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#ChargeGate – iPhone XS & XS Max Not Charging While Plugged In [With Solution]

Recently the big tech giant company Apple has launched three new iPhones related to iPhone X. It’s not been even a month but people are already facing big issues on their iPhones. Users are facing charging problem or #ChargeGate problem on their new iPhones. We can not say about iPhone XR but iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max both have issues.

iPhone XS not charging

Apple is a big company and has customer more than any other smartphone company. This is because the trust on Apple, even people pay a huge amount of money on apple device just because of trust. But are these type of issues are tolerable? No this is a big issue and we should reach out to Apple stores to complain about the issue. Below you will get to know about the charging problem in brief.

ChargeGate Issue in iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max

So recently the YouTuber Unbox Therapy has made a video about the issue. Well if you are from 13 million people who have subscribed to his channel may have already got the information. But if you haven’t heard of it then here we will explain the issues that people are facing in their iPhones.

The actual problem is that when you plug in the charger on iPhone in sleep mode, the iPhone will not charge. But when you tap on the screen it will start charging. So to charge your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max you need to keep your phone awake. But this is not the only issue when charging the iPhone sometimes iPhone freezes and the power button will not work to wake the iPhone from sleep.

Follow the thread for latest update about the issue – https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8551504

People plugged their phone before sleep and after wake up, they have shocked when they see their phone’s battery. The person like me also do the same thing and this is very beneficial for all of us at the night. But, Apple does not let you charge your phone at night.

Most of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users are facing this issue. Users have to apply some technique like waking the phone, altering the cable etc.

Before this issue, there was already one issue that was on the report that iPhone XS Max is taking selfies in some kind of beauty mode. And we can not turn off that effect from anywhere. The selfie taken from iPhone Xs looks unnatural and fake, iPhone 7 & 8 gives better selfies.

How to Overcome the Issue [ChargeGate]

Well to be honest till now we don’t have any fix for the problem, but we have few solutions. For the fix, we have to wait for the announcement from the Apple. As soon as we get any fixes we will let you know.

Use Wireless Chargeriphone wireless charger

The iPhone users using wireless charger haven’t faced this issue. This issue is only to the users who are using lightning cable as a charging medium. So I will recommend using the best wireless chargers that are available in the market.

Try Flipping the Cable

Whenever you face the charging problem, flip the cable and then check it. If it works for you then great but if not then you have to use a wireless charger or charge the phone in screen on mode.

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I will suggest to reach out to Apple stores and let them know about the problem. Apple launches the most expensive phones than any other smartphone companies. And if they deliver us this type of product then it will not go long. They have to take care of these things before launch.

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