How Big is the Map in the Open World Game, Redfall?

When it comes to big open-world games, players are always interested in particular elements. The size of the map. The size of the map does play an important role as it helps you to understand what quests and missions are present at select places and also helps to easily understand the different locations of the map.

Games with big maps like GTA V, FarCry, and other similar games have really large areas and multiple important spots in the game that are beneficial to the player. Today, we are taking a look at Redfall’s map. We will be looking at how big the map is and other important elements with regard to the map.

What is the Redfall Map Size?

Talking about the size of the map, the developers of the Redfall game have stated this game’s map is one of the biggest maps of all the games they have developed and released. The map in Redfall measures around 27,000 square meters.

redfall map size

If you put this into perspective of other games, you could easily fit the entire spaceship in a single mission location in Redfall. If you were to take it with regard to real-life objects, the size of the Redfall map is equal to 5 American football fields. Now, that is a pretty large map for an open-world game like Redfall.

Redfall’s map is divided into multiple districts, with each district having its own lanes and streets all around. The map has a good number of farmlands, rural and urban areas as well as a good number of safe houses that can be accessed by players in the game.

Since this is an open-world game, you can simply go around and explore the whole world by making use of the many fast-travel spots spread all across the map.

Now, there are cars in the game, but if you follow through the radio and the game’s storyline, you will know that a lot of the cars are broken or simply not working.  However, that doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from being around these vehicles. You can get good loot from the trucks of certain vehicles.


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