Ashutosh Singh

Feb 7, 2024

Best Tips to Increase Battery Life on Motorola Phones

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Battery is an important part of Smartphones.

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Having a larger battery is essential for good battery life on Smartphone. But software also play important role.

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If you're traveling and want to save battery life on your Motorola phone, here are some tips you can follow.

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AOD is a power hungry feature and is available on some Motorola phones. Turn it off to increase battery life.


Enable Power Saver mode

Motorola phones come with power saver mode. You can enable it from Quick Settings.


Decrease screen time

To get more battery life, you should decrease the display brightness when you don’t need it.


Restrict battery usage

On Android you can restrict battery usage for specific apps. Open App Info and there you can restrict the use.

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reduce refresh rate

Refresh rate uses more power, so when its not necessary, you can reduce it. You can increase it anytime you need.

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switch to FHD

If you have a Motorola phone with QHD+ display, you can reduce the resolution to FHD to save battery.

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turn off wifi and bluetooth scanning

WiFi and Bluetooth scanning eats too much battery. Turn it off by searching Location Services in Settings.


turn off location

Location also uses too much battery especially if the precise location is used. Turn it off when its not required.

There are some other tricks like removing bloatware, using original charger, disconnecting Bluetooth devices when not in use, etc.

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