How to Mute Yourself and Others on Zoom

While the world was rocked up with the pandemic that began in 2020, offices, educational institutions, as well as meetings all over, transitioned from the outside world and big buildings to the homes. Sure, it was a bit difficult at the beginning, but then everyone has gotten used to it. Video call software such as Zoom suddenly saw the rise in usage and gained a huge market putting the competitors way behind.

While meetings took place virtually all front the comfort of your house, there was one problem of noise and disturbance. Since you are at home, there are some noises within and surrounding your home which is difficult to control. In this case, it’s best to mute yourself when you aren’t speaking during a meeting or call on Zoom. Today’s guide is all about how you can mute yourself on Zoom. You can also follow this guide to mute everyone in

There are many reasons why you might want to mute yourself on Zoom. It could be that you might no longer be speaking to anyone on the Zoom call, do not want noises and sounds from your end to disturb the meeting, or simply because you might have to attend to something very urgent during the call. Whatever the reason may be, one needs to know how to mute themselves during a Zoom call. Read on to know how you can mute yourself on PC and mobile while using Zoom.

How to Mute Yourself on a Zoom Call

Since Zoom is available to use on PC and mobile, we have covered both ways so that it is easy for you to understand and follow based on the type of device you use for Zoom meetings.

Mute Yourself on Zoom via PC

  1. First, make sure that you have the latest version of the Zoom client. If you do not, make sure to update it, or else, simply download the latest version from here.
  2. There are two simple ways to mute yourself on Zoom during a Zoom Meeting.
  3. Assuming that you are now in a Zoom Meeting and you need to mute yourself.
  4. You can do this by dragging the mouse and clicking on the Mute icon that is at the bottom left of the Zoom Client.
    How to mute yourself on zoom
  5. When you click on it, you will see the microphone icon get a red line across it, indicating that you have put yourself on mute.
  6. You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing the ALT and A key simultaneously.
  7. To unmute yourself, you can simply use the same keyboard shortcut again or click on the unmute icon at the bottom left of the Zoom Client.

Mute Yourself on Zoom via Mobile

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Zoom app for your Android or iOS device. If not, make sure to update them to the latest available version.
  2. Join the Zoom meeting using your mobile phone.
  3. Now, at the bottom left of the Zoom app, you will see the Mute icon.
    How to mute yourself on zoom
  4. Simply tap on it to mute yourself.
  5. If you tap on it again, you will be able to unmute yourself on Zoom.

How to Mute Others on a Zoom Call

And there could be many reasons to mute others on Zoom call like you are the host of a Zoom meeting with many participants but only 2-3 people are going to speak. Or even if someone is not on mute and noise is coming from their end and causing a disturbance in the meeting. Whatever the reason is, you can mute yourself as well as others in Zoom.


  • To mute other participants, click on Participants.
  • A sidebar will now show up. Click on the Mute All option at the bottom.
    How to mute yourself on zoom
  • You can follow the same method to unmute all participants.


  • You can mute other participants on Zoom by tapping on the Participants icon.
  • Tap on the Mute All option in the bottom right corner.
    How to mute yourself on zoom
  • You can also unmute all participants in the same manner.

And this is how you can mute or unmute yourself and other participants in a Zoom call. always remember to mute yourself if you will not be speaking or being spoken to during a Zoom call. It helps to have a quiet and disturbance-free Zoom meeting for you as well as for the other participants.

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