How to Watch Free TV with Sling Freestream

Sling Freestream is an ad-supported streaming service that allows users to watch hundreds of movies and television shows for free, meaning they don’t have to pay anything.

Today you will learn how you can watch free TV with Sling Freestream.

Freestream is a part of Sling TV that has more than 300 live and on-demand streaming channels and over 5,000 movies and TV shows at zero cost. Users can access the content with or without creating an account.

If you are looking to watch free TV, just go to the Sling Freestream homepage and start watching. There’s no need to create a profile, log in, or enter a credit card, which is very rare when it comes to streaming content from a service.

While users can watch content on Sling Freestream without the need to create an account, signing in to the service gives them a more personalized experience, as when they create an account and log in, they can create a watchlist, add channels to favorites, turn on parental controls, or continue watching content across all of their devices.

How to Watch Free TV with Sling Freestream [Without Creating an Account]

As mentioned earlier, you can simply watch free TV with the help of Sling Freestream without creating an account. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open a browser and navigate to the Sling Freestream website.

Step 2: On the home page, tap the Stream Free button.

Step 3: Browse through the available content and tap to start watching it without signing into the platform.

How to Watch Free TV with Sling Freestream [With an Account]

When you create an account on Sling Freestream, you’ll see several options unavailable to you when you’re watching the content without creating an account. By creating an account, you can set your favorite channels, create watchlists, sync devices, access parental controls, and more.

Step 1: Visit the Sling Freestream website in a browser.

Step 2: Here, you will find a Create a Free Account option. Tap on it.

Step 3: Enter the details and tap Create a Free Account to complete the sign-up.

Step 4: Once logged in, click on Start Watching Now.

Step 5: Navigate through the content and tap to start watching it.

Create and Access the Watchlist

Now that you have created an account on Sling Freestream, you might want to make use of the features it offers. One of the features that the service offers is the ability to add a show to the watchlist. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Head over to the show you want to add to your watchlist.

Step 2: Tap on the More Info or ‘i’ icon.

Step 3: Now, you will see a ‘+’ icon. Tap on it to add the show to your watchlist.

Step 4: Follow the same steps to add all the shows to your watchlist.

Step 5: To access the watchlist, navigate to On-demand from the home screen and tap My Wishlist.

Add Channels to Favorite

After creating an account with Sling Freestream, you can also add channels to your favorites. To do so, just tap the heart icon on the channel’s name in the guide.

Access and Turn On Parental Controls

As stated earlier, you can also turn on parental controls after creating an account with the service to prevent kids or children from accessing a rated group of content. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Tap on the profile icon at the top-right corner and select Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Content Controls and turn on the toggle for Parental Controls.

Step 3: Create Passcode, and select the rating restrictions you want to set for children.

Step 4: You can also restrict unrated content (news, sports, and mature content), rentals, and purchases by enabling the toggle next to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Sling Freestream Worth It?

If you have very high expectations for it, then you will be disappointed since the service only has a few known channels, and the rest are unpopular. Still, it’s decent, no-cost entertainment, and worth the free tag.

Q. Is Sling Freestream a Trial Period for Sling TV?

No, the Sling Freestream is not a trial period for Sling TV; it’s not a part of Sling TV where you will get 300+ channels and 5,000+ movies and TV shows.

Q. Does Sling Freestream Require a Sign-up or a Credit Card?

No, Sling Freestream does not require a sign-up or a credit card to use the service. However, if you sign in to the service, you will create a watchlist, add channels to favorites, access parental controls, and others.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the steps through which you can watch free TV on Sling Freestream with or without creating an account. We have also added the steps to create a watchlist, enable parental controls, and add channels to favorites, which you can do only when you log in to the service.

If you have any questions related to the article, let us know in the comments below.

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