Live Translate is Coming to Third-Party Apps, Says Samsung

Samsung introduced AI to its Galaxy lineup earlier this year, starting with the Galaxy S24 series. The tech giant has already finished rolling out the first wave of Galaxy AI features. Live Translate is also a part of the Galaxy AI features, but currently, it is only available for the Stock Phone app.

But now the official word is that the feature will be available for other phone apps. In a Hybrid AI press release, Samsung announced that the AI Live Translate feature is coming to third-party apps. Here is what the official announcement says.

“Soon, Samsung is extending the power of Galaxy AI beyond Samsung’s own native calling app by expanding Live Translate to other third-party message apps to support voice calls. So you can stay in contact with friends or colleagues, communicating on your favorite apps in multiple languages.”

If you are unaware of the Live Translate feature, it translates the voices of both the caller and receiver in real time. It’s a two-way translation. Users can easily select the language they prefer, similar to how we choose languages in Google Translate.

This is a useful feature that makes life easier for those who have clients who speak different languages or friends with different native languages.

Samsung hasn’t revealed which third-party apps will get this feature or when they will get it. Apps like Google Meet, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram could benefit from the Live Translate feature, as many users use these apps for calling over the internet.

So once the feature is available for other Android apps, many Android phone users will get to experience the feature.

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