Meta AI Introduces Advanced Reels Search Feature on Instagram

If you follow tech news, you already know that Meta has been testing its generative AI chatbot, named Meta artificial intelligence (or Meta AI), features on their different apps, including Instagram, across different countries since April 2024. We have already written a dedicated article explaining how you can use it on Instagram.

Now, the company has taken the chatbot to the next level with the ability to search through all of Instagram and inside the content of reels with particular audio in them. With the new ability, the Meta AI on Instagram can now:

  • Identify reels that use a particular audio or song
  • Search for reels that use a specific artist
  • Find reels with particular meme content in them
  • Navigate the reels with a specific topic or keyword

Here’s how the advanced search feature works. Like if you know the audio name and what’s inside the reel, “There’s a How ChatGPT works reel that has the song SLAY! – Eternxlkz in it.”

Meta AI instagram reels search feature

How to Use Meta AI to Search Inside Your Instagram Reels

While all of this is great, the chatbot still lacks some functionalities, like if you ask to show the first reel published with a particular title, it will either give a sorry message or show a bunch of reels, which is against what you have asked for. But still, if you want to search for reels with a specific artist, audio, meme, or topic, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2: Navigate to the chat page either by tapping the message icon at the top-right corner or swiping the screen from right to left.

Step 3: Tap on the search bar at the top and choose Meta AI.

Instagram Chat Page

Step 4: Next, type your query. For instance, if you want to find a reel with a specific artist or keyword in it, type something like “Sports Car Reels,” “Show me Ariana Grande Reels,” etc.

Meta AI Now Lets You Search Inside Reels

So, let me know if you liked the new functionality of the Meta AI chatbot on Instagram. While the feature helped me a lot in finding specific category reels since the feature is not available through the explore section’s search bar, it still somehow lacks by not providing the first reel.

Also, since the feature is still in the developing stage, many times it fails to give accurate results while finding more specific reels.

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