How to Cancel Hulu Subscription on your Roku Device

Have you finished watching that movie or TV series on Hulu that you now no longer have any wish to continue subscribing to? Well, if you are planning to cancel your Hulu service and you stream on a Roku device, you have come to the right palace. There have been times when people have just decided to switch to some other streaming service simply because the current service does not have anything great that interests them. So, if you’re someone planning to cancel their Hulu subscription on a Roku device, read on to know more.

Before we talk about the steps you need to follow to cancel your Hulu subscription, you need to first find out of you have subscribed to Hulu via Roku or if you have subscribed to Hulu directly through its app or website Depending on how you have subscribed to Hulu, you can follow the methods to cancel Hulu which we have mentioned below.

How to Cancel Hulu on Roku from Computer or Mobile

If you’re someone that has made use of Roku pay to get your subscription to Hulu, follow these steps to cancel your Hulu Subscription.

How to Cancel Hulu on Roku
  1. On your PC or mobile device, open the web browser and visit the Roku website.
  2. Make sure to sign in with the Roku account that has the Hulu subscription tied to it.
  3. Once you have signed in, select the Manage Your Subscriptions option.
  4. Now, under Active Subscriptions, you should be seeing the Hulu subscription.
  5. Select Turn Off Auto Renewal option.
  6. Finally, select the reason that you wish to cancel your Hulu subscription.
  7. In the end, select the Continue to Cancel option.
  8. You have now canceled your Hulu subscription using your PC or Mobile device.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription using a Roku Device

You can also cancel your Hulu subscription that you purchased using your Roku device easily. Check these steps out.

  1. Power up your Roku device and grab the remote.
  2. You need to press the home button on the Roku remote.
  3. Now, highlight the Hulu channel.
  4. Simply press the Star or Asterisk button on your Roku remote.
  5. A list of options will now be displayed.
  6. Choose Manage Subscriptions from the list of options.
  7. Select Cancel Subscription.
  8. You need to choose Cancel Subscription once again to confirm that you will no longer be needing the Hulu subscription.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription from the Hulu Website

If you have purchased the Huu subscription using the Hulu website, you can follow these steps to cancel your Hulu subscription.

  1. First off, launch your favorite browser on your PC and head over to the official Hulu website.
  2. No, log in with the account details used to sign into the Hulu streaming service.
  3. Click on the  Profile icon on the Hulu website once you have signed in.
  4. Choose the Account option from the menu that opens.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and choose Cancel Your Subscription.
  6. Finally, select Cancel.
  7. Once you have selected the reason to cancel, click on the Cancel Subscription option.
  8. You have now finally canceled the Hulu subscription using the Hulu website.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription on Android with Hulu app

If you have subscribed to Hulu using the Hulu app on your Android device, you can follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Hulu app on your Android device.
  2. If you aren’t signed in, please sign in with your Hulu account credentials.
  3. Tap on the Account option on your Hulu app.
  4. Scroll to where it says Cancel Subscription.
  5. You might have to confirm once or twice that you indeed want to cancel your Hulu subscription.
  6. Once confirmed, your Hulu subscription has now been concealed.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription on iOS with Hulu app

Want to cancel your Hulu plan that you subscribed to using the Hulu app for your iOS device? Here are the steps.

how to cancel hulu on iPhone
  1. Open the settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on your name that is at the top of the Settings app.
  3. Now, tap on Subscriptions.
  4. You should now see a list of all active subscriptions.
  5. Tap on the Hulu subscription.
  6. At the bottom, you should see the Cancel Subscription, tap on it.
  7. This is how you can cancel your Hulu Subscription on your iOS device.

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the guide on how you can easily cancel your Hulu subscription on your Roku device. This is a simple and easy process depending on how you have subscribed to Hulu.

With that being said, if you have questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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