How to Know if Someone Restricted you on Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform that is used by people all over. You can use Instagram to post pictures, videos, short videos, or even go live to your followers. The platform even lets you have audio and video group calls too. Now, since it’s a social media platform, it’s important to know that it’s filled with the good and the bad. And what I mean by that is there are a mixed bunch of Instagram users. Some good, some annoying. And we do know that the latter option is quite a high percentage. 

The best someone can do is block an account. But what if you didn’t want to block or unfollow them and at the same time want to limit their interaction with you? This is where you make use of Restrict on Instagram. Today’s guide will talk to you about how to restrict an account and also how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram.

There are many reasons why you would want to restrict someone on Instagram. It could be because you do not want them to see your posts, interact with it or maybe even message you in the first place. And if you have restricted someone previously, you shouldn’t feel bad about it at all. However, things can be a bit tricky if and when someone has restricted you on Instagram. Here is a guide on how to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram.

Ways to Identify if you are Restricted by Someone on Instagram

Before we begin to talk about the different ways on how to identify if you are restricted by someone on Instagram, you need to also know how you can restrict someone on Instagram. The steps to restrict an account have been mentioned below.

Restrict an Account on Instagram

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Now, go to the account that you wish to restrict.
  3. If you are following the person, you will see a Following button with an arrow.
  4. Tap on the Following button. A menu will slide up from the bottom.
  5. Here you will see options like Mute, Restrict and, Unfollow. Tap on Restrict.
    How to Know if Someone Restricted you on Instagram
  6. A popup will now appear asking you wish to Restrict the account. Tap on the Restrict button at the bottom.
  7. The account has now been restricted.
    How to Know if Someone Restricted you on Instagram
  8. You will also see a small line of text on the account’s profile page which states that you have restricted the account.
  9. To Unrestrict the account, simply tap on the Unrestrict option.

Note: When you restrict or unrestrict an account, they will still be following you, but they won’t be able to see any new comments on your posts. Also, their messages will now come under the Message Requests tabs.

View List of Restricted Accounts

If you want to see all the accounts that you might have added to your Restricted list, well you can easily see that list. Here is how:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner.
  2. Now, you will be taken to your account’s page.
  3. Next, you need to tap on the three horizontal line menu.
  4. A menu will slide up from the bottom. Tap on the Settings option.
    How to Know if Someone Restricted you on Instagram
  5. Now, scroll a bit down and tap on Privacy.
    How to Know if Someone Restricted you on Instagram
  6. Once the Privacy page opens, you need to scroll down a bit and finally tap on Restricted Accounts.
    How to Know if Someone Restricted you on Instagram
  7. Over here you will be able to see the list of all accounts that you have restricted on Instagram.
  8. This page also lets you unrestrict the accounts.

Identify If You Have Been Restricted On Instagram

Now, if someone blocked you or even for that matter unfollowed you, it can be easily identifiable. I mean, you can easily figure it out by simply searching for the account. If you find the account and the person is no longer following you, you exactly know what it means. The same goes when you try to search for an account, but can’t find it. This simply means that you have been blocked. But, what about being restricted? Are you able to know if you are restricted or not? 

Well, there are a few ways you can find out if you are restricted. There are no clear indicators about it, but if you try to dig a little deeper and follow a few steps, you will be able to understand if you have been restricted or not.

Comment on the Person’s Post

When you restrict an account. You will also be able to control and approve their comments on your posts. So if you feel like someone has restricted you, simply try to comment on one of their posts. If your comment doesn’t appear on the post in a while, you can easily assume that you have been restricted as your comment was not approved at all. The other way is to either ask one of your mutual friends to check and see if they can see your account. If not then you know you have been restricted.

Send Them a Message

Now the only other possible way is to send them a text message on Instagram. Simply open their account page and tap on the message. Send anything you want in the text field. You could simply send a full stop just to be on the safe side. If the person doesn’t see your text and nor are you able to see their online status, then, it’s safe to say that you have been restricted by the person on Instagram.


And there you have it. Everything you need to about Restrict accounts on Instagram, how to restrict an account, and also two ways that you can figure out if you have been restricted by someone on Instagram. Now, why and for what reason you might have been restricted is your personal issue with the person. Nobody can do anything about restricting except by the person who restricted you in the first place.

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