How to Enable Auto Blocker on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung keeps its Galaxy phones packed with with useful features. And also brings more useful feature with each major Android and One UI update. The One UI 6 which is the latest big update for Samsung phones adds another useful feature called Auto Blocker.

Many users may mistake it for an Ad blocker because in a hurry, it can be read as an Ad blocker. However, it is entirely different from an Ad blocker; although it falls into the same category, that deals with privacy and security.

What is Auto Blocker?

Auto Blocker is a new privacy feature that protects Galaxy phones from malware and USB device attacks. The feature blocks unauthorized apps, regularly checks for malware, and prevents commands sent through unauthorized devices.

While many tech enthusiasts know what to avoid and how to handle spam and attacks, there are users who may not be well-versed in smartphone security and could fall victim to these attacks. Attacks can occur through various means, such as spam links, harmful apps, and even USB attacks. Therefore, it is essential to always take precautionary measures.

How to Enable Auto Blocker on Galaxy Phones

If there are multiple Samsung Galaxy users in your household or connection, you should advise all of them to turn on this feature if they do not know much about these things. Below, you’ll find the steps on how to enable the new feature.

Auto Blocker on Samsung Galaxy
  1. Make sure your Galaxy phone is updated to the latest One UI 6 version.
  2. Now open Settings on your Phone.
  3. Navigate to Security and Privacy > Auto Blocker. It will be present under Additional security settings.
  4. Turn On the toggle for Auto Blocker.

The Auto Blocker is now activated and it will protect your phone from malwares and other attacks. Remember this will not allow sideloading, so make sure to disable it when you want to install an app that you know is safe and reliable.

This is an useful feature for the open system like Android. As you already know Android doesn’t restrict users from installing apps and this way you can keep the freedom without worrying about security.

I personally like to see more security features that doesn’t cost us freedom of what we actually do on our phone. Samsung Knox security is a good example but it is still not perfect.

How to Update Auto Blocker

You need to regularly update Auto Blocker. Just like other apps, Samsung will be updating Auto blocker too. So how do you update Auto Blocker? You will know below.

  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy phones.
  2. Now go to Security and Privacy > Auto Blocker.
  3. Tap three dots at the top right corner followed by About Auto Blocker.
  4. It will show the Auto Blocker version along with option to Update the service if available.
  5. Tap Update and follow the on-screen instructions.
Auto Blocker on Samsung Galaxy

You can also search for Auto Blocker in Galaxy App Store, and update from there.

What are your thoughts on this new feature? It will undoubtedly be beneficial for elders, kids, and others who may not be well-aware of the risks. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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