Ashutosh Singh

Tips to check Battery Health on a Samsung phone

May 7, 2023

Battery is one of the most important components of a tech device especially on smartphones.

A good battery will keep your phone running for long while a bad one will do the opposite. That's why it is important that you keep your smartphone battery healthy.

If you are a Samsung user or buying a second hand Samsung phone, then it is important to check the device battery health. Here are two ways to check.

You must have seen many users sharing the screenshot of their iPhone battery health, and you might also want to check the battery health of your phone.

Open Settings on your phone and select Battery and device care.

Method 1:

Scroll down and open Diagnostics > Phone diagnostics. Scroll down to the last and tap the battery status. It will show your device battery health.

You can also use some third party apps to check your device battery health. Download and Install AccuBattery on your phone.

Method 2:

Open the app and navigate to Health section. Charge your phone from less than 15% to 80% or more 5 times and the app will show your detailed battery health.

So these important method will help you check battery health of your Samsung phone and you can take actions as per battery health results.