For starters, you can screen record your content as long as you want as there are no time limits. As part of that, you will also be able to draw and animate your screen recording live. The best part of this tool will have to be the free video editor that lets you edit your screen recordings without any watermarks present on the edited video.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

The free version is great for daily home use. However, if you wanted more features such as access to the stock library, backup features, and admin tools such as licensing, you could go ahead and subscribe for a monthly plan. For most users, the free version suffices just enough. Without a doubt this is one of the best screen recording tools for Windows PC.

Download Screen O Matic (Free, Paid)

3. Streamlabs Desktop Recording Software

Right in the heels of OBS comes Streamlabs Desktop Recording Software. This is another free and open-source screen recording software. For starters, the software lets you adjust the UI based on your choice. It also lets you choose what elements of your screen you wish to record whether you are recording it live or offline.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

The tool is great for twitch streamers as it automatically saves various replay clips instantly for you to upload as Twitch clips. It can be a bit tough for users to choose between OBS and Streamlabs Desktop Recording Software since both are free and open-source.

Download Streamlabs Desktop Recording Software (Free)

4. X-Split Broadcaster

If you wanted a tool that has tools for not only screen recording, but also for streaming, X- Split Broadcaster is what you need. It has everything you need to record your screen and more features such as being able to record using different layouts, insert different types of media, and add your Zoom or Skype video calls. You can adjust audio levels for each scene and even make use of custom transitions.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

The software is free to use, but, if you plan to make use of the virtual camera without the watermark, you are better off purchasing the premium plan for X-Split Broadcaster. There are various plugins like a gamepad visualizer that are useful for those who want to screen record their games and show what buttons are pressed on the controller.

Download X-Split Broadcaster (Free, Paid)

5. ShareX

Another free screen recording app for Windows 11 for you to choose from is ShareX. Share X has been in development for more than 14 years and has always been open source. You can use the tool to take screenshots and screen record various regions of your desktop including active windows and programs. ShareX also has a number of annotation tools and gives you the option to upload directly to the source or even upload using a URL.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

Apart from screen recording, ShareX also lets you edit images, add QR codes, add image effects, and also lets you convert the video into any of the available video formats. The best part of  ShareX is that it is light on resources and is a great option for those who have a low-end spec PC.

Download ShareX (Free)

6. Bandicam Screen Recorder

If you have been using YouTube during its early years, you might have watched a lot of screen-recorded footage that had the Bandicam watermark right at the top of the screen. Well, Bandicam has come a great way since then and has added a good number of features such as being able to schedule your recordings, show a mouse click effect, and also choose to record certain parts of the screen.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

The only drawback with the free version is that the watermark will always be present during the whole duration of the video. So, if you do not want that annoying watermark, it would be advisable to purchase the one-time license for Bandicam and use t for life.

Download Bandicam Screen Recorder (Free, Paid)

7. Loom

Loom is a great screen recording tool that one might have not heard of, but is actually very popular and is used by big companies such as Tesla, Ford, Volvo, Disney, Apple, and Netflix just to name a few. Loom lets you record your screen as well as your camera so that you can create tutorials or explanation videos for various people. It also lets you edit your recording right away.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

However, with the free version of Loom, you will be able to record a video of up to five minutes only. So, in order to get unlimited video recording duration, it would be advisable to purchase the annual subscription plan that lets you embed links into your videos, enable password protection for videos and also let you add custom branding to your screen recordings.

Download Loom (Free, Paid)

8. Wondershare DemoCreator

If you wanted to make use of a screen recording tool that takes little to no effort in learning how to use it, then Wondershare DemoCreator is the tool you need. Its free tool lets you screen record, make use of a whiteboard, batch edit videos and also make online video presentations. However, all of these features in the free version come with various limits.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

The issue with the free version is that you will have to deal with the watermarks and a time limit of 15 minutes to record your video in the max resolution of 720p. If you love Windershare DemoCreator but do not like the limits, it is advisable to get the Premium subscription plan right away, or you could choose the get the Perpetual plan which is a one-time payment with a few features cut off to make it different from the Premium plan.

Download Wondershare DemoCreator (Free, Paid)

9. FastStone Capture

If you are using a really old or slow PC, then you might want to consider FastStone Capture. This is an ultra-lightweight screen recording tool that is free for personal use. It has very basic features keeping in mind the system’s limited available resources. It has basic features such as the ability to blur the selected area, convert images into PDF files, and make use of a screen magnifier, color picker, and crosshair. If you plan to purchase the license, you can make a one-time purchase for a lifetime license.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

Download FastStone Capture (Free, Paid)

10. Monosnap

We end the list of best screen recorders for Windows 11 with Monosnap. A simple and easy-to-use tool that takes screenshots and screen recordings right away. It also has features such as the ability to add annotations, draw on the video and also add short links. As you would expect with free versions, there are time limits as to how long you can record and a max file upload size. So, if you feel like these features are hindering you, you can always purchase the Non-Commercial and commercial plans that are available as a monthly purchase.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows 11 PC

Download Monosnap (Free, paid)


This concludes the list of the best screen recording software for Windows PC. These apps are available for free as well as paid. If you feel like there are a few software that should have made it to the list, feel free to mention the software names in the comments below. Also, do let us know your favorite screen recording programs for Windows 11.

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