6 Quick Methods to Take a Screenshot on Motorola Phones

Motorola phones are among the best Android phones, thanks to their clean and near-stock UI. They come with various useful features, including tools to take screenshots. If you are a Motorola user looking for ways to take or capture screenshots, here you will know about various official methods. I will also show you how to capture long screenshots.

Motorola recently introduced a new UI called Hello UI, which is better than the previous UI. However, as of now, it is only available on Moto Edge 50 series. But don’t worry, both new and old UI uses the same process for taking screenshots.

I have a Moto Edge 50 Fusion and I found the gesture for taking screenshots on the phone to be unreliable. On Motorola phones, you have to touch and hold the screen with three fingers to take screenshots.

Take a screenshot on motorola phone

The problem is that either it highlights some actionable item or opens another page, as it is prone to accidental touches. And this is why I decided to make this guide so you can know about other methods.

How to Take a Screenshot on Motorola

Take a Screenshot using Buttons

Like other Android and iOS devices, Motorola phones also come with the ability to take screenshots using physical buttons. This is by far the easiest and most used method to take screenshots. Here’s how it works.

Take a screenshot on motorola phone
  1. First, open the page you want to capture in the screenshot.
  2. Press the Power and Volume Down buttons together.
  3. It will capture the page and you will see it in the corner.

That’s it! The screenshot will be saved in the Screenshot folder in your Phone storage. You can access it from Gallery or a File Manager. In case physical buttons on your phone are not working, you can follow other methods.

Screenshot from Recent Apps View

This is another easy method that you can follow to take screenshots. In this method we will be using Recent Apps screen to take a screenshot. Motorola users are lucky since this feature is not available on many other Custom UI.

  1. Go to the app or page you want to capture.
  2. Now Swipe Up from the bottom to open the Recent Apps page. If you are using a button instead of a gesture, then use the required button to bring the recent apps page.
  3. Now below the recent app, you will see a Screenshot icon. Tap on it.
    Take a screenshot on motorola phone
  4. This will capture the screenshot of the last opened app.

This takes only a few seconds. Now let’s move to the next step.

Double Tap the Back to Screenshot

This is a gesture you should use instead of the three-finger gesture to capture screenshots on Motorola phones. You can now double-tap the back of your phone to take a screenshot. By default, this gesture launches the last used app, so we need to change that first.

Take a screenshot on motorola phone
  1. Open Settings on your Motorola phone.
  2. Go to Gestures > Quick Launch.
  3. The Quick Launch toggle will be enabled by default. If not, enable it.
  4. Then tap the Settings icon at the bottom corner.
  5. From the list choose ‘Take a screenshot.’
  6. Now go to the app or page you want to capture in a screenshot.
  7. Then simply double-tap the back of your phone and it will take the screenshot.

Sometimes, the double tap gesture does not register so you need to apply a little more force. But most of the time, it works without any issues.

Take a Screenshot from Quick Settings

If you don’t know, the Screenshot option is available in Quick Settings on most Android phones. In Motorola, it is set in the top four by default, which makes accessing the Screenshot option in Quick Settings much easier. This is because you don’t need to swipe down twice, one time will do the job.

First, check if the Screenshot option is present in the Quick Settings. If it is present but not on the first page, bring it to the first page of quick settings. You can do that by tapping the Pencil/Edit icon.

Take a screenshot on motorola phone

Now Open the app or page that you want in the screenshot, and then swipe down to bring Quick Settings. You will see the Screenshot option, tap on it to take a screenshot of the app/page opened. Don’t worry it will not capture the quick settings, instead, it will capture the app/page.

Capture a screenshot from Sidebar

Just like Samsung Galaxy phones, Motorola phones also have sidebar features. This is a feature that lets you open apps and tools within any page or app. This is quite useful if you want to jump to your most used app without going to home screen. But you can also use it to take a screenshot.

By default, the screenshot option is not available in the Sidebar menu, so first we need to add it.

Take a screenshot on motorola phone
  1. Open Settings and go to Gestures > Sidebar.
  2. Enable the toggle for the Sidebar and then tap on the Settings icon. You will see a small bar at the right corner.
  3. Switch to the Tools tab and tap the screenshot icon. Make sure to push the screenshot icon to the top for easy access.
  4. Now go to the app or webpage that you want to capture. Then swipe the bar in the right corner to bring the Sidebar.
    Take a screenshot on motorola phone
  5. Tap on the Screenshot option, and it will capture the app or page opened.

How to Take a Long Screenshot on Motorola Phones

Now that we have talked about taking a screenshot, what if you want to take a screenshot of an entire webpage (for instance this YTECHB page) including the content that is not visible on the screen? You can take long or scrolling screenshots. A long screenshot is like a combination of multiple screenshots. Let’s see how it works.

  1. Open a web page or long-form content you want to capture in one screenshot.
  2. Now take a screenshot using any of the methods mentioned above.
  3. In the screenshot at the bottom left corner, you will see the screenshot preview with the more tools option. Tap on the double arrow. Follow the screenshot for reference.
    Take a long screenshot on motorola phone
  4. It will start taking the screenshot y itself. Once all the content you want is captured, tap on the Stop/Red dot icon.
    Take a long screenshot on motorola phone

You can access the long screenshot in the Screenshot folder in Gallery or File Manager.

Note: Some apps and pages don’t support long screenshots. If you don’t see the double arrow after taking a screenshot, then it means the page doesn’t support long screenshots.

So now you know six methods to take a screenshot on Motorola phones. There are a few more methods like three-finger gesture, accessibility menu, and some third party apps. But methods that I have mentioned in this guide are official and quick to use. In case you have any queries, you can ask them in the comment section.

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