10 Best Games like F1 2021 for Mobile and PC

Formula One racing has always brought in thrill and interest as a sport as well as a form of Entertainment. Formula One games date back to 1976 on the Arcade. From the first Arcade F1 game till the present date, there have been tons of Formula One games released for F1 fans to enjoy the game. Licensed or not with the original Formula 1 games have always been enjoyable. Let’s take a look at 10 games like F1 2021 for PC and mobile,

Of course, there is no doubt now that the popular F1 game belongs to the F1 franchise itself. However, at a certain point in time, these games might get boring for various reasons Like apart from graphics upgrades and other additional content and updates, it’s the same game being released every year. So, if you aren’t hyped up much about the recently announced F1 2021 game, then here are 10 games similar to F1 21 for PC and mobile.

Games like F1 2021 for PC

Here is a list of the best PC games like F1 21 that you can play right now.

1. Ultimate Racing 2D

If you enjoy top-down games, and racing ones as well, then this simple yet fun 2D racing game is for you. Now just because it’s a 2D game doesn’t mean that you can just skip over this one. It’s a fun game as it’s got a ton of features such as 35 racing classes, 300 + different cars, and more than 45 types of racing tracks. If this isn’t going to impress you, then the local and online multiplayer modes are there to let you have tons of fun.

games like f1 2021

With a total of 8 people can join a local session, you can play with 19 other people in the online mode. What makes this game similar to F1 21 is the only fact that you can race around in F1 cars around various tracks. Developed by Applimazing and released in 2018, the game is available on Steam at a discount as of writing.

2. Circuit Superstars

Here is another top-down racing game that has a pleasing aesthetic look as well as pretty nice animations as well There are various classes to race around in. race cars, Formula One cars, Rally cars, and truck racing. You can race around with the AI or with your friends or even join lobbies to play with other racers around the world. Also, you can plan and manage your pit crew who will perform repairs on the cars and change your wheels all within a set period.

games like f1 2021

It is fun to watch the pit crew doing their work. The game has good physics with real-life elements such as tire wear and fuel consumption. The game is currently in an early access stage, so there could be a few bugs, but hey, weekly updates are dropping out on the game, so it’s worth a try Developed by original Fire games and released in 2021. The game can be purchased on Steam.

3. rFactor 2

Here is a racing simulator game that you will surely enjoy playing. It’s got realistic graphics and sounds that are considered great for its time in 2013. The game has dynamic day-night cycles as well as mixed-class races. With the ability to play local and online multiplayer modes, the fun just begins. If you are those kinds who enjoy the 24-hour endurance races, you can now play those races as well.

games like f1 2021

The game has been so popular that it has been in various esports championships The game has a lot of free as well as paid licensed cars including those from Formula One and Formula E as well. The game has been developed by Studio 397 and was released in 2013. There are various additional content packs you can purchase such as the Formula Pro racing pack. The game is currently on sale on Steam.

4. F1 Race Stars

From the developers of the F1 2021 game, instead of just having a serious racing game, F1 Race Stars takes racing to whole more fun and enjoyable moment. You can race around with all licensed drivers, formula one cars, and tracks While you race around the track you can pick various kinds of power-ups that you can use on your rivals. There are various game modes to race around as well as the ability to set the fastest lap times as well.

games like f1 2021

The game lets you enjoy a four-player split-screen and enjoy an online multiplayer experience with up to 12 players. The game has been developed by Codemasters and was released in 2012. Though it’s an old game, it is a very fun enjoyable one with friends and family. There is a free demo for you to try the game. The game is currently on sale on Steam. It is one of the best alternatives to F1 2021.

5. Automobilitsa 2

Here is a popular racing simulator that has been around for quite a while. The game is known for its high graphics and a large roster of cars and tracks that you can race in. The dynamic weather conditions that play a role in how you can perform on tracks ensure that every lap feels different in a given race. The multiplayer modes have official events and competitions for you to take part in.

games like f1 2021

Alongside the Career Mode, you also have custom championship tools where you can set the type of races, car classes, and even the number of laps. You can choose from various car classes such as karts, prototypes, and even formula one and Grand Prix cars to race on the amazing tracks. Developed by Reiza Studios and released in 2020, the game is available on Steam and currently on a Summer Sale discount.

Games like F1 2021 for Mobile

6. F1 Clash

Here is an F1 manager game that you can enjoy. Like all managerial games that have things in common like taking your team to the top and claiming victory at every race and so on. There are a lot of 1v1 contests for you to take part in, recruit and train drivers that are official Formula One drivers. Apart from that, as a manager, you do get to make split-second and last-minute decisions.

games like f1 2021

And when it comes to customization, you have the option of adding and designing custom liveries as well as being able to tune vehicles as well. The game has been developed by Hutch games and is free to download from the Play Store and the App Store. You’ll love playing this similar game to F1 2021 on your smartphone.

7. FX Racer

If you have a low spec device that is probably running out of storage spaces well, then FX racer is the game you need to download and play. The game has a career mode that you race around with various cars and tracks with the ability to be able to change the weather There are plentiful car customization options and upgrades. There are qualifying as well as training races where you keep racing around to improve your lap times.

games like f1 2021

With that being said, there is even a quick career mode that you play to earn credits to perform various kinds of upgrades and cars. The game has been developed by FNK games and is available as a free download on Android and iOS devices.

8. Formula Unlimited Racing

The next pick in the list of Games like F1 2021 is the Formula Unlimited Racing. Just as the game’s title says, it’s all about unlimited racing in formula one cars. The game lets you race in cars that speed at around 350 km/h. It is a simple game that has really good graphics and handling physics. And conjuring that there are few F1 racing games for the mobile platform, this particular game does everything you want and meets everyone’s expectations.

games like f1 2021

The minute you launch the game, you can right away get into the race without any unwanted nonsense: simple and direct. You get to race against 12 opponents and can choose from around 18 circuits to race around. The game is available as a free download and is only available for Android devices.

9. Race Master Manager

FNK games go ahead with a third Formula 1 game. This one’s an F1 manager game. As a manager their car a lot of things you can do to improve your team and upgrade them as well so that they can help fix the car up quickly during a pit stop. You get a whole dashboard to control how your car performs around the track. With the ability to change tires, prepare the engine, and even decide on how the car should perform in various weather conditions.

games like f1 2021

You can upgrade the car as well as get the car back on track in incase it ever spins out of control. You do get to watch the race live as it’s happening. The game is free to download and is available on Android and iOS.

10. Motorsport Manager Racing

Yet another F1 managerial game on the list. This managerial game is a bit different as compared to the other ones on this list. You get to create your team that you will have to bring on to the top. There are various official drivers and cars that you can pick for your team. Also, you get to choose your Formula E drivers who raced in 2019-2020 as well as the cars. There is a lot to do in terms of customization such as building the engine, designing liveries for each race, and improving the performance by adding and swapping out new parts.

games like f1 2021

Also, you can decide when you wish to pit the car, swap the driver and decide how the car will perform based on weather changes. The game has good graphics and detailed car models. Motorsport manager racing is available as a free game to download on the App Store and Google Play Store. The game has been developed by Playsport Games and it is the last game in the list of best Games like F1 2021.


It does feel a bit disappointing that there aren’t many F1 racing games available for the PC and mobile platforms, apart from the annual launch of the original F1 game, players do not have many options to choose from. We can however hope to see more F1 games get developed and released to increase competition as well as being able to choose from various F1 games.

So, these are some best games like F1 21 Mobile for Android, iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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If we’ve missed your favorite F1 2021 Mobile alternative, then let us know in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends.

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