Where to Find All the 9 Pikmin in Pikmin 4 Game?

Pikmin 4 is a great adventure and exploration game for the Nintendo Switch. However, if you’re pretty new to Pikmin 4, or the whole Pikmin franchise for that matter, it is essential that you know where to find these Pikmin. Pikmin simply cannot be spotted in any palace. Each Pikmin out there has a select type of spot where they can be found.

In this guide, we will be telling you where you can find all of these Pikmin. There are nine Pikmins that you need to find. The game has a lot of locked areas that can be accessed only when you have unlocked a particular type of Pikmin. These Pikmin can be hidden anywhere. Under flowers, rocks, or can be spotted in unique places. So, here is our guide to finding out where you find all the Pikmin in the new game, Pikmin 4.

Let’s get started.

Red Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

The first type of Pikmin you will have to use at the start of the game is the Red Pikmin. The Red Pikmin can be easily found in and around the Rescue Command Post. It is impossible to miss not finding these Pikmin.

Yellow Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

The Yellow Pikmin in Pikmin 4 can be found in and around the Crackling Cauldron Sublevel cave. Yellow Pikmin can generally be accessed during the Sun Speckled terrace stage. If you look closely enough, you will spot a Yellow Pikmin behind a crushed paper bag. Additionally, you can also explore the southern parts of Blossoming Arcadia for the Yellow Pikmin.

Blue Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

The ideal location for you to spot these Pikmin will be around water bodies, more specifically at the pond in the Sun Speckled Terrace location. First, you will need to unlock the Blue Onion that is present between Hectic Hollows and Trial Run missions. You will have to also get the Ice Pikmin if you want to access the pond.

Ice Pikmin

As the name suggests, Ice Pikmin can be spotted around the northern part of Hero’s Hideaway in a silly little freezer drawer. Ice Pikmin can also be found in select locations such as Aquiferious Summit, Last Frost Cavern, and Hectic Hallows.

Purple Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

Heading back towards the Rescue Command Post and completing the mission “Final Story: the Purple Key”. The game will reach its 100% stage after you have collected all the Pikmin and moreover, after you get the Purple Pikmin. You can also catch these Pikmin at the Engulfed Castlecave when you reach the Serene Shores Stage.

Rock Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

Rock Pikmin can be found in different locations. You can find them in the southern part of the Giant’s Heart area. These Rock Pikmin, or Black Pikmin from Pikmin 4 can also be found at the Kingdom of Beasts cave at the Blossoming Arcade stage. Once you cross the mushroom bridge you will find the Rock Pikmin there.

Winged Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

Here is your flying Pikmin. These Winged Pikmin can be found in and around the map. You can easily find the Winged Pikmin at the Below-Grade Discotheque cave at the Serena Shores stage. Winged Pikmin can be spotted in the southernmost region of the Primordial Ticket area.

Glow Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

Glow Pikmins glow in the dark and you can easily find them at night during your nighttime quests. As you progress along through the game,  you will have to speak with a character called Yonny. Once you speak and interact with this character, you will be able to unlock the Glow Pikmin right away in Pikmin 4.

White Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

Unlocking the White Pikmin is simple and super easy. As and when you complete the 5th Story: The White Key,  at the Rescue Command Post, you will be able to unlock this Pikmin. You can also find the White Pikmin at the Sub Zero Sauna cave present at the Serene Shores stage. If you manage to complete the game, you will be able to unlock the White Pikmin right away.

This concludes the simple easy to easy-to-understand guide on how and where you can find the nine different Pikmin from the game, Pikmin 4. If you’re completely new to the game, you can check out our guide that shows what each Pikmin type is and what specialties they have.

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