How to Get iOS 17 Standby Mode on any Android Phone

A few weeks back we shared a trick to get the standby feature from iOS 17 on Samsung phones. And in this guide we will share how to get iOS 17 standby mode on any Android phone.

Standby is one of the great features of iOS 17, and there is a high possibility that other OEMs may copy this feature in the future. But what if you want this great feature right away? Now there are many alternatives available for iOS 17 standby mode on Android.

Its almost three months since Apple released the iOS 17 for testing. And this is a good enough time for developers to bring dedicated apps for Standby features. And so there are already a bunch of Android apps available that offer standby mode similar to iOS 17 if not the same.

For Samsung guide, we used the Samsung’s official Good Lock tool to customize the Galaxy phone for the Standby Mode but that trick brings only limited features. If you have a Samsung phone and don’t want to install third party apps, then you should try our other guide.

If you are not aware of the iOS 17 Standby Feature, then we have a dedicated iOS 17 features article where you can also know about the new Standby mode. In brief it is a feature that converts your phone into a smart home display, kind off.

It works when the iPhone is connected to charger and placed in landscape mode. It shows info like, Clock, Calendar, Music Playback, Slideshow and more. So this feature let you make use of your iPhone even when you are not using it.

How to Get iOS 17 Standby on Android Phones

Since this is a cool feature, it is common that many Android users might want to try this feature on their Android phones. And if its Android phone, you can do anything. Just like there are options to get iPhone’s Dynamic Island, getting Standby Mode is also possible and quite easy. So let’s see how you can imitate the iOS 17 Standby Mode but on your Android phone.

As you have got the hint from above, we will be using third party apps to get Standby feature on Android.

The best app to get iPhone’s Standby feature is StandBy Mode Pro. The app is free but with Ads, and has a ads free subscription as well. Don’t worry the Ads will only show when you are interacting with your phone and not during the live Standby Mode.

Step 1: Open Play Store on your phone and search for StandBy Mode Pro. Or you can use this link.

Step 2: Go to the app from the search result and tap the Install button.

Step 3: Open the app, and give required permissions.

Step 4: The App has multiple StandBy windows set by default, so you don’t need to change widgets to get Standby but you have the option to customize available widgets according to your preference.

That’s it! You have the iOS 17 Standby mode on your Android phone.

In the extreme left, you will find the App Settings, or you can also pinch-in from any Standby display to open Settings. Here you can set when StandBy app should launch like during charging, or charging + landscape.

How to get iOS 17 Standby Mode on Android Phones

When you put your device into landscape and connect to charger, you might need to unlock your phone so that the App can launch, and then you can press the power button to lock the device and double tap the screen so that the Standby display keep showing info on screen.

In case the Standby Pro app is not working for you, you can try another app called StandBy iOS: Always On Display. This app is also quite good with some different standby faces than the StandBy Mode Pro app. So explore both apps and look for the widget combination you find most appealing.

How to get iOS 17 Standby Mode on Android Phones

There are a bunch of apps with StandBy feature available on the Play Store, but I found only two apps that are working as expected with little problems. Yes some other apps might also come after this guide, so make sure to explore Play Store to find the best possible app for a better Standby experience.


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