Can You Drive Cars In Dead Island 2?

Being able to drive around in vehicles in video games is fun. It helps to easily complete various tasks and missions. However, there has been one particular game where everyone has wanted to know if there are player-driveable cars. The game in question is Dead Island 2. Dead Island 2 was released in 2023 in the month of April.

While the game is a lot of fun since you have to mow down a ton of zombies with multiple weapons, being able to drive around in vehicles and run them over is a fun way to reduce the zombie count in the game.

Let’s answer the question that everyone has been asking about the cars in Dead Island 2.

Car Driving in Dead Island 2?

While the first Dead Island game that was released in 2011 allowed you to drive around cars in the game. The cars could be driven around by survivors and could seat a total of four passengers. Moreover, the cars were all right-hand drive.

Now, with the sequel of the game already released, Dead Island 2 does have a good number of cars in the game. However, these cars are undriveable by the players. This is a let down as it is genuinely quite fun to run over zombies with your favorite in-game vehicle.

Can You Drive Cars In Dead Island 2

So the answer is No, you cannot drive vehicles in Dead Island 2. If you wish to travel around the Dead Iand 2 map, the best way to travel around is by making use of the game’s fast travel feature. This lets you teleport to literally any part of the map that you wish to go to.

The reason why the developers have not added cars to the game is that it’s not an open world and the game’s map size is quite small so it makes more use of fast travel instead of driving around to hunt for zombies.

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