How to fix Xfinity WiFi that Keeps Disconnecting

The Internet these days is a must to connect with friends online, watch the latest content, stay up to date, and everything else in between. To enjoy all the internet services, you need to have a good reliable network that doesn’t disconnect whenever it wants to. Now, there can be times when the internet service is quite good but for some reason, it keeps disconnecting from the network. There are many people with Xfinity WiFi connections that enjoy the service, however, there is one particular problem – they keep getting disconnected from the network. Today’s guide is all about how to fix Xfinity WiFi keeps disconnecting.

Xfinity is a very popular network provider that offers affordable plans and great internet speeds. The plans can start from $50 and reach up to $300. The prices increase based on the type of internet speed you opt for. While all of this is great, getting disconnected constantly can be a huge pain and can even get annoying most times. With that being an issue, here is a guide on how to fix Xfinity Wifi that keeps disconnecting from the network.

Fix Xfinity WiFi that keeps Disconnecting

Before we begin with the different fixes, you need to first test and check if your Xfinity internet connection is working fine. You can do this by connecting your mobile or PC to the network and checking if you are getting the right speeds for the plan you have opted for. You also need to check if the service is down or if they might be having some maintenance taking place in your area.

Fix Xfinity WiFi that keeps Disconnecting

The last thing you need to ensure is if you have exhausted the limit of your plan or if your plan’s bill is overdue. Once you have sorted out all issues that could be network and service-related, Here are a few fixes you can follow.

Restart Your Internet Devices

The first and very basic thing that you need to do is to restart your internet router or the Xfinity pod. Simply switch it off and leave it disconnected for a minute or two. Reconnect them back to the power source and wait for the connection to begin. Now, connect your mobile device or PC and check if you are getting disconnected. If you do not get disconnected after using it for a particular time, then, the issue has been fixed. Also, for good measure, it’s best if you restart your router every week or two weeks.

Clean off the Dust on the Router

Dust is a prime enemy for a lot of things whether living or not living. And, when it comes to routers, you need to make sure that your router is set up in a clean place and the device itself is clean. Because, if there is dust on it and around it, the router can simply heat up and eventually try to cool itself by disconnecting your devices from the network. Use a clean and dry cloth to remove the dust from and around the router.

Check Router Placement

Now, a router is a device that emits wireless signals that let you connect your device to the internet. So, if your router is in a place that is either covered or closed, you should expect the network signal from your router to your device to drop significantly. When a wifi network loses its range coverage, devices that are far from the router will either stay connected to the low range network or simply not connect to a weak signal network. Rather have it on a table or shelf that is open instead of putting the router inside a cabinet or even for that matter under any shelf or table.

Check for Damaged Cables

The cables that connect from the internet box to your router are delicate. If you spot any kind of damage or maybe natural wear and tear on the cables, it is best to get them replaced. Make sure that no cables are frayed to the ends or have any slices or cuts on them. Weak or damaged cables can also be a result of your Xfinity wifi disconnecting most of the time. Call your service provider to have them repaired or replaced.

Check Number of Connected Devices

If you have numerous devices that connect to the internet regularly, then it could be that the ones that are closer to the router are always connected to it. The devices that are far away from it such as the laptop or mobile device in your bedroom might either receive low signals or simply not be able to find the network. In this case, it is advisable to remove devices that are not actively using your Xfinity wifi network at any given point in time. Having a less number of active devices on your wifi network can help in preventing sudden disconnections from your Xfinity wifi network.

Look Out for Interfering Devices

Another big reason why you might face Xfinity network disconnections is because of various other devices that might be interfering what your wifi’s network range. Devices such as Smart Speakers, Smart Garages, and at times even your Smart TVs, Baby Monitors, and even Wireless Radios communicate wirelessly with your remotes or other devices. So, there could be a high chance of you being disconnected from your network. In this case, you can either place your router in an interference-free location or simply turn off devices that you might not be using at all.

Use an Ethernet Cable

The best and probably only way to avoid getting disconnected from your Xfinity wifi network is to get an Ethernet cable connection. All you need to do is connect one end of the cable into your router and the other end into your Smart TV, Gaming Console, or your PC. In this way, you wouldn’t have to worry about numerous things and simply enjoy your internet connection without any interruptions.


And this guide concludes the different ways you can follow to fix Xfinity wifi from disconnecting all the time. These are simple and very useful fixes that must be followed by everyone who has an internet wifi connection at home irrespective of the internet service provider. If you have any other suggestions and fixes that you would like to suggest, feel free to add them in the comments below so that everyone benefits from such fixes.

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