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Top 10 Gear S3 Apps You should be Using in 2019

Samsung Gear S3 is one of the finest watch and tech gadget I have ever used. It always looks premium in hand. Samsung has done a pretty good job on both software and hardware. We can’t take our eyes off from Samsung Gear S3 both Classic and Frontier. However the Gadget is a bit costly, but it will pay off with its features and durability. Here you will get to know top 10 Samsung Gear S3 Apps to use.

Keeping all these aside let’s first talk about its Productivity. The Samsung Gear S3 comes with some pre-loaded apps including messaging, dialer, music player and other required apps. The Gear S3 runs on Tizen OS, so we surely miss an Android Interface and Apps. As it has Tizen OS which does not have Play Store like Android which will make tough to get useful Apps. So no worry about that we have extracted out 10 best Samsung Gear S3 Apps for you. Let’s Take a look at all of the important App that you should be using on your Gear S3 Classic or Frontier.

Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps

1) Facer

Gear S3 is first of all the watch then it’s a gear. So the main function of a watch is to show the time in different ways like analog or digital. And in a smartwatch, we can change the theme of the watch or customize it with different types of skins. Gear S3 comes with some pre-loaded watch skins but for more choices, you need to install Apps.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

Here comes the role of Facer App, it is a collection of many attractive and amazing Analog and Digital skins. With the help of facer App, you can customize your Samsung gear S3 watch as you like. Download and Installation procedure is simple as installing an App from Play Store. Facer App is also Available for Samsung Gear S2.

2) Find My Car

What can be easier than tracking your car with a Smartphone? This is one of the best things I like about Samsung Gear S3. This feature is very handy and useful. You can download it from the Samsung Store.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

It comes in use when you have parked your car and unable to find it because of many numbers of cars or large area. In this case, Find My Car is the best option to use, It tracks the car with built-in GPS feature. It also saves our time, and we know that nothing can buy the time. Find My Car has a very simple interface so that user does not get any difficulty in using it. The App also shows directions using arrows. These are the features of Find My Car which make it one of the best Samsung Gear S3 Apps.

3) Spotify

Are you a music lover, if yes then you surely know about Spotify. Spotify is an awesome music player to stream your favorite songs. I like to use Spotify on Gear S3 more than on my phone. You don’t need to take out your smartphone from pocket to listen to songs, you can play it on your Samsung Gear S3.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

This is a really an interesting app and dominating in the entertainment industry. To remote control music from the phone through Samsung gear s3, first, you need to install Spotify on your phone. Then sync your phone with Gear S3. I think it is one of the best Samsung Gear S3 Apps that you can use.

4) Speedometer

The Speedometer is a very useful app that can be very useful in many cases. You can also use it for fun. Speedometer uses the GPS and other sensors to show the real and exact speed on which you are traveling.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

This comes in handy if the meter of your car is not working then you can measure it using speedometer. And also you can track your speed and distance while jogging or during other exercises. This is also one of the best fitness Samsung Gear S3 Apps.

5) Gear GBA and Gear GemBoy

Like me, if you are a big fan of GBA games then this is one of the best Gear S3 apps to use. It is a GBA and GBC emulator which brings all the gaming fun on your hand. Yeah, you can play your favorite GBA games on your Gear S3.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

So if you really want to enjoy best GBA games of all time anywhere then this App will definitely do the work. Gear S3 is not the best platform to enjoy gaming because of Small screen and resolution but see the positive side. You can never get bored and you can probably enjoy GBA games anywhere.

6) Filemaster

As the name suggests Filemaster is a File Manager tool. It is obvious that you need a good file explorer to control all the files on the storage. And Filemaster is the best choice that we have.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

Filemaster is very easy to use. You can easily control all the files and also you can perform operations like copy, delete, paste etc. Just like a file explorer on Phone and PC, Filemaster brings all these functions on the Gear S3. This is also one of the best management Samsung Gear S3 Apps.

7) Uber

As you all are aware of Uber and what it is used for. And you are also thinking right. Yes, you can book your uber directly from your Samsung Gear S3. The Uber App is not available on Tizen Store, but due to its major use, it is made available on Gear App manager.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

This is very helpful in many cases like the mobile battery is about to die and you need to use Uber urgently. Then here Samsung Gear S3 plays an important role. Uber on Gear S3 have all the similar functions as the Uber on Phone. You can track the taxi, see the drivers profile, etc. This is one of the best Samsung Gear S3 Apps for travelers.

8) Yelp

You already know about the Yelp. It is an American multinational corporation which helps to find the best restaurant, shops, etc. It provides reviews of all the stores so that you can go to the best store.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

Yelp app helps to find out the best Shops, stores, restaurants, saloons, etc near you with reviews. If you are traveling a place for the first time and you don’t know about that place. At this case Yelp can be very useful, you can find out best stores or shops for near you. So this is also one of the best Samsung Gear S3 Apps for travelers.

9) Xenozu Player

When I read the name of the App I had no clue what it can be. And when I used it, I was totally surprised, it is s YouTube player. It is a platform where you can play any YouTube videos anywhere on your Samsung Gear S3.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

Xenozu Player contains all the YouTubes videos, you need to just search for a video and play it. In Xenozu you can play, pause videos, and also you can adjust brightness and volume. So this is one of the best Samsung Gear S3 Apps which helps to watch YouTube videos anywhere anytime on your Gear S3.

10) HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is a Maps and navigation application which works offline and online. In Tizen OS you cannot use google maps so HERE WeGo is the best alternative that you can find. It helps to navigate from source to destination.

Samsung Gear S3 Apps

It can be useful if you are a traveler and you are not aware of streets so HERE WeGo will help you in that case. You can also use it offline, you just need to save it when you are online. It also has Voice assistant to help with navigation. This is also one of the best Samsung Gear S3 Apps that is necessary to have.

Samsung Gear S3 Specifications:

Gear S3 runs on Tizen Based Wearable OS 2.3.2. It comes with 1.3-inch (360 x 360 pixels) Display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection. It is powered by Dual 1.0GHz Exynos 7270 processor. The Gear offers 768MB of inbuilt memory which is expandable up to 4GB by microSD card. Gear S3 sports embedded LTE SIM. It is powered by 380 mAh battery, which lights up the gear up to 4 days. It has some basic connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. The Samsung Gear S3 has wireless charging feature.

On the top, it comes with IP68 rating water and dust resistant. Talking about sensor it has Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, HRM, Ambient light.


So these were the top 10 Samsung Gear S3 Apps, I hope every App is worth your time you spend here. We have tested all these apps on Samsung Gear S3 and all worked perfectly. Even though if you get any problem you can ask using the comment section.

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