12 Best Games like Rust for PC, Mobile, and Consoles

Survival games have a huge fan base. Because you get to do things like looking around for food, items, and even a place to live. Rust is one such survival game that is being enjoyed by many. Developed by Facepunch Studios and released in 2018. Rust has everything you would want to have in a survival game such as Farming, hunting, fighting with enemies, building transport networks, and above all, play around with other people online thanks to the multiplayer online mode. If you enjoy Rust, here is a list of best games like Rust that you can play on PC and Mobile.

This is what survival games are all about. If you can ever manage to let your character live, well and good, otherwise, it will just die off. Yes, these games require that you plan and strategize out perfectly so that you can gain success easily. And, when it comes to survival games, you have a wide range of such games. From RPG to Horror to PvP ones you can enjoy them all. Whether you play on mobile or PC there are a lot of survival games for you to choose from. Read along to know the best survival games like Rust for PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, or Consoles.

Best Games like Rust

Granny 3

We start the list of games like Rust with a Survival Horror game. Granny 3 is the third part of the Granny franchise. So, what’s the game about? Well, for starters, someone’s grandparents have picked up an old house to stay. You are an explorer looking and wandering around till you come across an abandoned open house. Being the explorer that you are, you enter the house to find someone’s grandparents doing everything to make sure you do not leave the house. There are a ton of creepy stuff as well as silly stuff that will always be out there coming for you.

Games like Rust

Make a noise or drop something? You will find Granny right there looking at you ready to trap you in the house. Yes, you can make use of the limited weapons available and, even Grandpa will come after you at any time. Is the game good? Yes, it sure is otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at the third part of the game. Granny 3 has been developed by Developer and has just been released in August of 2021. The game is available on Steam for $4.99 and is free to play on Android as well as iOS.


Here is a free-to-play survival game that has just been released. So. just what the title of the game stands for, you are beached on an island, you have to build a shelter, craft out various weapons, hunt for resources, and a lot of dangers that will always be there to hunt you down. You need to keep in mind that this is an early access game and you should expect some unpolished bits and pieces.

Games like Rust

Apart from it being a free game, you can also play around with other people thanks to the online PvP mode. The game goes ahead based on your choices. You can either win stuff or lose a lot of stuff, its ball based on choices. Beached is a third-person game that is set up on a low poly island for you to explore and survive. Get Beached on Steam for free.


Raft is a fun adventurous multiplayer game that takes place on an island as well as the ocean. So, are you on a boat or a fancy ship in the middle of the ocean? Nope. You are on a simple small raft either solo or with your friends. Considering that it’s a raft you surely won’t be having major tools, weapons, or items that can be useful to you. You will have to look around for various items and craft out useful tools and weapons out of them. You can even dive into the deep ocean to look for things as well as hunt for food.

Games like Rust

Why the weapons Well you might need to protect yourself from various dangers that are swimming around in the ocean. While performing all the main steps to survive in the middle of the ocean you will also be able to use your raft to float around and look for new places. Raft has been developed by Redbeet Interactive and released in 2018. The game is available on Steam for $19.99.


One of the first Battle Royale games that ever came to PC. It’s a survival game, well, you and 99 other players land at various places on the map from the battle bus and pick up weapons, upgrades, and collect materials that are needed to build around small shelters to protect yourself from being spotted by the enemy. The game is all about the last man standing. You have to attack other players and be the winner.

Games like Rust

The graphics might look cartoonish and one would say that it’s a game for kids. But hey, there are many people of all ages playing the game. Fortnite was released in 2017 and developed by Epic Games. You can play the game on PC, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch for free within game purchases such as emotes, skins, and in-game currency.

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition

Another Horror game joins the list of similar games to Rust. This time it involves fighting off zombies that have infested the city and it is up to you to survive. Set up in a vast open world that lets you roam around and explore by jumping across various buildings. The game lets you use various kinds of weapons to take out the zombies. You also get to express day and night cycles in the game that affect a few events can even drive and modify your vehicles to mow down the zombies that come right at you.

Games like Rust

While the game is all that fun to play as a single-player, the fun only extends when you can join up with other players online to fight off zombies and survive. You can play with 4 players and have a good time jumping around slicing the enemies. Dying Light was released in 2015 and released by Techland. Even though it is an old game, it continues to receive updates. Dying Light is available on Steam currently at $14.99.

7 Ways to Die

7 Days to Die is an RPG Horror Survival game that puts you in a post-apocalyptic world where you need to survive the oncoming zombies. The game has functions you would find in a survival game. From exploring, crafting. building and fighting around. It has RPG factors such as being able to upgrade your characters, increase and improve its skills and make away with loot that is available all over the map.

Games like Rust

An RPG game without character customization? 7 Ways to Die lets you customize the character to your heart’s content or even choose a wide range of characters that you can use to play through the game. Nothing is more fun than taking out the zombies with a variety of weapons. This is a first-person shooter game that was released in 2013 and developed by The Fun Pimps. You can play 7 Ways to Die on PC by purchasing it from Steam at $24.99.

Among Us

Everyone knows about Among Us. The survival game takes place on a You might call this a fun multiplayer party game spaceship where you have to perform tasks and stay alive, while the imposter goes around sabotaging the spaceship. The imposter also has to slowly kill the crewmates one by one, and should not be caught. If the imposter is caught or spotted killing someone, then the crewmates win the game.

Games like Rust

The game picked up pace in 2020 thanks to the pandemic that has locked everyone indoors. Since then, the game has seen major improvements, from adding a new map, increasing the overall number of players in a lobby, new character colors, and skins as well as even more refined controls for texts. The game can be purchased on Steam and Epic Games and is a free-to-play game on Android and iOS. It is one of the best games like Rust. Among Us has been developed by Innersloth and was originally released in 2018.

Apex Legends

Another battle royale game joins up this list of survival games like Rust. Unlike the other battle royale games that are out there, Apex Legends makes the gameplay different. You get to choose from a list of various characters that have their kind of superpowers and skills. You have a lot of weapons that you can use plus, the best part is making use of a character’s power for the whole squad. Like a battle royale game where the last man standing is the winner.

Games like Rust

There are multiple game modes and lime events for you to play. The game is fun to play with a squad of friends as you can strategize and cooperate to be the winning squad of the match. Apex Legends has been released in 2020 and is developed by Respawn Entertainment. The game is free to play on Steam. PlayStation Xbox and Nintendo Switch. You can also play the game in some regions on Android.

Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Days

Last Island of Survival is a free-to-play online multiplayer game that takes place on a post-apocalyptic island.  You get to explore the island, hunt for resources and blueprints and build shelters to survive the enemies. The game lets you customize your weapons as well as the vehicles to drive around exploring the map.

Games like Rust

Apart from that, the game lets you play at your own pace You can form up as a team a raid your enemies’ base and forts plus take away their loot as well. There is an online PvP mode where you and other players can decide on how you would like things or events to happen throughout the day. The game is fun and free to play on Android and iOS.

Stranded Deep

So, there you are, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As a survivor of a plane crash, you now have to survive on your own without help from anyone. This means getting food, shelter, and weapons right away. So, what can you do? Well, you can swim underwater and look for items that can and will be useful to you. Once you can get to the shore, this is where you will be able to build shelters, vehicles and even unlock various skills such as weapon building, hunting, and even cooking. 

Games like Rust

There are various bosses in the game that you will have to beat plus, do some kind of cultivation as it will be important for you to survive at all costs. You can even play split-screen with a friend and most important of all, make use of the island editor where you can design your custom islands and play in. Stranded Deep has been developed by Beam Team Games and was released in 2015. Even though it’s been years that the game has been released, it still seems to be in an early access stage with a roadmap of new things to be added to the game soon. This game is available on Steam for $14.99.


Ah yes, Minecraft! How can one ever leave this game out from a list of survival games? Well, there are a ton of things for you to do in Minecraft, no doubt about that. Though it’s an old game, it’s still going strong and even gets updates and supports new technologies such as Ray-Tracing. You can build and mine a ton of stuff in the game. Don’t let the graphics of Minecraft mislead you.

Games like Rust

Once you enter the world of Minecraft, there is no way to come out of it. It does have survival elements, such as mining elements, building houses, and doing your best to attack the creepers before they come around ready to end your life. Developed by Mojang and released in 2011, the game can be played on every platform available. The PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and even on PC.

The Forest

Most of the survival games begin with you being the survivor of a plane crash or a shipwreck. The Forest has the same beginning, just that you survive a plane crash and need up a mysterious forest all alone. Now, of course, you will be able to cut down various plants and trees which can later be used to build shelter and consume as food. You will have to build a camp and a small bonfire to protect yourself from wild animals and as well as from the harsh climate.

Games like Rust

You will encounter various kinds of enemies, humans, wild animals, and even some strange mutants that will always try to attack when you try to lay low at night. Apart from it just being a single-player game, you can have fun at a LAN party with the LAN Co-Op mode, or better yet, take it online right away and have a good time with a couple of your friends trying to survive through the forest. The Forest can be purchased on Steam for $19.99.


Ther are the best survival games like Rust that you can play on PC, Mobile, and even on Consoles. These are the type of games that you can spend a lot of hours playing solo or with people online. Didn’t see a survival game that you thought might be on this list? You can check this list of games that are similar to Valheim.

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