How to Enable One-Handed Mode in Android 12 (Guide)

The second Android 12 developer preview is out and it brings some additional features. The list includes new notification swipe down gestures, new dark themes, One-Handed mode, etc. One-handed mode is already available on some custom UI, but it is the new addition on Pixel devices that will also give benefits to other stock Android phones. As this is a new feature, we will let you know how to enable one-handed mode in Android 12.

how to enable one handed mode on Android 12

Since now most of the Android phones come with bigger screens, it is hard to use phones with one hand. If you are using OnePlus, Samsung, or any other phone which has one handed mode, you know its importance. And now it will be available to all the Android phones running Android 12 or newer. No one wants to drop their phone while reaching the notification panel with one hand. But you can avoid this using one handed mode on Android 12.

Samsung is the first OEM to acknowledge one handed mode which Galaxy phones are enjoying on One UI.  It is a useful feature which every phone should adopt considering the fact that now most of the phones come with a larger screen.

One Handed Mode on Android 12

Android 12 is the next major Android update which is currently in the testing phase. Google has already revealed most of the new features that Android users will get to experience. And we can’t deny that One handed mode is one of the best features coming with Android 12.

One Handed mode on Android 12 looks cleaner and simpler that makes it interesting. It is similar to Apple’s reachability feature. It is quite different from what we get in other phones with its own custom skin.

As of now, the One handed mode is available for Pixel phones with Android 12 developer preview. But once the update is available to the public everyone will be able to enjoy this new feature. And another great thing about it is that you can easily access the new One handed mode on Android 12. Below you can find the steps to manage the one handed mode on Android 12.

How to Enable One Handed Mode in Android 12

  • Open Settings on your Android to enable one handed mode in Android 12
  • Now go to System > Gestures.Enable One Handed Mode in Android 12
  • It will show the list of available gestures, click on One-handed mode.
  • You will be presented with a few options. Turn on ‘Use one-handed mode’.
  • Now that the one-handed mode enables you can use it on your phone.
  • You need to swipe down on the bottom of the display.

There will be some additional features on the one-handed mode which you can use after enabling one-handed mode.


It allows you to set timing when the one-handed mode should exit. You can turn it off if you don’t want to close one-handed mode automatically.

In the timeout option, you can switch between never, 4 seconds, 8 seconds, and 12 seconds. You can set the timeout according to your preference. This option can be useful if you are watching Youtube or any video, then you can control with one hand and watch the content in full screen.

Exit when switching apps

You can conclude its purpose with its name that when you switch between apps, the one-handed mode will be closed. The process is easy to enable or disable it with the given toggle.

You can also enable the one-handed feature on Android 12 developer preview by using adb commands. We have already shared a story guide on it that you can follow.

Android updates are also a concern for some Android phones and so many users won’t be able to use this feature. But sooner or later you will get hands-on an Android 12 or newer where you can enjoy the One-handed mode on your Android phone.

Android 12 will be a big update after a long time which will come with huge UI changes. There are many new features and guides coming related to Android 12. So, stay connected to YTECHB for more useful guides.

So that’s all on how to enable one-handed mode in Android 12. And in case if you have any queries regarding the guide, do let us know in the comment section.

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How to Enable One Handed Mode in Android 12