How to Apply Live Wallpapers on Windows 11 PC [3 Methods]

Windows as an operating system offer a lot of customization options. This lets you, the user customize and make Windows 11 according to your taste and liking. We have seen how easy it is to make changes to your Taskbar, Start menu, colors, themes, and even the icons.

While you can easily change the wallpaper for your Windows 11 PC, a lot of users have been looking for ways how they can set a live or animated wallpaper as their desktop background on their Windows 11 PC. So here are various methods to apply Live Wallpaper in Windows 11.

The only problem right now is that Windows 11 does not have the option to let you set up a live wallpaper natively. Hence a reason why a lot of people doubt if they can set a live wallpaper as the desktop background or not. However, there are a few ways you can follow to set a live or animated wallpaper as your background. Read on to know how.

How To Set Live Wallpaper As Desktop Background on Windows 11

As stated above, Windows 11 does not have any native option for you to set and use live wallpapers as your desktop background. But there are different third-party software that you can use to get your favorite live wallpaper as your desktop background. Let’s dive in.

Wallpaper Engine (Paid)

If you are someone that plays a lot of games, then, you might have heard of Steam. In Steam, there is a software called Wallpaper Engine. This is paid software that will cost you $4.

How to Apply Live Wallpaper in Windows 11

Using Wallpaper Engine is quite simple. Simply purchase it from Steam and install it on your PC. Once installed, launch Wallpaper Engine and browse through a large number of animated wallpapers available for download. There are various categories of wallpapers for you to choose from. Apart from just picking your favorite wallpaper, you can also go ahead and use your creativity and create your own animated or live wallpaper right away.

The good thing about the Wallpaper Engine is that the animation stops when you are using some heavy resource-intensive programs or games. This helps you get the best performance out of your system while playing your games. Get Wallpaper Engine from Steam for $4.

Lively Wallpaper (Free)

If you don’t want to pay for a live wallpaper service, no problem! You can make use of one of the best-rated free live wallpaper apps from the Microsoft Store, aptly named Lively wallpaper, this app lets you set a live wallpaper to your Windows 11 background. The app has a ton of wallpapers to choose from. You can also adjust various animation elements of the wallpaper. Best of all, you can easily add your own wallpaper and make it into an animated one for your desktop background.

How to Apply Live Wallpaper in Windows 11

When you have a live wallpaper setup via Lively Wallpaper, the animation will be paused while using big software or playing games. One cool feature of Lively Wallpaper is that you can even adjust the animation of the wallpaper to move based on the music or any audio being played from your PC. There’s also the ability to create widgets that show you important information on your desktop right away. Best of all, all features are completely free to use as the app has no in-app purchases. Download the Lively Wallpaper app from the Microsoft Store for free.

MoeWalls (Best for Anime Fans)

MoeWallas is another live wallpaper service for Windows PC. This is a wallpaper app that has been under the radar for quite a while. This is another live wallpaper service for Windows that is completely free. MoeWallas has different categories of wallpapers in various video resolutions. Whether you want basic animations 2D or 3D wallpapers, you will find all of them here. In order to make use of MoeWalls you will have to first download its dedicated Windows app from the MoeWalls website.

How to Apply Live Wallpaper in Windows 11

MoeWallas also has support for up to 4K resolutions and also lets you apply their live wallpapers to systems that have dual 4K monitors. Do note that MoeWallas largely caters to anime fans. Hence you will see a ton of anime-themed live wallpapers across the various wallpaper categories.

This concludes the guide on the different methods you can follow to set live wallpaper on your Windows 11 PC. Now, the only solution is to make use of third-party programs simply because there is no live wallpaper support built natively into Windows 11. However, we do hope that Microsoft slowly makes available a live wallpaper feature available in the future updates of Windows 11 or for that matter even Windows 12. If you have questions or queries feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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