How to Update Sony Smart TV [4 Different Methods]

Updating your TV software is simple and easy. You can either let the TV automatically install the updates or you can manually check for updates and install them if any are available. Why would you want to update the software for your TV? Well, there are many reasons.

Firstly, there might be new features that have been rolled out by either brand or the operating system itself. Secondly, there could be bug fixes that can help resolve various issues.

Sometimes, there also be security improvements as well as new app support for your TV via software or firmware updates. Hence it’s best to check and install these updates at all times.

In today’s guide, we will be taking a look at how you can update and install new firmware updates on your Sony Smart TV.

Now, you need to understand that there are different types of Sony TVs in the market. Some TVs come with Google TV, some with Android TV and others come with the in-house operating system as seen on older LED and LCD TV models.

We will be looking at the steps to update the TV for all types of Sony TVs.

How to Update Sony TV [Android TV and Google TV]

Google TV OS is the more upgraded version of Android TV OS. Most of the newer Sony TVs come with Google TVs. Here are the steps to update your Google TV and Android TV from Sony.

  1. Power up your Sony Google TV and Press the Help button on the remote.
  2. Now, select Status and Diagnostics followed by System Software Update.
    How to Update Sony Smart TV
  3. Finally, choose Software Update.
    How to Update Sony Smart TV

To update other Android TV Sony models, you can follow these steps.

  1. Switch the TV on and press the Help button on your TV remote. Or if Help button missing, Press Home button and choose Help.
    How to Update Sony Smart TV
  2. Front the Help menu, simply select the System Software update followed by Software Update.
    How to Update Sony Smart TV
  3. Some TV models will display Check For a System Update.
    How to Update Sony Smart TV
  4. Select it to download and install updates if available.

When it comes to Android or Google TVs, your TV will also display a notification on the home screen stating that there is a software update available for you to download and install on your Sony TV.

How to Manually Update Sony Smart TV [Android TV and Google TV]

If for some reason your Sony Google TV or Android TV is unable to download the update or for that matter, even connect to the internet, you can follow these steps to manually download the update and install it via a USB drive.

  1. On your PC, visit the Sony Support website.
  2. Now, type in the model of your Sony TV. The model number is usually present on a sticker on the back panel of your TV.
    How to Update Sony Smart TV
  3. Once you have entered the model number of your TV, Click on the Software or Firmware section.
  4. Download the Firmware to your PC and then copy it to a USB drive. Make sure that there’s nothing on the USB drive.
    How to Update Sony Smart TV
  5. Also, keep the firmware file outside instead of any folder in your USB drive.
  6. Plug the USB drive into your TV USB ports and follow the update instructions on the firmware support page for your particular Sony TV model.

How to Update Other Sony LED and LCD TV Models

If you do not have a smart Sony TV, you can still check for software updates for the TV provided it can connect to the internet. We will show you the steps to update such Sony TVs with and without the internet.

Update LCD and LED Sony TV Models via the Internet

  1. Select the Settings menu on your TV screen.
  2. Now, navigate to Customer Support, Setup, or Product Support Option.
  3. Now, choose the Software Update option.
  4. Finally, choose Network and click on Yes or Ok to begin downloading any update if available.
  5. If you don’t have the Software Update option on your TV, simply select the Automatic Software download option. The TV will download the update as and when it finds an update.

Update Other Sony LED and LCD TV Models via USB

If your Tv doesn’t connect to the internet, you can still install updates for it using a USB drive. The steps are simple to follow.

  1. Head over to the Sony Support official pages on your PC.
  2. Now, enter the model number of your Sony LED or LCD TV.
  3. The model number is present on the back of your TV.
  4. Once you have entered the TV model, select your TV and choose the Firmware or Software option.
  5. Download the latest available firmware update and download it to your PC.
  6. Copy the firmware file to your USB drive.
  7. Make sure to keep the firmware file outside and not in any folder on your USB drive.
  8. Plug the USB drive into your Sony TV and follow the steps that you see on the support page of your particular Sony TV model to update the firmware.

Update Sony LCD and LED TVs With No Software Download Option

Some LCD and LED TVs from Sony are able to connect to the internet, but when you dig into the Settings menu to check for software updates, there is no Software Update or Download Software option. In such cases, these TVs will be having an Automatic Software Download option. Here is how you can enable this Automatic Download option on Sony’s LCD and LED TV models.

  1. Grab the TV remote and press the Home button present on it.
  2. Select the Settings option followed by Product or Customer Support.
  3. Here, you should see the Automatic Software Update option. This can also be known as Automatic Software Download on some LCD and LED Sony TV models.
  4. Make sure to enable this feature by selecting the On option.
  5. The TV will now automatically download any software updates if available whenever it is connected to the internet.

How to Update Sony LCD and LED TVs based on Help Option Display

When it comes to Sony’s LED and LCD TV models, there are numerous models out there. It can be a headache to search for your exact TV model and see how you need to update the TV. Sony has made a simple and easy way that shows you how to identify the TV as well as update it with ease. This can be done based on where the Help option is displayed on the screen. Some TVs have it at the top right or left corner and some at the bottom left and right corners.

How to Update Sony Smart TV

If The Help Is Not Displayed At The Top Right Corner

Now, if you have a Sony LCD TV or LED TV that displays the Help icon in any three corners of the screen except for the top right corner, you can follow these steps to update your Sony TV.

  1. Press the Home button and select the Settings option.
  2. Navigate and select Customer Support Setup. Some TVs will have a product Support option in the menu. Select it.
  3. Now, select the Software Update option. If you see a Network option, select it. Or else, simply select OK.
  4. The TV will now download and check for updates if available.

If The Help Is Displayed At The Top Right Corner

The above steps are for those Sony TVs that have the help displayed on other corners of the TV screen. If your Sony TV displays the help icon at the top right corner of the TV, you might want to follow these steps.

  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote and select the Help icon on your TV screen.
  2. Choose Customer Support followed by Software Update.
  3. Select Network and choose Ok.
  4. Your TV will begin to check for software updates if any are available for your TV. The TV will also download and later install the update when it’s done.


This concludes the guide on how you can update the firmware of any Sony TV out there. Whether it’s a smart Sony TV or a semi-smart Sony LED or LCD TV, you can update the firmware for these TVs if available. If you have questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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