How to use YouTube Music Real-Time Lyrics

YouTube Music is one of the popular music platforms, but it lags behind its competitors in terms of useful features. Google has started rolling out the real-time lyrics feature on YouTube Music and it is being rolled out to users in batches. You can check this guide to know how to use Real Time Lyrics on YouTube Music.

The real time lyrics feature is already available on competitors like Spotify, Apple Music, and some other apps. This is a useful feature and Google should have implemented it a long time ago. Leaving that aside it’s finally available on YouTube Music as well. Some users on Reddit have shared they received the new feature.

A few months ago Apple introduced the Apple Sing feature on Apple Music which is a step forward for real-time lyrics sync as it allows users to lower the vocal volume and continue karaoke with background music. So YouTube Music still has a lot of upgrades to make after bringing real-time lyric sync to everyone.

YouTube Music had a lyrics feature for a long time, but it was more like a page of text that users could scroll through. And it’s no fun scrolling through text manually. Luckily, with Real Time Lyrics Sync, the lyrics will sync with the audio in real time. Yes, the same real-time lyric sync as in Musixmatch.

YouTube Music Real-Time Lyrics History

In October last year, Google announced its partnership with Musixmatch to bring more lyric-based features to YouTube Music. Musixmatch is one of the popular platforms to have advanced lyric features for a long time. As a result of the partnership, the company began testing YouTube Music real-time lyrics in its Cast player in December last year. And finally, the update in the app is being rolled out to the users.

Is YouTube Music real-time lyrics available to everyone?

Google has just rolled out this feature for YouTube Music users. This is a server side update, which means the feature does not depend on the YouTube Music app version. Users with older versions may also get the update while users with the latest app version may not get the update sooner. So it’s account specific.

And talking about supported phones, it is being made available for iPhone as well as Android users. Yes, it is available on both platforms but you may have to wait till its release for your account. The wider rollout of the real time lyrics feature may take time.

Does YouTube Music real-time lyrics work with all songs?

The real time lyrics sync feature works on almost all the songs whose lyrics are available on the app. So obviously real time lyrics won’t work if the lyrics of a song are not available. Luckily, the lyrics for most of the songs are available in the app.

How to use Real Time Lyrics on YouTube Music

So how do you know you got the new feature on your app? You can try to use the feature to see if it’s available on your phone or not. You can follow below mentioned steps to see if you have received the Real Time Lyrics on your YouTube Music or not.

  1. First update your YouTube Music app. Yes, I mentioned earlier that the app version doesn’t matter for this feature, but mostly it is best to use the latest version.
  2. Open YouTube Music on your phone.
  3. Now play a song on the app and make sure the Song mode is selected and not the Video mode.
  4. On the Recent Playing screen, you will see three options below. Tap the Lyrics option available in the middle.
    How to use YouTube Music Real Time Lyrics
  5. The Lyrics will sync with the Song automatically, and the text will be bigger and bold.
  6. You can scroll through the lyrics text manually but once you leave them, it will go to the real time lyric line.

It’s quite easy to use the Real Time Lyrics sync on YouTube Music. All you need to do is wait for the feature to pop up on your app. You can look for the feature in intervals to use it asap once it’s available.

YouTube Music is still behind its competitors, and we hope the tech giant will bring missing features soon to its music platform.

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