10 Best Dark Sky Alternatives for iPhone and Android [2023]

Looking for a Dark Sky app alternative? See our list of the 10 best apps like Dark Sky.

One of the most popular weather apps out there for iPhone and Android was the Dark Sky app. The app was the most reliable weather app that was easily able to display weather predictions as well as other necessary details about the current day’s weather. With Dark Sky no longer available on Android and with its death soon on the iOS device, it can be a bit difficult to look for a good weather app that replaces Dark Sky.

Since the weather is the most important part of our day-to-day lives, it is only important that we have the right information about the weather before planning out the day, or for that matter the week. With so many weather apps available for users to choose from, this can be a bit of a headache to see which app is good and which isn’t. Hence, we’ve come up with a list of the best Dark Sky alternatives that you can replace Dark Sky with on your Android and iPhone.

Best Dark Sky Alternatives

With Dark Sky being the first thing to be killed off starting in 2023, the hunt for a good weather app can be a tough and long one. We’ve looked for the best weather apps that you can install and try on your Android and iPhone. Let’s get started.

AccuWeather: Weather Alerts

One of the most popular weather apps out there is the AccuWeather app. This is a weather app that not only shows you the current weather conditions but also shows you the forecast for the remaining days of the week. With the AccuWeather app, you also get to see the air quality index as well as any weather warnings that are issued to your location. In terms of accuracy, AccuWeather is quite accurate.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

If you want, you can also make an in-app purchase that will let you remove ads and unlock even more features within the app. During the winters, you will get to see snowfall details as well as rain if any. AccuWeather also shows you hurricane and cyclone warnings right before it makes actual landfall. The app also lets you add home screen widgets and even lets you choose between light and dark mode widgets.

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Carrot Weather

Another popular weather app that plenty of iPhone users have installed is the Carrot Weather app. With Dark Sky no more, this is the second-best alternative weather app for iPhones. Winner of the App of the Year awards, this weather app not only provides you with weather updates but also has a ton of customization options. The weather app has 5 different personalities that you can choose to tell you about the weather. The app also provides you with accurate information on the weather as well as detailed information about the forecast for the coming days.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

Apart from just being a weather app, Carrot Weather also has several secret and hidden features that you will have to find out on your own. There are 70+ achievements for you to unlock and you also can record a video describing the weather. Then, there’s the ability to make use of  AR which brings you the Carrot Weather app live in your living room.

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Weather App

If you are an iPhone user, the best way to get free alerts and news on the weather is by making use of the default weather app that comes preinstalled on all iPhones. While it’s the default weather app, not many people seem to be using it due to its lack of features, especially when compared directly to the Dark Sky app. Now that Dark Sky is gone, a lot of people are keeping hopes on Apple improving their stock Weather app with features that could hopefully be integrated into the Dark Sky app.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

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Weather Underground

Weather Underground is another weather app that does what it says. You can easily track how the weather is going, take a look at the forecast as well get micro-level information about the weather. It provides you with weather alerts for locations that you set, including your current location. You can view up to 10 days’ weather forecast which shows you not only how hot or cold it will be but also the chances of rain.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

Along with the day-to-day weather details, Weather underground also shows you UV Levels, Air Quality Index,  sunrise and set times, humidity, dew point, and also moonrise and moonset. You can view the weather maps and choose from different available overlays. You can get additional 15 days of weather details, and detailed forecasts as well as an ad-free experience when you purchase the premium version of the app.

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The Weather Channel – Radar

Just like the Weather Channel that is available on TV, this is the app that provides you with all weather information at your fingertips. You get access to 24-hour weather forecasts as well as trackers for storms and hurricanes. The app sends you notifications every time there is a severe weather warning or a sudden change in weather temperatures. The app also provides a 15 minutes weather forecast as well as a 7-hour forecast for the day.

The Weather Channel app also lets you add select widgets to your device’s home screen so that you get a glance at the weather right away without having to launch the app. The app provides notifications in case of any warnings or sudden changes in the weather. You can make use of the dark mode theme within the app.

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Overdrop: Weather Forecast

Overdrop is another great alternative app like Dark Sky. The reason this weather app is popular is that you can view the 86-hour radar map as well as choose between theme modes that suit you the best. Overdrop also provides you with detailed weather information such as real feel, wind speed, UV index, cloud cover, humidity, and visibility- just to name a few. There’s also the option to view past forecasts for a particular location.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

The reason why Overdrop is trusted by many people is that it grabs weather data from very trusted and reliable providers such as Dark Sky, AccuWeather, and OpenWeather Map. It also has a nice set of widgets. Overdrop is also a nicely designed weather app that is simple and easy to navigate around. A good app that can replace Dark Sky on your device.

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Ventusky: Weather Maps and Radar

Just like the other Weather apps on this list, Ventusky does everything you would expect a weather app to do. However, the one feature that makes Ventusky stand out from the other app is its 3D map feature. The 3D maps show you where the wind is blowing from and also how the rain is expected to be making landfall in a particular area. The animations that you see on the app are interesting and this is what makes people choose Ventusky over other weather apps.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

When it comes to the weather forecast, you get info for three days of information from it. There is also information about the sunrise, sunset, and air quality index. All of this is available within the free version of the app. If you want more information and more levels about particular elements, you would be better off paying for the premium subscription to the weather app.

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Clime: Weather Radar Live

Clime is a live tracker weather app that shows you all the information you need about a particular day. You get access to radar overlay when there’s expected rain, snowfall, or even hurricanes for that matter. The app has a number of bright and colorful radar maps for you to read and understand Clime also shows you the satellite amps of how the particular weather is expected to be making landfall. Like all other apps, Clime provides you with real-time weather alerts which will always help you o make quick decisions instantly.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

Clime provides its users with a 24-hour single-day forecast as well as a 7-day forecast that shows you the minimum and maximum temperatures as well as what the real feel will be like. When it comes to the current day temperatures, you get the humidity, pressure, wind speeds, visibility as well as dew points. Overall the app covers a large number of regions around the world and is also able to display any weather warnings that have been issued by the government itself. You can choose between purchasing a monthly or a yearly subscription to Clime.

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Weather On The Way

As you can understand from the app’s title, this app provides you with weather information and updates on the go when traveling through a particular route. Weather On The Way ensure that you are always planning for your road trip and not be surprised by the sudden change in the weather. The app provides you with navigation on your iPhone and also works with Apple CarPlay, which allows you to enter your origin and destination points. The app provides you with information such as the current temperatures, chances of rainfall as well as any weather warnings.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

Weather On The Way also provides its users with snow and rain radars. One cool feature about the app is that you set up the departure time 7 days in advance- thus helping you see what the expected weather is like on the day of departure. You can also choose the best route with pleasant weather conditions, thus making your road trip pleasant and free from surprise weather changes. You can also make use of the app in the dark mode theme which is gentle on the eyes.

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Weather Strip

Looking for an efficient yet useful weather app for your iPhone? You might want to give the Weather Strip app a try. Sure it’s only got a two-week free trial, but the information that it displays about the weather is quite useful. Especially when you can make use of the widgets on the home screen as well as the lock screen of your iPhone. The app has no ads and no tracking, which ensures your data is safe and doesn’t leave your iPhone in any way.

best dark sky alternatives for iPhone

The app has graphs that help you understand the high and low temperatures and also the other elements that have a great impact on the weather. The user interface is simple and straightforward. However, not all features will be available in every location, so it is best to make use of the two free weeks before making up your mind to purchase the monthly subscription for the Weather Strip app.

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These are the best weather apps that you can try and install on your Android as well as iPhone. This is a list catering more to iPhone users since the Dark Sky app is no longer functioning and has also been pulled out of the App Store. With this list of weather apps, you now have a good idea of which app will be the best replacement for Dark Sky on your iPhones.

If you have any other weather app that you think could be a worthy replacement for the Dark Sky app, you can leave them in the comments section below.

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