Google drops Fresh Wallpapers Collection for Pixel Phones [Download]

Google Pixel phones give users another reason to enjoy the weekend. As they usually do at certain intervals, Google adds a bunch of new wallpapers to different collections in the default Wallpapers app. The availability of the new wallpapers is only for Pixel phone users. But don’t worry you can get all of them after downloading even if you don’t have a Pixel phone or have old Pixel phone.

The set of new wallpapers is a part of the Q3 feature drop that Google announced recently. Those who have Pixel phones can see the new wallpapers under the Cityscapes, Textures, and Life collections.

The new collection was spotted by the 9to5google team (source) and according to their findings there are a total of 61 new wallpapers. Yes, it is a huge collection of wallpapers and it will give you months of wallpaper stock if you change your wallpaper frequently.

New Pixel Wallpapers in the default Wallpapers app do not include any information like credits and wallpaper name. These new wallpapers are wide resolution wallpapers best suited for large screen devices like Pixel Fold, tablets, PC, etc. Yes, they look good even on standard phones, but the device will crop out some part of the wallpaper.

I bet you want to see the new wallpapers in preview before downloading them. Below you can find the Wallpapers preview followed by download links.

New Cityscapes Pixel Wallpapers

New Texture Pixel Wallpapers

New Life Pixel Wallpapers

Download Links

Enjoy New Wallpapers! In case your device doesn’t let you apply webp format wallpapers, you can easily convert them to either JPG or PNG.

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