How to Charge DualSense PS5 Controller [3 Best Methods]

The new PS5 from Sony looks outstanding, giving it a futuristic look right away. The controllers for the console have got a mega upgrade from that of its previous generations. Of course, it’s got all the new features and does come in various colors as well. Apart from all that it also has a better way to charge the controllers. Let’s take a look at how to charge PS5 controller.

The all-new DualSense wireless controller comes with additional features such as the create button. The create button replaces the share button that was seen on the PS4 controller. The new controller also features a built-in microphone as well as a bigger battery, making the controller thicker than the PS4 one. A bigger battery means better capacity and also faster ways to charge it up. Read along to know how to charge the PS5 controller.

How to Charge PS5 Controller

There are three ways that you can use to charge up the PS5 controller. We will be talking about these methods in this guide.

Method 1: Charge PS5 controller via cable

The new DualSense controller now features a USB Type-C port. This now means that you will be able to charge up the 1,500mAh battery quicker, thanks to the fast charging technology. However, one should note that using fast chargers above 2.0 Amps can be a bit risky for the controller and you may end up frying the controller. The PS5 controller can be charged by using the USB ports on the console or by plugging it into the wall with a regular charging adaptor.

how to charge ps5 controller

For best results, it is recommended to make use of the USB Type-C cable that comes along with the PS5 in the box. As for Wall Adaptors, you can always make use of good quality wall adaptors that have a rating of 1.5 Amps to 2.0 Amps. You will find plenty of regular charging Type-C wall adaptors right away on Amazon itself.

Method 2: Charge PS5 controller via DualSense Docking Station

There is another way for you to charge your new PS5 controller by just making use of the Sony DualSense charging dock. You don’t need to use the ports or cables connecting from your PS5 to the controller. Rather, you simply just prop the controller right over to the dock and get charged up. The docking station will allow you to charge up to two PS5 controllers at a time.

how to charge ps5 controller

The charging dock is the best way to hide all those cables and have a clean charging area for those controllers. Charging dock is available for purchase from the PlayStation Store right for $30. Instead of running around looking for the right wall adapter and cables to charge the PS5 controller, the charging dock for the DualSense controllers is a cheaper and better alternative.

Method 3: Charge PS5 controller via Powerbank

Now, this method is for those who just don’t want to walk up to the controller or to the docking station to charge the PS5 controller. As it is known that power banks are quite portable and come in various battery capacities. All you have to do is plug one end of the cable into the power bank and the other into the PS5 controller and that is it. You’ve got your PS5 controller charging right away. This works the best for those who don’t have a wall outlet close to them and also if they won’t be having longer cables to be able to connect it to the console or to the charging dock. 

how to charge ps5 controller

Also, if you are those kinds that have a console in your bedroom and play on the bed, then the power bank is your best friend. You could invest in a power bank that will not only be useful for charging up the PS5 controller but will also help charge up your mobile phone or tablet- whatever device you use. Power banks come in capacities ranging from 5000mAh all the way up to 20,000mAh plus, you have a ton of power bank brands to choose from. And best of all? You can easily order them on Amazon itself.


Sometimes while you use an adaptor to charge the PS5 controller or maybe even use the power bank method of charging, the charging indicator will blink once and that is it. Even though there might not be an indicator that shows that the PS5 controller is actively charging, it in fact is just charging right away without any issues whatsoever. While purchasing any of these wall adaptors or power banks, always check and ensure that the power output is matching with how much your PS5 controller is able to draw in.

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