How to Reset PS5 Controller [Soft Reset & Hard Reset]

Electronic gadgets tend to glitch out at some point or the other. Here could be many reasons that cause the device to not function as intended. While with a PS5 controller, many of these can happen to anyone at any time. This guide will help you to find why a controller would glitch out and how to reset PS5 controller to fix issues.

There are various reasons as to why a PS5 controller might glitch out. While these glitches kick in, the controller fails to receive input, perform oddly or just decide to not work at all. Yes, this can be frustrating and annoying, and it can be even more of a headache when the controller starts glitching in-game during a boss fight or any final round, whatever the game may be. Read along to know various kinds of glitches and how to reset PS5 controller to solve the issue.

How to Reset a PS5 Controller

Before you reset your PS5 controller, make sure you know the reason and its effect. And you don’t have to look for these things as we have included in the guide itself. So for any reason, you are resetting your PS5 controller make sure to first check out the effect and how it works.

Reasons to reset a PS5 controller

There could be a ton of reasons as to why a PS5 controller needs to be reset. Maybe if the controller decides to just not pair with the PS5 console, the Bluetooth connectivity is absolutely poor which results in the controller not being able to pair with the console or maybe you just want to pair the PS5 controller with another device. Sometimes a software update to the controller, the console, or even to the game can cause a few weird issues to the controller.

What a reset does to the PS5 controller

When you reset the PS5 controller you let the controller go back to how it was when you first unboxed the controller. All settings on the controller will go to default mode.

Types of PS5 controller reset options

You can reset PS5 controller in two different ways. A soft reset as well as a hard reset. However, if you plan to perform the soft reset option, it is best if you have another PS5 controller handy. Read on to know how and why.

Steps to Soft Reset PS5 Controller

A soft reset is one way to reset the PS5 controller right from the console itself. Performing this kind of reset can help resolve various kinds of connection issues like not being able to pair the controller to the console etc. Here what you have to follow to reset PS5 controller.

  1. Disconnect or unplug the controller that you wish to perform the soft reset on.
  2. Take the second controller and press the PS button that’s on it.
    How to reset PS5 controller
  3. Now that you are on the Home screen, press the PS button again to enter the Control Center menu.
  4. Select the Accessories meu and then on Controllers.
  5. These icons can be seen at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Select the controller that you wish to reset.
  7. Now, select the Turn Off option. This should now turn the controller off and the LED light will also turn off.

To get the controller back to On, simply follow the methods that you would use to pair the PS5 controller to the PS5 console. The sole reason why you need to have an additional controller is only so that you could go back to the settings and turn the controller back on.

Steps to Hard Reset PS5 Controller

The hard reset method is done to factory reset the controller to its default settings. This is one of the most popular as well as the easiest methods to reset a PS5 controller. Read ahead to know more.

  1. Disconnect the PS5 controller and turn it off. You can also turn off the PS5 console as well.
  2. Now get a paper clip or even a sim ejector tool.
  3. Use the tool to press the button in a hole at the back of the PS5 controller.
    How to reset PS5 controller
  4. Keep the button pressed for at least 5 seconds.
  5. Now, to pair the controller back to the Ps5 console, simply connect the controller to the console with the cable and press the PS button.

And this is how you can reset the PS5 controller with a soft reset as well as a hard reset method.

Before performing a reset for your PS5 controllers, make sure to do basic troubleshooting steps such as checking for updates, ensuring that cables are in good condition, and also unpairing and pairing the device again. If by any chance performing the resets and the troubleshooting methods don’t work, it might be time to return the controller for repairs at the service center. For obvious reasons, it’s best to not disassemble the controller on your own especially if it is under the warranty period. Doing so will simply void the warranty and the center might refuse to repair the controller for free and might even charge you extra to get it repaired.

So that’s all on two ways to reset the PS5 controller. In case if you have queries, drop your comments in the comment section.

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