How to fix Nintendo Switch Not Charging Issue [8 Methods]

Handheld gaming consoles have been around for quite some time. The Nintendo Switch has brought about much-needed improvements to the handheld gaming experience, (not to forget about the Steam Deck, a handheld gaming computer that’s been launched this year). Now the Switch has been around since 2017 and is only getting popular thanks to a few games that are exclusive to it. Now, the Switch might be great in all aspects but, as it’s an electronic device, it has its share of issues. Today we’ll be looking at how to fix Nintendo Switch not charging.

Now, if you have a Switch that’s stopped charging, it can surely be a headache. You’d start to wonder what went wrong or if you did something wrong. Most of the time it’s just due to simple reasons why the Switch won’t turn on. There are various troubleshooting methods available for you to diagnose such an issue. Since most of the issues can be resolved by yourself and are easy to follow, you can read on to know how to fix a Nintendo Switch that is not charging.

Fix Nintendo Switch Not Charging

Check your Charger cable

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to check the condition of your charging cable. If you’ve kept the Switch charging for some time and it hasn’t been changing, it could be possible that could be some cuts, slices, or maybe even the pins are damaged. If the cable is damaged it’s time that you get yourself a new cable. Also, do not roll and store your cable tightly.

Reset and check Charging Adaptor

Your charging brick can sometimes have an issue with it not drawing the required power to charge the Switch. In this case, you might simply want to check for visible signs of damage or any burns on the adaptor. It could be possible that the adaptor might have got fused and is completely dead. Also, if you leave your adaptor plugged in, it can help to remove it from the outlet and leave it disconnected for a while. This helps to “reset” the power brick.

Check if Type C port is damaged

Now, it could be possible that the charging port on the Switch might have got damaged. This can happen when you leave the Switch charging, and for some reason, it fell off with the cable plugged into the Switch. Now if the Switch fell first on the side where the cable is plugged in, chances are high that such a mishap might have made the port on the Switch come loose. With a loose charging port, you can expect the Switch to charge very slow or not charge at all. In such a case a trip to the service center should be fine enough to get it fixed.

Clean your ports!

It is important to check for any dust or lint for that matter in your ports. While these can easily enter, they can also be easily removed from the ports. Lint and dust can block the connectors on the port, making it difficult for the power cable to charge up the Switch and results in the Switch not being able to get charged. To remove dust and lint from the ports, you can make use of a fine plastic tweezer which you can insert and pinch the matter that has clogged up your charging port. You will be surprised to see how much dirt can make the charging port its home. Once you’ve cleaned it up, your Switch should now be able to charge and charge properly itself.

Something wrong with the Switch Dock?

Now, if you use the Switch Dock to regularly charge your Switch, there could be a possibility that your Dock might be the culprit. Many things could be seen as an issue. From the pins being dirty or damaged to the Dock’s power cable and adaptor aren’t damaged. If they are, it’s time to get a new cable and adaptor for the Switch Dock. While you are inspecting the Dock, make sure to clean it up to remove any potential dirt that could be sitting on the connection points of the Dock.

Charge the Switch Longer

It could be possible that you might have removed your Switch from somewhere and have planned to start using it after a long time. You plug the switch for charging, but it shows nothing. So, what do you do? Well, since the Switch was not in use for a long time, the remaining battery charge gets exhausted. In such a case it is best to leave the Switch plugged in for an hour or more than its regular charging time. The Switch takes around 3 to 3.5 hours to charge normally. Leave your Switch for at least 4 to 5 hours and then it should be charged up fully and ready for use.

Use original accessories

This is important. It’s best to use cables, chargers, and other things that are designed by Nintendo to be used for the Switch. Original always works best. Yes, you might find a few third-party accessories that are designed to be compatible with the Switch. If they are from reputed brands, well and good otherwise it’s best to stay away from such products that you aren’t sure of being safe for the Switch.

Service Center Trip

If at all even after trying out all the above troubleshooting methods, your Switch is not being able to charge, it’s time to take it to the authorized service center. The service center will have a good idea as to what’s wrong with the Switch. It could be something damaged inside or the battery has just lost its capacity to charge away. Whatever the issue might be, they should be able to diagnose it and get your Switch charging like how it should normally do.


Of course, it does feel a bit disappointed when your gadgets don’t function right. What’s good is you have many solutions that you can use to try on your own. However, when it comes to important elements such as disassembling the Switch, you should leave such work to the people at the service center as they know what they are doing. Maybe you know how to open up the Switch, but at the same time have no idea about what to do next.

In this case, the service center is your go-to place. It could be possible that the Switch is under warranty and can be fixed up. If not, then a small amount would be charged towards the repair of the Switch, considering that it’s not anything major or super expensive.

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