How long does it take for Nintendo Switch to Charge

The Nintendo Switch is a great portable handheld gaming device. Released back in 2017, it has gained a lot of popularity thanks to its features as well as the games that have been made especially for it. What’s great about the Switch is that has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as storage expansion- something that every device needs to have. Also, the Joy-Cons for the Switch are fantastic given that they are detachable as well. Let’s take a look at battery capacity and charge duration for the Nintendo Switch.

While the Nintendo Switch is good on its own, it also got additional accessories that you can purchase from the Nintendo Store. There is a Dock that you can use to charge the Switch as well as use to connect to the TV. You even get various game-designed Switch consoles, carrying cases, headsets, Joy-Con straps, play stands, and even the pro controllers that you can use while you have your Switch docked up to the TV. Whatever accessories you use, it will surely be taking up some amount of battery charge from the Switch. Read on to know how long does it take for Switch to Charge.

Nintendo Switch Battery Capacity

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model and the Standard Nintendo Switch have a 4,310mAh Lithium-ion battery. The Switch Lite has a smaller battery capacity of 3,750mAh. These battery capacities are perfect enough for a handheld gaming console such as the Switch, considering that you can play at a maximum of 1280 by 720p resolution on all three variants of the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Battery Charge Time

To charge the Switch from 0 to 100 will take you around 3 hours. That is it if you have connected it via the AC Adapter. However, if you have a Switch that has its battery drained out completely for months, then you should expect the Switch to charge up between 3.5 to 4 hours.

If you charge the Switch from any PC via the USB port, it could take around at least 5 hours or so to charge the Switch up. This goes for all the Switch variants, the OLED, regular, and the Lite variants. Also, you will get the times mentioned by Nintendo only if you use the original chargers and cables. Other third-party ones might either charge the devices slower or may end up not even charging the device at all.

Nintendo Switch Battery Life

With the Nintendo Switch OLED and regular Switch, you can expect between 4.5 hours to 9 hours. Well, this depends on your usage. Suppose you are playing a game that is quite heavy, you should be getting around at least 4 hours of playtime. If you are playing a normal light game like Chess Ultra or a game similar to it, you can expect a longer battery life. With the Nintendo Switch Lite and its smaller battery capacity, you can expect battery life between 3 to 7 hours, again, this also depends on the games you play and how you use the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Charging Methods

There are three ways to charge the Nintendo Switch. One is by using the AC Adapter that comes in the box. This is the best way of charging it up. The second way is by using the Type-C USB cable connected to a USB port to your PC.

This also works fine when you do not have a wall outlet accessible to you. The third method is using the Switch Dock or the Adjustable Charging Stand that you can purchase off from Nintendo itself. You can find the Dock for 59.99% and the adjustable stand for $19.99.


So why would such information be important to you? Well, this can help when you suddenly find that your Switch isn’t charging and you simply panic around. Also, such details will help you plan out a trip if you are taking the Switch along on trips and planning out where and how to charge it up while on the go.

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