10 Games like Monster Hunter Rise on PC to try while waiting for the game

Role-Playing games are fun and enjoyable. The ability to customize your character at your own will paired with great story and gameplay is why games in this genre are always a big hit. Okay apart from a few that didn’t do well, the majority of them are great. Monster Hunter Rise is one of those RPG games that is actually good but is only available to play right now on the Nintendo Switch. The PC version is also planned to release soon. But if you want to try some games like Monster Hunter Rise on PC before its official release then check out our list of such games.

Monster Hunter: Rise is an RPG game developed by Capcom games and is the latest one in the whole Monster Hunter series. The first Monster Hunt Game was released in 2004 and the latest one being the 5th game in the Monster Hunt series. Apart from the main games, there were spin-off games which also includes the expansion packs as well. However, Monster Hunt: Rise will be available for PC gamers on Steam in early 2022. Quite a long time to wait given that it’s only May 2021 right now.

With a lot of time left to wait for the game, you must be thinking of trying games of the same genre on your PC. Well, we found some games for you that you can try for a similar gameplay experience. Let’s take a look at 10 games like Monster Hunter Rise that are in the same genre.

Best Games like Moster Hunter Rise for PC

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a great RPG that has a classic sci-fi story and is set up in a post-apocalyptic scene. It is one of the best games like Monster Hunter Rise to try. As an explorer, you set out to explore the world that is home to many mechanized creatures. The game has a wide variety of characters and a lot of quests to complete around. You play as Aloy a female character, who has abilities to set traps and kill enemies with various weapons that she has.

The game has been developed by Guerrilla Games and was launched in 2017 for the PlayStation. However, the game is now available for purchase on Steam and is currently priced at $49.99.

games similar to Monster Hunter Rise

2. Dauntless

Now for those looking to not spend much or looking for a free game like Monster Hunter Rise, Dauntless is what you should be playing. This is a great RPG that has quite good graphics, something that’s similar to those of some really wildly popular games such as Fortnite. You play as an in-game slayer that goes around to hunt and kill off monsters and collect resources from these kills.

The game has no story as such, but if you just love progressing by killing monsters then this is great. You also get to choose from a variety of weapons that you can use while searching and hunting around. The game has been developed by Phoenix Labs and was released in 2019. You can get the game for free by checking it out on the Epic Games Store.

Games like Monster Hunter Rise

3. God Eater 3

This one’s out there for those who love RPG, Anime, and fast-paced combats. There are a total of 6 games in the God Eater franchise, with God Eater 3 being the latest one. Your goal here is to attack and take down monsters with your special skills, moves, and combos. Apart from it being fast-paced, you can also play alongside in groups of four to battle around the monsters. Described as a button-mashing monster smashing game because that is all you have to do to progress throughout the game.

However, it’s a great game to play with friends while waiting for Monster Hunter Rise, considering that it’s a good fast action-paced game. The game has been developed by Bandai Namco Studios and was released in 2019. The game is available to purchase on Steam for $59.99.

games similar to Monster Hunter Rise

4. Dark Souls Remastered

Here’s a game that’s remastered right off from the 2011 game Dark Souls. What’s the best reason to play a remastered game? The frame rates. This game is easily playable at 60 FPS which is great.

Not much of the game has been changed, which is good, apart from visuals which are obviously needed to be changed to suit around with other games being released around the same time. The game has been developed by QLOC and was released in May 2018. You can purchase the game on Steam for $39.99.

Games like Monster Hunter Rise

5. Toukiden 2

Another game like Monster Hunter Rise is the Toukiden 2. Toukiden 2 is an action RPG game where players have to kill various kinds of monsters. You get thrown into the future to keep slaying the monsters. This also helps you in being able to upgrade yourself better and being able to attack enemies easily with various kinds of swords.

The game has a great open-world map that you can explore around when not hunting around monsters. Toukiden 2 was released in 2016 and has been developed by Kobi Tecmo Games. The game can be purchased on Steam for $59.99.

Games like Monster Hunter Rise

6. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

This one’s quite an old game, a 9 years old game. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s bad. For an action RPG game, the game still stands quite good. Like all RPG games like Monster Hunter Rise, you get to customize your character the way you like and it also has a massive open world for you to explore.

This game wouldn’t be on this list of Monster Hunter Rise alternatives if it were not about fighting against monsters. You can surely be pleased with how the changes from day to night are. The game has been developed by Capcom and was released for PC in 2013. You can purchase it on Steam for $29.99.

games similar to Monster Hunter Rise

7. Nioh

Nioh is an RPG game similar to Monster Hunter Rise that’s set up in the 1600s. You are a pirate that knows a few martial arts and you fight around against various kinds of monsters out there. You get to use 3 kinds of fighting styles named high, medium, and low. With all kinds of fighting modes, it does make you feel like a samurai-like you know, Samurai Jack fighting against weird crazy monsters and beasts.

The game has missions and side quests that help you earn points and progress around via levels. There are various kinds of bosses to fight around, which might sometimes be hard, but is definitely fun to play. There are various pirates, ninjas, samurais, fairies, and ghost cats. It is a fun and challenging game to play overall. The game has been developed by Team Ninja and was released on PC in 2017. Available on Steam for $49.99.

games similar to Monster Hunter Rise

8. Destiny 2

The better version of Destiny is here. A great game with a better story and a huge map to play around with. The open world is great given that you can interact with various NPC’s. It’s a great shooter that lets you shoot around various creatures and robots as well. The game has a large number of players and a lot of seasons as well. The latest season for Destiny 2 has just arrived.

One of the best free-to-play multiplayer action RPG games similar to Monster Hunter Rise out there. The game was released in 2017 and is being actively developed by Bungie. And what’s even better? The game is free to play on Steam. You can even now cross-play with people from other platforms.

Games like Monster Hunter Rise

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has to be on the list of RPG games, especially if it’s about tackling monsters of various kinds. One of the most popular and most loved games of all time. You are a Witcher, a professional hunter on the lookout for various monsters out there in the open world. The game doesn’t really need much to be explained about. The audio and visuals are also the reason why this game is totally enjoyable.

The Witcher series is one of the good game series that you have to play no matter what. The game was released in 2015 and developed by the one and only CD Projekt, the makers of Cyberpunk 2077. It is available on Steam for $39.99.

games similar to Monster Hunter Rise

10. Hunt: Showdown

If you love battle royale games then this one fit perfectly for your demand. Yes of course it’s an RPG shooter that allows you to hunt down various kinds of monsters. You get to manage your ammo and other resources as well. You also will be playing against other players as well. The game lets you play in the first-person mode and has various kinds of bosses for you to defeat.

This game can kind of be stressful given that you play with so many other players. Simple movements and sounds and even where you fire and what you walk on will be hints to other players to track you down and even kill you. The game was in early access for quite a long time but has finally seen the light with its full release in 2019. The game has been developed by Crytek and is available on Steam for $39.99. This is the last game in our list of games like Monster Hunter Rise.

games similar to Monster Hunter Rise


These are some of the best monster hunting slashings killing games that you can enjoy. If you are a total Monster Hunter series fan you can always go ahead and play their older games because even they are actually quite good. We will let you know as and when Monster Hunter Rise has a fixed release date on Steam once the official date is announced.

So that’s all on games similar to Monster Hunter Rise on PC. If you have a PC then you can enjoy these games, some games are also available on multiple platforms, so check out if it is available for your device. Also, let us know your favorite game on the list. Or also let us know in case if we missed any good game which is more similar to the Monster Hunter game.

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