How to Fix LG Smart TV WiFi Turning Itself Off

Smart TVs are meant to make life easier. You know, like the ease of simply clicking one button to watch or stream your favorite shows. Now, all of this can be easily done when your TV is connected to the internet. Now, it is also important to have a stable internet connection to have an uninterrupted source of entertainment as and when you wish. But, there is always a catch with everything. Now, the big question here is what, what will you do if something stops working? Well, in today’s guide we will be taking a look at how to fix LG TV WiFi turning off automatically.

What happens when your Smart TVs Wifi just decides to turn itself off? For starters, you would be annoyed about the fact that you can’t watch any of your content on your TV, and it would simply make you wonder what the hell is wrong with your TV and why does it have to behave like this when there is a particular show or movie that you have been eagerly waiting to stream. You also need to find out if the issue is with your TV or with your internet service provider and the router. Let stake a look at how to fix the LG Smart TV’s WiFi that keeps turning itself off.

Fix LG Smart TV WiFi Turning Off

Now, there could be plenty of reasons why the WiFi on your LG Smart TV keeps turning itself off. While most of the time, the issue can be solved, sometimes, there could be no option other than buying a new Smart TV itself. With that being said, here are a few solutions that you can follow to fix the WiFi turning off on your LG Smart TV.

Restart the LG Smart TV

One of the most popular solutions to almost any and every device out there is to restart the device. Sure it doesn’t sound like a sensible option, but it does fix things at times. Simply switch the TV off and leave it unplugged for a few minutes. After two minutes or so, plug the TV back into its power source and switch it on. Now, connect your TV to the WiFi network and watch. If the WiFi doesn’t turn itself off, then you have fixed the issue. If not, try the next step.

Perform a Factory Reset

A Factory Reset is a great way to solve and fix a ton of things and issues that could be bugging the Smart TV. You also need to understand that when you perform a factory reset on your smart TV, all of your data, accounts, and apps downloaded will also e cleared from the TV’s storage. LG manufactures TVs with WebOS and also with Roku OS. You can follow our guides to know how to perform a factory reset on the LG Smart TVs running WebOS and Roku OS.

Connect an Ethernet Cable

Even if after performing a factory reset on your LG Smart TV the WiFi tends to switch itself off, the best you can do is get yourself an Ethernet cable and plug one end into the TV and the other end into your router. This is the best way to be able to connect your Smart TV to the internet and resume streaming of your favorite content right away.

Connect a Streaming Stick

Now, just because the WiFi doesn’t work on your LG Smart TV doesn’t mean that it’s a useless TV. Not just yet. Since it’s a smart TV, it will be having at least one or two HDMI input ports. If your Smart TVs have this port, you can simply purchase a Roku Streaming Stick, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, or even better a Google Chromecast device. These devices will not only let you stream all the content you want but also has built-in wifi which makes your TV useful enough.

Send it to Service Center

If your smart TV is still in its warranty period, then it would be advisable to send the TV to the service center for repairs and assessment. Because it could either be a hardware issue or an issue caused by a software update that might have bugged the wifi settings of your Smart TV. If your smart TV is out of warranty you could still take it to the service center for inspection and see if they would take your TV in for repairs. Now out of warranty devices repairs will come at a cost. So, it’s best to check with them and see what the cost would be.


And these are the steps you could follow to get your LG Smart TV fixed. If you feel that the TV cannot be repaired or if the repairs are too costly, it would be advisable to get one of those streaming sticks or streaming boxes or better yet get yourself a new smart TV. Have you experienced an issue like this with the LG Smart TV? Let us know what steps or resolutions were taken to sort this issue out.

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