Netflix Basic with Ads Plan: Cost, Ads Duration, Restrictions and More

Netflix has launched a new Plan which is affordable but available with Ads. So if you weren’t able to enjoy Netflix because of its high price, you can now with the Ads plan. Here you will know the new Netflix Ads plan availability, restriction, and more.

Streaming services becoming ever so popular day by day thanks to affordable plans as well as the amount of content that you can view by paying a monthly or yearly fee. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services out there because of the huge collection of Movies and TV shows that you can stream right away. While there are a good number of paid plans for the service you wouldn’t expect to see any ads as such.

However, with the new plan from Netflix, all of that is going to change. Yes, you will be able to subscribe to a plan at less price but it will show ads. Netflix is introducing a brand new plan for a select number of markets. Want to know what it is all about? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to know more about the Netflix Ads plan.

Netflix Ads Plan Price

Netflix is trying in its best interest to attract more viewers. So they’ve launched a brand new plan called Netflix Basic with Ads plan. This is a plan that will contain a number of ads. Yes, the plan will be cheaper than the original-free plan. The basic with ads plan will cost you $6.99 per month in the USA. The pricing can be different based on region.

Netflix Basic with Ads Plan: Available Regions

The new Netflix Basic Ads plan was launched on November 1, 2022. This plan is available in the following regions.

  • Australia ($6.99)
  • Brazil (R$18.90)
  • Canada ($5.99)
  • France (€5.99)
  • Germany (€ 4.99)
  • Italy (€5.49)
  • Japan (¥790)
  • Mexico ($99)
  • South Korea (₩5,500)
  • United Kingdom (£4.99)
  • United States ($6.99)

Coming Soon

  • Spain (€5.49) – November 10

Netflix Basic with Ads Plan: What’s In It?

  • Supports only one screen at a time
  • Max resolution of 720p
  • Limited Movies and TV shows
  • $6.99 per month

Netflix Basic with Ads Plan: Number of Ads and Ads Duration

Now, when it comes to ads, you should be expecting an average total of 4 to 5 minutes of ads per hour. So, if you are watching a movie that is two hours long, you can expect to see ads for a total of eight minutes on average. Each hour will have 4 to 5 minutes of ads in total. How many ads will be shown in a duration of 4 minutes? Nobody knows.

Can you skip Ads on Netflix?

The ads that you will see on Netflix will be sticky ads. Meaning that these ads cannot be skipped and neither can they be fast-forwarded. You have no option to get rid of ads when you subscribe to the Netflix Basic plan. However, you will be able to pause ads. Nobody is going to pause ads, but it is something that you can do with the ads.

Types of Ads in Netflix Ads Plan?

You will not be able to control what kind of ads are beings served to you. Netflix will be serving you advertisements based on the content that you are watching. The type of movie or TV show will factor in the ads being shown to you.

At launch, an Ad will run for about 15 or 30 seconds. It will also appear during the shows and films.

Netflix Ad Plan: Will Kids Profiles have Ads?

The only place where you will not be served with ads is when you create and use a Kid’s profile. Netflix has made it clear that the kid’s profile will be free from ads and will be functioning the same way as the other ad-free plans on the streaming service.

Netflix Basic with Ads Plan: What about my Netflix Games?

Your games on Netflix will continue to stay ad-free. It would make no sense to be having ads with your games. Since it would be the same as laying these games without having a Netflix subscription itself. So, you can freely enjoy your games with zero interruptions whatsoever. If you haven’t checked what games are available on Netflix Games, you can check this list out.

Netflix Basic with Ads Plan: What Content Is Available?

While this is the cheapest plan on Netflix and has ads, you wouldn’t be able to watch everything. Some of the content will be locked. What that means is you will only be able to watch such content on any ad-free plans. So yes, while the plan is cheap and you are being served ads, you won’t be able to access and stream the entire library. Content that is locked behind the ad-free plans will have a lock icon on the poster of the movie or TV show. Also, you will be able to stream max at 720p.


This is everything you need to know about the all-new Netflix basic with Ads plan. So, what do you think about this plan? Do you think it’s good enough to be paying less and being served with ads as well as getting limited content? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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