How to Hide Likes and Views Count on Instagram [Official Method]

Instagram is a great platform for you to share out all your moments and even photography if you may wish. Instagram has become quite popular and many people prefer Instagram over Facebook to connect with their friends, family and even stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world. Instagram recently revealed in a blog post that people will now be able to choose if they wish to see the number of likes on their own posts and on all the posts that are visible on their feed. In this article, you’ll know how to hide likes on Instagram.

The feature was being tested in a smaller group before being rolled out to everyone. Things went a bit haywire in March when Instagram accidentally disabled the likes count for a few user’s accounts. There was a mixed reaction from people about this. Some argued that hiding the likes would be difficult to know how far the post has reached and who all have interacted with the post. While others simply say that they don’t really care or bother about who has liked a particular post and it’s an eyesore to look at all those numbers and accounts that have liked a post.

Why would you choose to hide likes?

Many people have said that it’s just best if other people didn’t find out what they liked, be it a post from a private account or a post from a public account. Hiding of likes might also help a few people to avoid getting caught by their significant other spotting them interacting with a post which their significant other thinks are wrong. Anyways, now that Instagram has given you the power to choose between showing and hiding likes, let’s take a look at how to hide likes on your Instagram posts.

How to hide likes on Instagram Single Post

  • Select any one of your own posts that you wish to hide the likes count.
  • Now, tap on the three dots that are on the top right of your posts.
  • On tapping it, you’ll see a slide-up menu from the bottom.
  • Simply select the Hide Likes Count.
    how to hide likes on instagram
  • And that’s how you hide likes on your own single post.

How to hide likes count on Instagram other people’s post

  • To access the settings page, tap on your profile icon at the bottom.
  • Now, tap on the hamburger menu that’s at the top right.
  • You will see the settings option at the bottom. Select it.
    how to hide likes on instagram
  • Once on the settings page, select Privacy and then Posts.
    how to hide likes on instagram
  • You will now see the Hide Likes and View Counts option.
    how to hide likes on instagram
  • Simply tap to toggle the switch to ON.
  • There you go! You will now not see the like and view count of other people’s posts on your feed.

How to hide likes count on Instagram before uploading

  • Once you’ve done your edits and are ready to add a caption, tap on the advanced settings that’s at the bottom.
    how to hide likes on instagram
  • Here you’ll see the hide the like and view counts, tap on the toggle to switch it on.
    how to hide likes on instagram
  • And that’s how you hide the count views for a post. 
  • In the advanced settings, you’ll also be able to turn comments off for your posts as well.


Looks like Instagram is trying to give people more control over their posts, which is great and also means that’s Instagram is listening to suggestions that people have for the app. However, you won’t be able to hide all your like counts and all posts at a single time, so you’ll have to do that manually. Maybe Instagram might bring in the option of turning the count views for all of your posts off by the tap of a single button.

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Looking at how Instagram lets you control the count views, the feature is also slowly traveling around to Facebook which we could be seeing in the coming days. Would you prefer hiding the like and view counts on your Instagram posts or just leave it as it is? Let us know your thoughts about it!

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