Call of Duty: Vanguard Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements and, more

What comes to your mind when you think of first-person shooter games? Well, there are many titles apart from one of the most popular ones- Call of Duty. Call of Duty games has been around since 2003, with the first Call of Duty game to have ever been released. You have World War II, Modern Warfare, Black Ops, all under COD. Well, there is a new Call of Duty game that has just been revealed with the title Vanguard. We will be looking at Call of Duty Vanguard Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, and System Requirements.

Another year, another Call of Duty game. To be fair, not everyone was expecting a new game from Call of Duty to be released so soon. Considering that it has been a year since the free-to-play battle royale Call of Duty Warzone was released. People are still enjoying Warzone, apart from its mega heavy-sized updates that seem just to be hogging away at everyone’s storage space. Let’s move away from Warzone and concentrate on the new Call of Duty game called Vanguard. Read along to know about its Call of Duty Vanguard release date, trailer, gameplay, system requirements, and more.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Release Date

The game’s teaser was released on August 16, followed by the game reveal trailer that was released on August 19. At the end of the trailer, we get to see the COD Vanguard release date, which is November 5, 2021. Yes, the title is coming soon, so get ready for another War game from COD.

Call of Duty Vanguard Release Date

Call of Duty: Vanguard Developers & Publisher

The game is being jointly developed by Sledgehammer Games Treyarch, Raven Software, Beenox, and High Moon Studios. The game will be as always, published by Activision. It is being created on the IW Engine that has been used for years for all the titles in the Call of Duty series.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Trailer

The Call of Duty Vanguard game trailer was revealed at a special event that was taking place in the Call of Duty Warzone Livestream. The Vanguard trailer shows off a few battles that are being fought by different armies. Trailer also shows off the cinematics and a rough idea of how we can expect the gameplay to be. We also get to see different regions where the game will be taking place. At the end of the trailer, we get to see the game’s release date and the announcement of pre-orders being live.

Call of Duty Vanguard Trailer

Call of Duty: Vanguard Gameplay

This new Call of Duty Vanguard game goes back to World War II into the 1940s. While the earlier games that were set in World War II focused a lot on the battles, Vanguard will be focusing on other lesser-known battles. Vanguard will feature four kinds of game modes for you to play. The first one being the campaign which lets you play and fight in various battles from WWII. Next is Zombies, which we have seen be a mode in many of the COD games including the COD: Mobile. You will be fighting around against various zombies with limited ammo. The third mode is the Multiplayer mode where you will be battling around with your friends in various places of war during WWII. And finally, we have Warzone. Yes, Vanguard will be having Warzone and it will have its integration with the Warzone game after Vanguard launches.

Call of Duty Vanguard Gameplay

Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer

The game will be having 20 maps that will be available right away when the game launches. The special forces operators that you will be playing can upgrade their ranks as and when you win matches and complete various challenges that are in store for you. We could get to see modes such as Gungame, 2×2 Gunfight, and many other modes that will be revealed by the developers at a later date.

Call of Duty Vanguard Gameplay

Call of Duty: Vanguard Playable Characters

When you start the game in the campaign mode, you will be able to choose from, four different characters to play out through the rest of the game.

  • Lieutenant Polina Petrova of the 138th Rifle Division, Red Army.
  • Lieutenant Wade Jackson, Scouting Squadron Six, United States Navy.
  • Private Lucas Riggs, 20th Battalion, Australian 9th Infantry Division, British Eighth Army.
  • Sergeant Arthur Kingsley of the 9th Parachute Battalion, British Army.
Call of Duty Vanguard Character

Call of Duty: Vanguard Playable Game Locations

The game has four locations where you will be able to fight the battles of WWII. They are:

  • Eastern Front
  • North Africa
  • The Pacific
  • Western Front

Call of Duty: Vanguard Platform Availability

Like most Call of Duty games, Vanguard will be available to play on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and, even on PC. Would it be available on cloud gaming services? I think not. But one can always wait and see if they would want to shift over to cloud gaming services at a later date. Also, the game supports cross-platform and cross-generation playability. Plus, you will also be able to continue with your progress from one platform to another platform.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Game Editions and Pricing

For the PlayStation Consoles, there are three editions of the game. The Standard Edition which is only for the PS4 will cost you $59.99. The Cross Gen bundle edition will work for the PS4 as well as the PS5 and will cost you $69.99 whereas the Ultimate Edition will cost you $99.99. The same goes for the Xbox consoles.

The Standard Edition is available for the Xbox One at $59.99 whereas the Cross Gen Bundle is available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S at $69.99 and $99.99 respectively. Whereas on PC you will be able to purchase the Standard Edition for #59.99 and the Ultimate Edition for $99.99 respectively. The benefits of pre-ordering are that you will get early access to theta test the game and some other rewards.

Call of Duty: Vanguard System Requirements

As it is with the new-gen Xbox and PS5 we can expect to play at 4K 120FPS and the lower gen consoles might be able to play at 1080p 60FPS. With regards to PC, we can assume that it might be a bit higher than what Call of Duty Warzone requires. Warzone requires that you have an Intel i3-4340 or an AMD FX 6300 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, GTX  670, or an AMD Radeon HD 7959 GPU. While these are the minimum requirements, we can expect Vanguard to be the same with a few changes with minimum CPU and GPU requirements. And when it comes to storage you will require at least 120GB or more of free space.


So there you have it, the new Call of Duty Vanguard is ready for release on the 5th of November 2021. However, we are still yet to receive more information on the game as well as official gameplay which we might get to see at the upcoming Gamescom event that is just around the corner. We will update this article as and when we get more information about the game.

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